Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Best of 2014!!!

Hey y'all!

What up?

I'm in full blown organizing mode getting ready for the new year.

And, I'm lying here (early morning surfing on the web) and reminiscing about this past year.

Thought I would share some of my memories with you!

We started our year off here!

Gulf coast of Northern Florida

The architecture at Aly's Beach is just stunning!

Remember this?
How could we forget "Snowpocolypse"

We had the exciting time of planning a wedding!
Gorham's Bluff

and gained a wonderful son in law!

Easter was so beautiful this year!

Truly one of the prettiest days I've ever seen!

We had many field trips!

Oak Mountain

We rode the ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta!

And celebrated "Earth Day" at the Botanical Gardens!

Which by the way is worth every bit of your day!

We celebrated another family wedding!

My handsome nephew and his beautiful bride!

we needed a selfie stick!

more of my sweet nieces and nephews!

my brother and his wife

My daddy, my step mom Cynthia, and my nephew Jackson

(this was before I knew I had a cracked hip)....

Dapper daddy and his beautiful sister!

I was faced with making the difficult decision to have that hip totally replaced.

"Frannie" (my new hip) and I made it through with flying colors!

We took a few trips!
San Antonio "Weddingmoon"

Atlantis with the kiddos

and the lake with good friends!

I came up with a few new "series" for my art!


which I'm thrilled to say have almost all sold out!





(still available)

(still available)

I started teaching art classes!

which I've thoroughly enjoyed!

Aside from really enjoying this, I get to make new friends!!!
(I will continue teaching atleast one class per month)
(will travel a reasonable distance)

I was proud to watch some of my family run a half marathon in New Orleans!

And finally, we all got a wonderful surprise!

I'm going to be a grand mom again!!!!

My beautiful DIL will deliver around May 11th!

Yay for Baby boy Boggs!

Hope your 2014 was terrific!
Here's to a wonderful New Year!