Friday, December 18, 2015

Moss Covered Boxes for a Beautiful Centerpiece!

Hey guys!!!

Man, I've been busy!  Way too busy to blog, so I'm posting a....


Here ya go!

How to make moss covered boxes for a beautiful centerpiece!

You will need:
Blocks of Floral foam (the green soft kind)
Bags of moss
floral upick thingys (lots of them)
long skewers
hot glue gun
a variety of fruit
ribbon of choice

make the foam rectangles in to a box using the wooden skewers

push the skewers in like pictured and break off the end

this is the type of floral pick you will need

you are going to cover the box with moss and attach with the picks.

like this until it is completely covered!  I also secured the box at the crease with the picks

now, let's make the bow!

add the fruit!

note:  To make the small boxes you will use 4 pieces of foam.  For the large box you will use 6 pieces of foam!
Have a wonderful day y'all!!!