Sunday, January 19, 2014

How's That Wedding Goin?

Whew.  busy me.
Came to Birmingham to work on wedding stuff.
Well.  I was going to have the flower girl dresses made by this sweet, sweet lady that makes french hand sewn dresses.
She looked at me and said "Kendall, you've been sewing since you were nine years old.  Why in the world are you going to pay me to sew these for you?"
Reality check.
So, had to pile one more thing on to my list.
But, I'm happy to say they are made!
Along with some really beautiful ivory wool capes.
WISH I could show them to you, but I can't spoil the surprise!

Moving on.
Flower girls are kind of hard in my opinion.
you I want them to be cute of course.
But, I grew up with a snob of a mother (and I say that in the kindest of ways) who instilled in me the essence of understated elegance.
And, never, ever, ever use cheap stuff to make a handmade dress. Ever. Or anything handmade for that matter.
So, the dresses are beautifully made with some of my mom's lace that she brought back when we visited France 8 years ago.  The capes are made from ivory wool and cashmere.  The bows are beautiful 4" satin Japanese ribbon.
OH how I wish you could see them.

Now, what to do with the hair and what the little girls will carry.
I've compiled a huge grouping of pinterest pics.

 I love, love, love this...

do you know that this picture on my pinterest board has gotten 546 pins?
goodness.  LOVE the hair.

 I really love this balloon idea

Next step?
The dress on the left will be Evey's rehearsal dinner dress.

have a wonderful day y'all!!!!


  1. Kendall, Would you mind sharing the contact information on the lady that does the French Hand Sewn Dresses? I have a new grandbaby and would like for her to have some dresses. Thanks so much. I know the dresses for the wedding will be beautiful!.. Can't wait to see the pictures! My email address is

  2. Every detail is going to be perfect - can hardly wait to see and ivory wool capes...this may be another project for you to sell...count me in!!

  3. hey Grits! I don't have her name but I will try to find it for you next month! Thanks you!

  4. Kendall,
    I am getting married in June and interested in purchasing these dresses in the pic just above for my little girls to wear - I have 4, and cannot find where to purchase these. Can you please help me in locating them? Sincerely, Amy Shropshire: my email is:, and my phone number is: 404.218.7709.

  5. I would love the name of the French hand sewn dresses as requested by Grits as well....thanks Kendall, dying over these!

  6. What is the name? Will send it to

  7. Dear kendall boggs-would you happen to know how to locate the dresses in the last picture (with the two girls...I believe Evey wore it)? Thank you so much. My email is:
    Have a wonderful day! ~Liz

  8. I too would love to know where the dresses in the last picture are from! You have lovely taste, please let me know! Thank you

  9. Please let me know where the dress is from as well! (the last picture w/ 2 girls- Evey's rehearsal dress)
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Christina! I wish I knew! I never could find them. I think if I were you I would try to find someone who could design and make them. So sorry! Thanks for reading!!! kb

  10. If any of you ladies are still interested in this style of dress, I hand sew similar styles. My website is

    You can email or call me if you have any questions!

    (559) 666-0896