Friday, October 18, 2019

Tailgaten Style

Around the Bogges house its....
Tennessee Hate Week.
Well, we don't really hate Tennessee, it's just a thing with Alabama fans.
There is just no way you can like 5,000 different shades of orange.
I actually happen to LOVE the color orange unless it is on someone from Tennessee or Auburn.
Clemson gets a pass....
only because Dabo is a friend (and a great human).

So,,,,let's share a few tailgate recipes....
I'll start with everyone's all time favorite.

Rotel cups for the win.
just click on this link and it will show you the recipe/instructions.

If you want to impress by bringing a dish....(which is what I'm bringing to our tailgate this weekend)...
Make this....
Chicken Taquitos

Now....if you DO make these, you need to make about 100 of them.
Trust me on this.
And quadruple the sauce because let me just tell's good.


If you want to impress your tailgating guests with something sweet?
Do this....
get small ball jars for people to just pick them up.
Slice up green apples for them to dip.
(or just include a spoon so they can just eat it right out of the jar)
(what I would do)
***HINT - to preserve the apple slices, soak them in ginger ale.


Now for the real deal in tailgating....
Let's get serious for a sec.

"Kendall Boggs' Drag it Through the Garden Bloody Mary"....

"the more veggies you put in it the better it is"
and healthier๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I'm sharing my secret recipe even though I swear one day I WILL bottle and sell this stuff....

*****edited....this recipe left out my secret ingredient.๐Ÿ˜ณ
1 tbsp. of brown sugar. Mix it in well. Cuts through the tart and gives the BM a slightly sweet yet horseradishy taste.
Don't leave it out, trust me.

Wherever you tailgate this weekend have a safe and FUN time!!!

OH....and Roll Tide


Thursday, October 17, 2019


As a 60 year old (and an almost 64 year old husband)
we are learning so very much about aging parents.
Aside from my mom who passed away about 8 years ago we have been so blessed with having healthy parents.
Until recently when my husband's mom developed a very sudden case of dementia.
It was like wham. A shelf broke.
This is a world that we have had to take a crash course in.
It's also something everyone (probably about age 50 or younger) should research and know about.
Your aging parents.
Because, let me tell you, like I said, we have been lucky.  Very, very lucky, but many, many of my friends and family have not. I have many friends and family members who are dealing with Alzheimer's.  And trust me on this....Alzheimer's and dementia is a long hard haul and takes such a toll on loved ones.

One thing I have learned is to always just agree with the affected person.
And remember....they do not want to be this way.
Just like a person with a mental health issue.
They have no say so in the matter and you simply have to pray for patience. daddy.
He's 86 and really in pretty good health, except for his back which hurts him ALL THE TIME, and he can't hear.
Which is a problem (for me) because I'm not real patient with yelling into a phone. So I just don't call.
I'm SO very ashamed of that fact.
So....we are working on getting him a phone and teaching him how to text....hopefully.

I have this favorite book.
It was my grandmother's favorite book and she read it to me when I was little.
"The Velveteen Rabbit"
you've heard of it I'm sure.

Let's back up a bit.  I'm a bit obsessed with an app on my phone called "Calm". Trust me, this is the best app purchase you will ever make in your life if you have sleep issues. (like me)'s 4:12 a.m. and I've been up since 3 a.m.....
I will wake up but can't listen to the app unless I use an ear bud and that hurts.  I don't want to wake "W" up, so I just get up....and blog.

Back to Calm.
They have sleep stories.
From taking you on a trip through the lavender fields in Provence, to a cruise on the Nile, to South Africa's Blue Train.
Y'all. I absolutely love this app.

But, my favorite is this woman who recites The Velveteen Rabbit.
It actually makes me cry myself to sleep.

Read these words.
Has there every been a more poignantly written paragraph?
How many times do we look at our parents and they are loosing their eye site or getting shabby or loose in the joints and their hair is falling out?
They've loved us, we've loved them until they are Real.
Being a parent means you can't break easily or cannot have sharp edges.
You have to be strong and not carefully kept.
Life is just that way.
Yesterday, I got to treat my daddy to lunch.
Boggsy is here with us for the week and my dad got to visit with him.
Just love your parents.

That's all!
Have a terrific day y'all!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Things I Love

There are just certain things that I simply cannot live without.
Some I can, some I just don't want too.
Some I just dream about having.
Actually, everyone can live without things, some things we just choose not to.
From cleaning supplies, to clothing, to my favorite shoes, hair products, etc....

Here are some of those things.
 I highly recommend.....

First up...this

Y'all....if there is any cleaner you ever need to buy, it is this.
This is what I use to clean my acrylic frames (with a soft cloth - not a paper towel).  It will also clean stainless, marble, glass, leather, your face (just kidding). Get will not regret it.

Next....I love a great blue jean skirt.
I found this one on the sale rack at...
wait for it....
15.00 (and the top too...15.00)

The shoes? That's another story...
But I do love a pair of Golden Goose sneaks
(don't judge)

I am totally obsessed with an online company called Food 52.
If you are a foodie (like I pretend to be)
then you are going to LOVE this shop.

