Friday, August 31, 2012

25 Years Ago

25 years ago today I was probably doing the same thing I'm doing right now.
Awake at 3:30.  Oh, wait, we didn't have computers back then!
WOW, what a revelation I just had!
I was most likely awake because I was going to have a baby the next day and most likely couldn't sleep.
We didn't know what we would name her if she was a girl until about 2 days before.
There was a darling little girl down the street from us named Callen so since my maiden name is Callaway we thought we would incorporate Callaway into Callen.
We were building a beautiful home in Vestavia and were nearing the completion part.  About 2 months before it's completion the whole deal fell apart.  Seems the builder was doing something with our money that should have been going into our house.  So, the subs weren't getting paid and we basically had to fire the builder.  I was under an enormous amount of stress.
So, 25 years ago I went for the normal weekly check up.
Blood pressure was OUT THE ROOF!!!
I'll never forget going to see Dr. Huggins (I'm sure all my Bham readers who are my age (or younger) remember good ole Dr. Huggings)  Seems he or his partner, Dr. Robinett (um close to your face talker) (one time I thought he wanted to kiss me) delivered (and still do) babies all over Birmingham.
Anyway, blood pressure out the roof and they put me in a room all by myself hooked up to all kinds of monitors.  Well, I had a panic attack and couldn't get off the bed.
I started yelling like a crazed fool.  I mean I think back on it and the nurses must have really thought I was nuts.  I was yelling at the top of my lungs Dr. HUGGINGS, Dr. HUGGINGS!!!
FINALLY someone came in there.  My monitor was going crazy because I was going so crazy!
he FINALLY came in and he said "we're taking this baby tomorrow."  Can't risk it with your blood pressure.
Whew, another panic attack.
Crying.  You know, the whole deal.
Well, they checked me in the next day (which will be 25 years ago tomorrow).  Of course blood pressure was fine then.  Normal delivery led to my perfectly beautiful, baby girl
She is precious to my heart and the whole fam (including Houston) is coming to Atllanta to celebrate tonight!!!!
Happy Birthday Eve CallieMo!!!
I love you!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's See....

Hum....You know I just don't know what to blog about today.
Woke at 4:20 (but went to bed at 9..) "W" is peacefully sleeping.
I should be reading an inspirational book, but not in the mood.
Have I ever mentioned that I am a Law and Order fanatic?
Well I am.  I could seriously watch it all day long.
But, it has to be Criminal Intent or Special Victims Unit.
I'm in love with the smart guy.

Don't know his name but I love him.
I have to admit though I wish he would get that mole removed from his forehead.
I really, really love smart people for some reason.  Must be why I married "W".  
Anyway, what else should I write about?
Ok, let's talk about inspiration.
I get inspired by so many things!
Let's use some examples.....The painting I sent "A" the other day?  Well, I thought "what would my friend Elizabeth do?  She would give her the painting and never think twice about it.
So that's what I did.  She is a huge inspiration in my life.
I'm hugely inspired by a blog I read (and advertise on)
She's goin through a tough time and is ALWAYS upbeat!
I really admire people like that.
I don't like down in the dumps people.  I mean I LOVE to give advice and all.  Actually I REALLY love to give advice.  Probably too much.  I want to fix things.
Can you please tell me where my brain is going this morning?  Cause I really can't figure it out.
All I know is I've got 4 hours before I have to go play tennis.  I need to clean up the condo and fold a butt load of clothes for a HUGE weekend coming up but you know what? I don't want to. So thinking a maid might be in my future today sometime.  They're hangin around the condo all the time and they do a great job!
So, back to inspiration.
Where do I get my inspiration for my art?
Whew, that's a tough one.
Well. the lake is one place because I look at it every day.  I am inspired by a whole slew of artist, one being Steve Penley. What an amazing artist he is!  He has really inspired me to use broad strokes and be loose.
But....I have to use broad strokes because unfortunately uncontrollable shaking runs in my family and I was the unfortunate one to get the gene.  Hence my sloppy fast painting.
My husband inspires me to better myself, and so do my children.
My dad was a HUGE influence on my life, constantly telling me I could do ANYTHING I set my mind  to. (sorry daddy, I know that is a grammatical error)
My mom inspired me greatly by her favorite quote "CAN'T NEVER COULD".  Ohhhhhh how true that statement is.
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day and have enjoyed my jabber fest over my 3rd cup a joe this mornin!
It's gonna be a great day.
oh, almost forgot.....Happy dance!!!
Bought a pair of jeans yesterday cause Callen said "MOM, if you wear those jeans anymore I am seriously going to cut them into pieces".
So, (first of all, I don't try on clothes in store) (stupid stamp on forehead).  I just buy them, try them on at home and take them back if they don't fit.  I was saying "please oh please let these fit" "I don't want to go back to bed and crawl up in a safety net and cry.
They were too big.....yipppppppppeeeeee!!!
I am SOOOO excited!!!!
Have a great day y'all and find something that inspires you today!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Okay, remember those art classes?
My REAL goal was to inspire my students to find that inner artist.
Well, it seems that I had one right under my nose and didn't know it!
How could that be?
I feel like such a failure as a mother to have not picked up on this earlier (she's 25), but I also have a huge sense of pride that my art class inspired my third child to find her "inner artist"
 I could never draw this.
and her self portrait.

