Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Contest!

24 x 20 mixed media on canvas

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I wanted to do the last of my Angel painting "giveaways". This one is titled "Grace". So, I would love for you to post how you say Grace! What is your family tradition of saying Grace at Thanksgiving? The contest will end Thanksgiving day and I'm going to let my entire family help me choose the winner. That would be oh, about 36 that I have for Thanksgiving dinner every year! Remember to post here on my blog not on my website, but would LOVE for you to visit my website as well!
Happy writing everyone!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

You Had me at Woof

I LOVE dogs....I love dogs so much that I paint them and usually give them away. Sometimes I'll sell them. This one is the third "YOU had me AT woof" one I have painted. We are going to a fun event on Sunday night called "Stayin Alive" for the Lake Oconee Humane Society. So,,,,this is what the winner of the "bump" contest gets. True in Georgia Bulldog colors. (I came really close to painting a houndstooth collar just to rub it in a bit). Anyway, I will take orders for these for Christmas, just need to get em in soon. They are 18 x 24 and are 450.00 plus shipping (unframed).
oh, I will do them in any color.