Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Hanging Porch Beds"

Whenever I show pics of my hanging beds, I get so many people (not neccessarily on my blog) cause HINT HINT, I don't get all that many comments.  Come on y'all!  give me some feedback.
WOW, I musta woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!!!
SO sorry.
Anyway, I found some hanging beds for you to ponder.
Now, I had mine made, and if you want info on my "maker" I will certainly pass his name along to you.
I don't think they are too difficult (unless you wanna make it difficult)  The difficult part is finding a place to hang one!  Hanging them wadn't too easy either.
In my case, I had a screened porch right off of Callen's bedroom which was specifically built for 2 hanging beds!
look hard, there they are right out side her door!  2 of em
and this is them being slept on (I showed you yesterday, but I'm showing you again)
what a good nights sleep those girls had.  They awoke to the birds chirping feroshsly and the sun coming up over the lake.  The weather was simply perfect for bunking outside. (I just hope their heads did not get filled with too much pollen.)
Anyway, did a little research on hanging beds.  So, I found some pics that I like
Here we go!
side note.....i DO NOT like this green.  Bed great, green, ick.
This is the pattern we used.

oh my......

 and finally,
Siebles in Homewood, Alabama sells the heck outta these.  They were one of the first to come up with the swinging porch bed.
have a swingin good day y'all!
I'm headin to Birmingham, then to Greenwood to get ready for the art show!
If you're near Greenwood, MS, come see me!!!
(and the famous chef Martha Foose)
(and George McConnell formerly of Widespread Panic)
at Turnrow Books
Tuesday at 5:30


  1. Hi!!
    Lovely blog, amazing pictures!!xx

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  2. I'm just gonna go on record here and say yours win! They are the prettiest! K, are they hanging in the ceiling with large eye hooks?

  3. Hi Kendall. I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at the gorgeous photography! Love these beautiful hanging porch beds. ~Lori Jordan~

  4. Wish our weather would permit the screened porches with those beds. Beautiful!!

  5. This is such a neat idea - perfect for sleeping porches and warm southern weather! But, as you mentioned the pollen, I would probably have to save the swining beds for others and spend the night indoors, or I wouldn't be able to breathe by morning. :)

  6. sells many different designs and sizes on hanging beds. They also do custom designs. Your imagination is the limit!

  7. I love hanging beds. They are on my mental vision board. I live in a small 3 bedroom apartment in New York but plan to install one for my girls when we eventually get a house. They would love it and so would I. Coastal Living Magazine had a great spread a few years ago featuring one.

  8. Awesome beds and idea. I'd love to have to place to hang one of those beds !!

  9. Love the swing beds. Dying to make one for myself. I love the screened porch and the beautiful view of the lake. Thanks for sharing!!!