  Yes, she really is that beautiful!
Have a wonderful day y'all!
oh p.s.  my art sale is still going on!!!  Scroll down a blog to see what is still available.  Hurry though, for some reason this has been a really busy week!!! 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Is "gratification" a word? I think it is because spell check didn't catch me on it :)
As an artist I have been extremely gratified when I paint something and someone purchases it.
I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it is to share my creativity with others.
I want to tell you a story that has gratified me more than anything I've ever done.
To protect her privacy I'm just going to call her "A".
"A" has been trying to contact me via e-mail for quite some time now about purchasing a dress painting.  Well for some reason we were never able to connect with one another.  Not sure why but I think I was sending my e-mails back to her and they went into cyberspace.
So finally we connected!!!  She told me what she wanted and explained that she needed it soon.
Seems "A" is about to go back to the hospital for the 4th or 5th time for 5 weeks for cancer.
She wanted something beautiful to look at hanging on her hospital wall.
She wanted me to name it "Her Last Dance"
I cried.
To be able to paint something for someone so sick and for them to want to see it the first time they wake in the morning is beyond gratifying.
So "A", if you are reading, your painting is on it's way.
You have gratified me and it is my gift to you.
Wishing you all the blessings and prayers I can give you for a speedy recovery.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Art Sale!!!!

Well.  Just to let you guys know that I'm still having an ART SALE!!!
There is still a lot to choose from so choose fast!!!
Thanks y'all and have a happy weekend!
Any questions

 # 1
Reg. 250.00 now 125.00
Reg. 225.00 now 125.00
Reg. 550.00 now 275.00
Reg 550.00 now 275.00
 # 6
reg. 250.00 now 125.00
Reg. 295.00 now 150.00
Reg. 550.00 now 275.00

Reg. 225.00 each now 175.00 each
Reg. 650.00 now 450.00
 # 11
Reg. 550.00 now 450.00

Reg. 650.00 now 550.00

Reg. 750.00 now 450.00
reg. 250.00 now 175.00
Reg. 275.00 now 175.00
Reg. 195.00 now 125.00
 #17 Reg. 
250.00 now 150.00
Reg. 250.00 now 150.00
Reg. 125.00 now 75.00
Reg. 195.00 now 125.00
Reg. 650.00 now 375.00
Reg. 475.00 now 250.00
Reg. 175.00 now 125.00
Reg. 150.00 now 75.00
Reg. 950.00 now 450.00


Reg. 650.00 now 325.00
Reg. 950 now 475.00

Reg. 650.00 now 375.00

Reg. 1,800.00 now 900.00 extra charge for shipping
Reg. 1,200.00 now 750.00 (extra charge for shipping)
new pieces that have just been added today August 19th!
Reg. 550.00 now 275.00
Reg. 195.00 now 125.00
Reg. 550.00 now 375.00 (would need a frame)
Reg. 550.00 now 375.00
(on 3" thick gallery wrapping)
Regularly 350.00 now 175.00 (on boxed board
Regularly 550.00 now 275.00
(this is also framed in a barn wood frame)
Regularly 550.00 now 275.00

Well that's it!!!
Please e-mail me with interest (sizes, mediums).  Please keep in mind that shipping is NOT included.  For larger pieces it could run up to 75 - 100.00
But, these are bargain basement prices!!!!
and....I take all credit cards!!!!
Have a fabulous day y'all!!!!