Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Few Shots

Since I HAVE to blog everyday this is gonna be short.....mainly because 1) I don't have much to say and 2) the person taking pics of us last night didn't know what they were doing.....(could've been that last mojito I had....hum)
Anyway, gettin ready for the art show tonight!
I'd be lying if I said I'm not a bit intimidated.  There are some truly amazing artist at this show
Here's my wall
and.....we just had so much fun last night.
Have a great day ya'll!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My bestest buds

I'm headed to Nashville, very early this mornin dahlin....cause that's what I do!
I'm gonna see a passel of my old (well, I don't mean like old in age) but hey,,,,we're all gettin there ya know????
Anyway, old, best buds.
I'll start with this group.
Now someone in there must look familiar to you (cause he does to me).  my buddy Kix.
We may see him too at the winery he owns.  Arrington Vineyards....A MUST visit when you go to Nashville.
on to more!
and,,,,omg,,,I've missed these two friends more than life itself!!!
we're havin a b'day party for Gail (on the left) who shares a birthday with my sweet Calli-mo!
There's BEEEEth next to her and then my bud, bud, buddy Connie.
who WILL have my fat butt walking early in the mornin....I'm sure of it.
and then there's a couple more friends that I hope to take a peek at!
and I know I'll see this one!
and I'm sure I'll be snappin a few shots
but, I'm really sure of this,,,,these are who I'm havin din with tonight.  We have a bunch of birthdays to celebrate!
Headed to Nashvegas!
and about to bust a gut to get there!!!!
Don't forget about the art show!!!!
later ya'll!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Okay GET ready!!!

cause this is gonna be a picture PACKED blog.  Full of pics from Lil Bitt's party and then Ever's two year birthday party.  It was an "Elkins'" kinda day!
I'm not commenting (much) because the pics speak for themselves.  I would, however, LOVE comments from all of you!!! PaLease?????
here we go!
the wonderful hostesses!

the food and house was amazing!!!
and finally,,,,Mr. G
now to the 2nd part of the day!!! Ever's birthday party!

I think she's in love with this lil man!

they had a blast with the slide/slip n slide

here's two of Evey's favorite people!!!
um,,,,,there were water balloons (in that bucket)
 and yes, Evey threw one at Boo....
and Jess got one too.
it was a day full of water fun for the kids!!
and....we had a Pinata.
 which took a little more than a 2 yr. old to crack
but a 25 yr. old to act like a two yr. old AFTERWARDS....
that cake was SO good!
but Evey wanted the chocolate dipped marshmallows
friends and family from everywhere came in for the big event!

sorry Jordan,,,,just couldn't resist!!!

here's Daddy Bob (Evey's great grandaddy swingin)
and Mimi snuggling with Lil Bitt
sweet lil Callie came!
and Eric's mom, sister and brother.  OMG, Paula (Eric's mom is the best EVER) what a huge help she was to Jordan.
I think Ever's had the best birthday party EVER!
thank you everyone!!!!