Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I'm Back!!!

Well.  Well. Well.

I've taken a break. Like I think a two year break! I've missed you guys but I really needed to scale the blogging back a bit. I was burned out.

The truth is though, that I have looked back and tried to find recipes and photos, and just plain stupid stuff but I guess google has not saved all that stuff any more...
annoying emoticon
I was using my blog as my little journal/photo album/recipe finder for years

SO...stuff that I want to find is not findable.  Well that just stinks huh?

So, lets catch up shall we?

1st,,,,,we moved back to what we think is our home town Birmingham, Alabama. YAY!!!!
to be near our kids and grandkids.....
but then one child and hubs moved out of Birmingham right before we moved here. (sad face)
But here is a great pic of them.....

.....I'll be visiting A LOT but C's hubs doesn't realize how much....I'm sure my oldest daughter's hubs will clue him in on GIGI'S HERE, IT'S TIME TO DO CRAFTS!!!!
We now have FIVE grand loves and our youngest is due in March! A little boy!!! (oh I am SOOOO excited)

I am still painting away, although I have added a great new jewelry line to the rest of my obsessive/compulsiveness behavior.

It's called CHUNK.  You may remember I started it about 5 years ago and then stopped and now I'm back at it again.
those are crosses😉

So....for the next step of my blog we will be doing all kinds of things!!!!
We are getting a new little bungalow at the beach and you will see many, MANY new before and after pics!!!

I'm still doing Roundtop.
(the most fun a human will ever have)
p.s.  plan your spring girl's trip NOW.
and if Baby Boggs makes his arrival when expected I will be there for the spring show.
Otherwise, we are trying to figure out some alternative solutions.

Hey guys, I've missed y'all!!!
Maybe my life has just gotten totally boring?
Or maybe needed a break?
But I'm ready to jump back on the saddle and blog away!!!

Stay tuned!

In the meantime.........
I'm having my annual end of my art season sale.
If you will go to my facebook page
Kendall Boggs
you can check all the great savings!
Stay happy y'all!