Sunday, May 31, 2015

Our First Annual "Summer Surprise"!

"W" and I were at a loss at what to do this weekend.
No.  I'm serious.

So, we woke up Friday morning and he said...
"why don't we get the kids (grandkids) and take them to...

Weeki Wachee Springs....

Well, what (and where) in the world is that?

It's a little known place in the middle of Florida....

The mermaid capital of the world.
No, I'm serious y'all.

So, I know you're wondering how we know about this place.

Well, when I was young, my grandparents Nanny and Papa loved trips to middle Florida.  They loved the St. Pete area.  They would never plan, yet just get us all in the car and drive until we found a place to stay!

I was thinking how difficult this was for them without cell phones.  I guess we stopped and used a nasty old black phone at the phone booth or just stopped and checked hotels for availability along the way!
Geez, I'm old!

Anyway, one of our stops was to Weeki Wachee Springs near Homassa, Florida!

After going the first time at age 7 I knew I was going to be a mermaid one day.
I was pretty sure of it.

Well, I never became a mermaid, but not only did I grow up loving syncronized swimming, I will still at the age of 55 do a few moves in the pool ;)
(sometimes I can't help myself)

So, back to the surprise....

We called J and E and they were up for it.
Really? wow.  we were SO surprised that they might want a free weekend to themselves ;)

So J met me between Birmingham and Atlanta and we had our first surprise.

well, just a precursor of what was to come!
Birthday cake milkshakes from Zaxby's!!!

Then we met "W" back in Atlanta and headed out!

Cate got out the map!
They were all ready!!!
We marked the globe!

First stop...Valdosta, Georgia

BTW parents...
You can honestly take your kids to the closest hotel, let them swim in the pool, have an overnighter, and eat breakfast in the hotel buffet and they will be perfectly happy with that being their summer vacation....

and she's ready!

 after a stop in Valdosta, we packed the car back up and headed out.
and hit the Florida line...

Where would we end up?
They honestly did not have a clue!
(p.s. this is somewhere they have wanted to go forever!)
we successfully pulled off this surprise!

The mermaid capitol of the world!

well, that didn't take long...

First we took on Buchaneer Bay.
All I'll say about Bucaneer Bay is "if you can't beat em, join um..."

Then we waited for the Mermaid show
(This is "W" entertaining the kids with Rock, Paper, Scissors)

We waited for about an hour.

y'all.  These are REAL mermaids.

Then a little ice cream.

and posing with the mermaids.

and some photo opps.

the hotel.

and then they were down for the count!!!

More surprises!!!

Have a great day y'all!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kendall Boggs.....The Vagabond...

I have officially named myself "The Vagabond"

This month, I have literally been everywhere.
And I gotta be honest.  I'm exhausted.  Totally.

End of April I had my largest art show of the year.
Pack up all the unsold goods, took them to my studio, went home, woke up the next morning and headed to Birmingham.

To help my youngest and her husband move in to their new home.
Which included something I LOVE to do.
Decorate it. (I know I"ve posted this before)
I stayed with C and H all week.

Well, that was May 3.  And I'm telling you, we got ALOT done.
It's just amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.
Like the whole house is decorated.

I also brought all my paints and painted a donation painting for the Believe Ball, a huge event for CURE Childhood Cancer.  Which I am SO excited to brag about.  What an incredible cause.

forgive me if I've already bragged about this.....wink

So, on Saturday, May 9, I got a new grand baby!

again, forgive me if I've already bragged about this.

So.  Sunday, we did a picnic at the park for Mother's day.

Then, by Wednesday, I decided I was smelling a little like dead fish and needed to head home...for a couple of days.
By last Saturday I was back in Birmingham.

Staying with Gregory and Amy and helping with my newest g-baby.
(Easiest baby EVER btw)

I mean seriously, all I've done really is just cook a few meals! 
But I've been at their home for 7 days.
Again, starting to smell a little like dead fish.

After 2 nights of art classes, I decided yesterday I needed a 90 minute massage.
And it was time for me to let the new parents get in to their own routine.

So, I headed over to sister's house....for the night.
I mean, who does this?  I am seriously a vagabond.

Today?  Back at Callen and Houston's til Monday.

Geez, they all have to be getting really tired of me.

My sweet, beautiful, wonderful, (and I mean seriously wonderful, sweet, and beautiful) niece graduated from high school this week.  She will be heading to Auburn to study graphic design in the fall.

I've got a huge surprise waiting for her this morning at 11 a.m.  
Just Harper and me! and I am SOOOO excited!!!

And then, Callen and Houston are giving her a little impromptu graduation party.

that's my Harperdoodle on the right.

OH, how bout this weather?
Yesterday, all the grandkids, Jordan, and Amy and I went to the park to enjoy the most beautiful day of the year.
that's my lil Catiebug

and my gorgeous daughter in law.

and my precious new g-baby.

And Ever's lost her first front tooth! (she's so proud!)

mr. blue eyes.

Cousins....(and some extras)

Today, after a pretty decent nights sleep, I woke up at sister's house and had my coffee outside.
I listened to the birds chirp on this beautiful cool morning.

I reflected on the last three weeks and said a little prayer thanking God for all of my blessings.

I am blessed.

Have a beautiful day y'all!


Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Frannie!!!! She's One Today!

Wow, what can I say?

Frannie, my hip turned one this week.
I cannot believe it.

Some of my milestones, and greatest accomplishments?

I started playing back tennis 2 months after.....also I thought I was really cool and decided to serve and volley ending up face first on the tennis court...Hip was good to go, pride, not so much....

I've succesfully gained more than a few lbs. ugh!!!!

4 months after surgery I played in the ALTA AA 3 championships...The winning team came down to MY match, which I promptly lost after being on the court for yes...over three hours.

Let's see....Frannie has just been a rock star

What else?
She has allowed me to drive back and forth to Birmingham probably every other week for the last year.

I am able to paint ALL DAY standing on my feet (if I want to!)

She's allowed me to teach classes which is really a tough feat for someone with a hip issue.
i.e. standing on your feet two nights in a row for 3+ hours each night.

Let me brag...
um....those would be the paintings that my students painted this week....
yep. they were that good.

What else?

I get to play, play,play with my g-babies!

Like go to dance recitals!

and go to all their events!
Like baseball games where you climb and sit on very uncomfortable benches...

and, enjoy the newest member of the Boggs' clan!

I could seriously eat him up.

If you are contemplating total hip replacement, the best advice I can give you?  Don't give it a 2nd thought.
Why go through pain when something can be done.  It really is not a hard surgery, and SO worth it.

I will offer a few pieces of other advice.

1) Interview atleast 3 doctors-find one that "fits" you
2) Have your surgery done in what I call a "well" hospital.  Meaning a hospital designated for replacement issues.  This way you are not around "sick" people (like MRSA)
3) Have a good attitude.  And be ready to be well and pain free again.  Attitude is everything
4) Have someone take your credit cards....I made many Percocet purchases (I'm serious)
5) Have someone keep your animals while you are recovering (very important)

Have a terrific day y'all!!!