Monday, May 31, 2010

Random Giveaway

I'm givin this away!
this is why.....
I advertise on....
Darby's blog.
She does this wonderful thing where she talks about her sponsors each month and promotes giveaways.
Well, her blog was down for a time.
so, I've chosen to give those folks that see the contest a chance at the painting.
This was already in the works so please accept my apology. If you'd like to post again for better chance feel free to go right ahead!
Thank you so much for your understanding.

Tell me why you want this and you could randomly be selected to win
(I'm using an internet number picker)
It's 15 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas (meaning it doesn't need a frame!)
I'll pick a random number on Friday, June 4th
Good luck! (oh, don't forget to tell me your name!)
here it is again!
oh! wait! don't forget to check out my website :

Sunday, May 30, 2010

That Potato Salad Recipe

Two blogs in one day???? Seriously folks? I'm totally obsessed.
Oh, how much fun I've had this weekend.
I have to give you this Potato Salad recipe that is actually a creation that Cindy S. and I came up with last year. We call it....Baked Potato with rosemary salad.
Head to the grocery TODAY cause it's perfect for your Memorial Day celebration!

Here's what ya need (besides a bag of red potatoes)
boil a large bag of red potatoes. But don't let em get too soft.
I have to show you this nifty little chopper contraption that I got from Williams-Sonoma
that does this!
quarter the cooled off potatoes
while cooking, we let the kids and their kids have a little pool time
and let Callen have a little down time with a Mojito (yummers)
Mr. W. cooked his famous butt (just realized how that sounds!) on the grill with his own secret sauce recipe
he chopped and chopped
oh, it was so good, and some of the bak (bark) made it in the meat.
Now, I found out that the bak (bark) is the Georgian way of saying that the burned part (my favorite) of bbq is called the "bark" of the tree
add all the ingredients to the potato salad (recipe below) and add some chopped fresh rosemary with a little spring on top for a little added touch
then go play some, they had to splain that one to me....
and catch some, well a baby one
and almost kiss that fish (notice how Eric and the fish have the same expression!)
and then just lay back and enjoy watching 3 1 1/2 yr. olds act silly
oh the joy of it all!

Baked Potato/Rosemary Salad

1 bag of red potatoes cooked
1/2 jar of Dukes mayonnaise (Dukes only)
1/2 chopped red onion
1 tablespoon horseradish sauce
1/2 container sour cream
2 bags of real bacon pieces
3 cloves of garlic smashed
Sprigs of fresh rosemary taken off the stem and chopped (lots of it!)
Quarter the potatoes. Add the other ingredients mixing well. Salt and pepper to taste. oh, add more mayo if you need or like it more mayonnaisey. Add a sprig of fresh rosemary to garnish

Fun with the Fam (and friends)

Oh the fun of Memorial Day weekend
We are here at the lake having a blast!
Jordan has 2 couples and their adorable little ones, Gregory and Amy came for a night and baby Cal arrived last night! yeahhhhh. That, along with some doggies makes for a pretty full house. And let me just tell you how much food we are consuming. I was supposed to be on a diet..... hum.
Yesterday we did a Low Country Boil....yummers
Eric is the MASTER of the Low Country Boil as shown in this pic....sorry, didn't get an actual shot of him preparing his masterpiece!
He threw in a few extras this time like elephant garlic....oh yummy
not sure why Gregory was showing off the chili sauce but aren't they a cute couple????
We went to the Silver Moon aka "The Moon" one night for dinner
here's one Jessica and precious blue eyed Gray
And the other Jessica and precious blue eyed Evelyn
okay, let me clarify. We have 2 Jordan's here, 2 Jessica's here, and 2 Evelyn's. Crazy when your talking to them.
Then there's the other Evelyn's newest obsession. Not sure where she gets that from.....hum
Notice her cheerleader move on the i phone!!!
Lovin the pigtails.
The girls had some down time. And Jordan showed off her baby bump. Idn't that just the cutest thing ever???
and Gregory got some tickle me time with Evers
then they had a serious conversation
oh, my sweet little love.
Today? We are grilling a butt and making THE BEST potato salad
EVER. I'll be posting that recipe.
Have a fun day chickies!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trees and Angels - Five new paintings

I've been busy!