I love an apron

and anything copper

and they sell Ebelskiver pans! (ask me for my family recipe)
Or just google Kendall Boggs ebelskiver.

I am also totally obsessed with a friend of my daughter's art.
Emily Morgan Brown.
Young, oozing with talent, grinds up her own paint from natural sources (like plants and stuff) I mean stuff that just blows my mind....

One day I WILL own a piece of her work.

Another artist that I have a slight obsession with....
Bobbie Burgers
She's a Canadian acrylic painter

Just dreamy work

I also love Athleta.,17610101,topNav_Activity,visnav&clink=17610101
Y'all, just go ahead and ditch LULU.
The prices are ridiculous. And so are the sizes.
Although I HAVE heard great things about the men's shorts.
This is what I LOVE about Athleta.
I used to be a size 6....oh about 30 years ago...
Now that I am 60 I am a size 12. Do I want to be a size 6 again? Yes.
But that would mean I would have to spend thousands on fillers for my gain weight for the win...j/k (sorta)
Anyway, they have sizes for every body.  And I absolutely love that.

Susan Gordon Pottery tops my list of my favorite things.
She is so amazing and I am just SO very proud of what she has done with her company.

My Andrea....
As in Andrea Goldklang
Belle du Jour Salon
in Atlanta
I literally drive back to Atlanta to let her do her thing.
She is the only person in the world that I turn my head over to and say "go for it"
If I could just re-create it on a daily basis....

Speaking of hair....
and really other products...
Have you heard of Blue Mercury?
Obsessed with this shop.
And they give you tons of samples

My hubs and I both use this.
Jack Black Turbo Wash
I wish I could properly tell you how great this stuff is.
It's the ONLY thing my husband will splurge on....and I love it because I use it too!

Now,,,,,as for this Prairie dress look that's coming around?
Come on people.


Have a great day y'all!


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Roundtop Roundup!


Yippee, Hallelujah, Thank the Lord, raise the roof and rock the baby.

Y'all, the heat.
It was excruciating.  And I am serious.
I mean like nothing I've ever been through in my life.
I came home and had to get a salt scrub at the spa just to exfoliate the layers of sweat off my body
j/k (sort of)
You know we stay in an RV right?
Well, we are parked kinda at the top of a slanted hill so the water pressure is below sub par in the shower.
Put it this stinks.
Which makes us well.....wear a lot of cologne.
Other than the heat, the show was.....
The clients showed up and loved what they saw!

The acrylic inks in the stand off frames flew off the wall!

as did the framed acrylic inks.

check out these ankole horns

I have one single framed green acrylic ink left

As usual Kendall and Lisa fashion, we had lots of fun!
this is a staple at RT...
(don't judge)

We got to ride around in a Kaboda on a friend's farm and see all the farm animals

"Starring contest"

The longhorns out there are for real....
Like everywhere
(well it is Texas ya know)

luckily I was in Texas for the wedding of my nephew and his beautiful bride!

My sister

Speaking of sister....she would send me pics of her at her boyfriends beach house.
Like ON THE BEACH with a sailboat sailing on the ocean....
I sent this back.
(my view)
(I'm just a redneck)

All in all, Roundtop was a HUGE success!!!
and fun.
and crazy.
and exhausting.
Get ready Roundtop!
We will be back!!!

Have a terrific day y'all!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Selling Your Own Art

Can be terrifying.
A little like singing in front of an audience.
Or modeling.

Doing anything that puts you ''out there'' is hard.

And there are LOTS of painters that simply will not do it.

For me, it is super important to sell my own art.
I absolutely love it.
I get to meet new people, help them with their design, understand the emotion the painting draws.
I'm not going to lie, it can be scary.
When people walk through your space they are not always quiet about their comments.
I've heard....
"I could paint that! I'll take a picture"
(that's a pretty infuriating one)
"Did you see the price on that?" OMG
"I wonder if so and so could paint that for me I know she wouldn't charge that much?"
"I bet that didn't take long to paint, and she's charging THAT for that?"
(then they ask how long it takes to paint a painting)

see the Angry Bird at the top? That was not intentional๐Ÿ˜‚

I'll use this painting as an example.
While it may look like a hot mess to some, it was SO incredibly difficult to paint.
How many times do you see an abstract and think "I could paint that"?
I always say, try it! Because chances are it's A LOT more difficult than you think.

Then there's the deciding factor.
Sometimes I work with people for hours trying to make a decision.
But I get it! Buying original art is a huge decision and not one to take lightly!

I have a beautiful favorite friend who could probably buy what ever type of art she wants for her home.
She chooses to only buy art from people that she has met (and likes)
She says that she thinks of the artist when she walks into her rooms and it makes her happy!

As I've gotten to be 60, I've adopted her concept.  But, I've taken it to a different level. The ONLY stuff I buy is from people that I like. If they don't impress me with a positive attitude then it's a no go. Speaking of positive attitude my friend and AMAZING painter Mary Gregory shows near me at The Arbors.

her structures are SO good!

To say I'm impressed by her is an understatement.
Y'all, not only is she a wonderful painter, she is also a wonderfully sweet human, and an amazing business woman!
I love listening to her instastories.
SO calming with her beautiful southern voice.
My darling friend Salley and I were talking about her the other day because Mary also offers an online art class. Salley is taking her course and I'm blown away at what Salley has painted!!! SO good!

Back to selling your own art.
You must have thick skin.  Period.
It's not easy but it is SO incredibly gratifying and personally good for my soul.
I love that a piece of me can be hung in someone's home that I don't really know! I hope the piece will bring joy and beauty into their life!
That is why I sell my own art.

Have a terrific day y'all!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What it Takes to "do" Roundtop!

Lisa and I get asked this ALL THE TIME!
First it starts out as
"OH, I want to show at Roundtop"!
"What's it like?"
"What does it take?"
"How much does it cost?"
I'm not going to sugar coat this for anyone interested in showing their art or anything else at a show like this.

it's. hard.
it's. hot.
it's. exhausting.
it's. uncomfortable at times.'s also THE MOST FUN YOU'LL EVER HAVE!
and you will meet the greatest new friends!
Randolf Duke "The House of Halston" and most fun person ever.

talk about some fun chicks! One of our karaoke nights. One of many.

my new BFF

We met these two at the Mexican restaurant and they became clients!
They are from LA

When in Texas, you become a Texan.

Lisa and Tom - have I mentioned that Texas has THE best margaritas?
They are also THE STRONGEST.

dog lover

a lot of really well known designers in one of Pandora's beds.

Now, here is how it goes.
First, you have to find a venue that fits you.
There are 100s of venues.  The best thing to do is go to the spring or fall show and look at all the spaces.  Roundtop is a town of 90 that turns into something like 250,000 during the shows.
And, every season a new venue pops up. 
And, they have to accept you.  You have to be the right fit.
Many venues only want x amount of art, x amount of furniture.
They are however always looking for the newest, greatest, unique things.
So, if you've designed or created something new and great - give me a shout and I can help you.

Second, you have to be resilient.
Our first season out there we were SO green.
Like as in 50 shades of green.
We had no clue what we were getting in to.  All we knew is we had a place to stay and a great venue with a completely empty space.
Three artists went out there together. I think we drove like 16 hours or so because of all the potty breaks. And we got lost a couple of times.
Now it is just Lisa and me.
We really make a terrific team.
And that is really important. We each have our roles that we play. Lisa is in charge of transportation and booth logistics, and I am in charge of RV stuff and making coffee๐Ÿ˜
One of us is ALWAYS in our booth which is really important. We help each other out.
We are there from 9 - 6 every day. For 10 days straight.
With 2 days of traveling and 4 days of set up, that makes 16 days straight of work. We do get to get out and about some to shop and eat!

Third, you have to be prepared to make nothing.
This is an expensive show.
Really expensive.
Like I could be going to Europe for a couple of weeks expensive.
You must go in to a show like this prepared to either lose money or at the very least, break even.
Do not count on leaving rich.
Our first show out there turned out to be one of my best and I'm super blessed that I have established a clientele.  But, it doesn't always work like that. There are many vendors who don't have great shows for one reason or another and don't come back.

Fourth, the set up.
Y'all.  It is absolutely grueling.
And I'm serious.
We get there 4 days early.
Walls have to be built and covered with fabric, lights have to be hung, fans installed, tables for items set up, then finally art has to be hung.
Booth has to be all fluffed up.
All of this is done usually when it's over 100 degrees.
We show under a tent that is floored and have to rely on fans to be half way comfortable.

This was our first season.  Our walls looked HORRIBLE and we decided to paint them....115 degrees heat index.
I just don't know what we were thinking because covering them with drop cloths is SO much easier and it looks SO much better!
Now our space looks like this:

Better huh?

Tearing everything down is MUCH easier and is done in an afternoon.  We then have an exhausting celebratory dinner.
Then we head home, unload, and crash for a month.

Now, let's back up a bit.
For the entire month before this show I go into high gear.
Super high.
I usually do 5 to 7 shows a year and Roundtop is the most difficult by far to prepare for.

I have to prepare for A LOT of inventory. This season I am bringing 35 canvases, 18 pieces under glass, 14 acrylic standoff pieces, about 100 of my 38.00 minis, and my jewelry line CHUNK. All of that has to be wrapped and protected for travel.
Along with that we have the stuff for set up.  All the tools, drop cloths, ladders, chairs. Then clothes (usually have to change 2x a day), bedding, cooler, etc. etc. etc.
So basically, that is one rough month.
I paint full time so I try to spread my time out as best I can.
I also frame all of my work myself.
As a self diagnosed OCD person with ADD, I have trained myself to stay focused for days once I get started.
It's the getting started part that's hard. It's just simply overwhelming.
Really, I like to play and enjoy my grandkids and travel so I basically only work part time.  It just feels like full time.

Have I left you wanting to show at Roundtop or not?

Again, whether you show there or just go, it is truly THE MOST FUN YOU WILL EVER HAVE!

Have a terrific day y'all!
The Arbors at Roundtop opens in ONE week!!!!