"Yellow Trees"
30 x 30
a painting for my personal collection
(commission available 950.00)

Green Trees II - 24 x 24 mixed media on wrapped canvas

Red Trees II - 24 x 24 mixed media on wrapped canvas
650.00 - on hold

Trees of Brevard - Commissioned piece

"Faces" - 15 x 30 mixed media on wrapped canvas - contest giveaway going on right now!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a difference a pillow (or two) makes - tutorial

As a designer (turned painter) one of the first things I told my clients was to change out your pillows. It's easy, cheap, and boy what a difference a pillow makes. Especially if you have neutral sofas. I [mistakenly] had someone make some pillows for me a couple of months ago.....NOW.... I have been sewing since I was 9 thats a looooooooong time. I just didn't feel like making them myself so I hired someone to make them. After shoveling out 50.00 a piece (not including the fabric) I kicked myself really hard. First of all, when making a pillow, you really should always put some type of edging on it. Whether it be cording, (self or otherwise) or fringe of some type. It just finishes your pillow off and looks more professional. This lady did neither (even though I asked her to) and I was not feeling confrontational so I just took them like they were. DUH. Also, when making a feather pillow ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS splurge for a GOOD feather pillow. Trust me on this, you will regret it if you don't. You will pull feathers out of the pillow til the cows come home and the stem of the feather will stick in your head when you lie on it. SO, I changed my pillows from this.....
to this...
I know, I like the first one, but they were just so darn uncomfortable.....and,,,,I wanted a little more color for the summer.
At any rate, this is how to make a pillow.
First, these are 22" square. Any larger, you get a little too large however I have been known to go 24" me though, men hate them. I've never met a man who likes a lot of pillows. never. Smaller? NO.
First must use a zipper foot......
Start by cutting a square of the fabric 1" (all around) larger than the pillow form.
I cut the back side of the pillow slightly larger.
Pin the cording around the right side of the fabric edge of the pillow making sure that the edge of the bias tape (on the cording) and the edge of the fabric meet. Be sure to clip the corners for a smoother edge when turning.

When you get to the point where the cording meets, overlap them. This will get tricky when you actually sew it, but I'll cover that.
Be sure to get as close to the cording as possible
After sewing the cording on to the front fabric, lay the back and front right sides together and pin. Be sure to pin on top of the fabric that shows the stitching. That way you will have a guide line when you sew.
Hope that makes sense????
Now, follow your previous stitching when sewing right sides together. Actually, use your finger to press up against the cording for a closer stitch. Leave about a 12" opening on one side for the pillow to be inserted.
Remember when I said "I'll get to the cording overlap place? You just have to really be careful going over that area (very slowly) or you will break a needle.

Now turn your fabric...notice the opening that I left.
and stuff that pillow right in there
turn under the opening and pin
then sew!
and there ya have it!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

just wonderin?

We are moving our last child into her house today.
Ya know.... when they are young they need you,
you get your children all grown up - and up comes the moving part.
You realize, that even though they're grown, they still need you.
A wonderful feeling, to still be needed.
but moving....well that's another thing,,,
and not to mention all the "stuff" that they don't want.
I'm having a huge "JUNQUE sale" starting in two weeks.
I actually think I'm just gonna give it away. just stuff.
My advice to you younguns.....don't save will regret it when you're my age...Two storage units later....and trust me, you always loose the keys.
That's another blog.....Mr. W will have to post that one after having to call a locksmith yesterday....I'll spare you the irritating (his) details, with a few choice words.....
you know, you have this "stuff" that is 'sorta' nice - too nice to give away, not nice enough to sell, and then comes the family heirlooms. Does anyone else have this problem? I say, just get rid of it. It's costing more to store than the darn stuff is worth. ugh!
on another note,,,,I'm on my daughter Jordan's computer, so I'm gonna steal a few beach pics of Evers. They're darlin.

...a girl after my own heart, engulfing a tomato

Next week?
3 couples and their 3 children to the lake
1 son and his girlfriend
and my sweet Callen (Andy's out of town :(!
SO excited....
we are gonna boat, fish, shoot snakes, and EAT EAT EAT..(we're doin a crawfish boil)....Oh, by the way, I'm FiNALLY starting my diet after my trip to the DElta, Seriously folks put on 10 extra pounds (and already needed to loose 15). errrrg.