Monday, December 31, 2012

New Paintings!!!

Well, I'm back to the "painting" board!
With the New Year coming in, I am gearing up for a GREAT year of painting.
I had a fantastic year last year selling almost 150 paintings, but would REALLY like to beat that! Thank you so much to all of my clients who purchased my work. It is a wonderful feeling!
I will be painting a whole new series of boats, angels, churches, dresses and abstracts.... and what ever else comes out of this mush of a brain of mine!
Here are two brand new paintings!
"Moving Heaven and Earth II"
30 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
 price upon request
The first version of this painting sold in less than 10 minutes at my last art show!
"Red Canoe II"
24 x 48 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
price upon request
have a wonderful New Years Eve y'all
if you drink DON'T drive!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Help for the Bedroom!

Okay, after all that work, I still wasn't happy with the bedroom.
A trip to the outlet mall was in order....
So, here is the first pic
 Second pic
 What a difference pillow shams make, huh?  Pottery Barn Outlet.  I would really love to put bamboo shades in there, but it just wouldn't block out the light enough, So have to stick with these tackey blinds. ugh
Have a wonderful night y'all!!!

I'm Deliminized.....

Is that a word?
Okay, here's the problem. We are selling our lake home.  Very close to making a deal.
We are also hoping to sell the furniture with it....with the exception of a few valuable pieces of art.
(not mine, hehe) I'll sell that to anyone!!!
I will tell you that as an ex designer, most designers have a miserable time doing work on their own home.
Let's see, I have lived here in the condo for 4 months now and seriously y'all the second bedroom looks like K-rap.
I haven't done a thing to it.  Not even put up drapes.  We have had a sheet, yes, a sheet over the window.  The maid (in her sweetest quest to make the room look better ties it in a knot in the middle!)
Which does help....somewhat.
So,,,,,,I also have a husband who thinks he's a designer.  Any of you out there have that problem?
He actually has some pretty good ideas, and he holds the checkbook, so I kind of have to work around HIS budget.  Which is NOT much (or much fun)
So, this is what I finally came up with.
looks like a hotel huh?  I'm going to change that comforter to a lighter grey and make shams.
Then I'm going to paint the room a really creamy greyish cream color.  We are also going to put another queen bed in there for more sleeping.  One piece of advice I used to always give my clients is to not comprimise the look of a room in order to keep something that 1) you're too attached to, or 2) you made a bad decision (like this comforter. And it's really not old enough to ditch)
but wait!!! after I wrote this blog, I came up with an idea,,,,so this is an edit
I reversed the comforter and the pillows, and, I'll be making 3 large shams to tie all the colors together. Still not completely happy, but better than it was, that's fer sure
I'm also going to purchase these to go at the end of the bed (if they match)
cute huh? are some of my ideas:
not with the blue of course.  I'm going to keep the russet color
 I love the top throw for the end of the bed
 and I may have to have these shams
 love this!!!  I want two of those poof ottomans for the end of the bed.

 see that throw at the end???? It was a BEAUTIFUL gift from Houston.
In my Ka-rispiness (a word Callen and Harper came up with), I tripped over it along with a few more thows that were in the floor resulting in this:
youch.  Broke big toe in two places and am now wearing a lovely boot.
Looks great with my gold manolos huh

Okay, we are also selling this armoire that we don't have room for.  It is a multi use armoire.  Either a desk or TV holder.  We paid 1,250.00 for it and are selling it for 300.00 perfect condition. Oh, doors retract.  Only catch?   You have to pick it up in Buckhead (Atlanta)
and....I wanted you to see what I would do with it, if I was going to keep it....
Now, I have to show you Evers....Watching the kindel fire that "W" and I gave her for Christmas wearing an Ole Miss football hat!
then Lil B making use of another present!!! Oh be still my heart!!!!
 have a wonderful day y'all!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

What a Difference a Button Makes....

Maybe it's just me, but I thought my Old Navy jacket (that I bought Monday) looked a little  Snob.
I DID however only pay 25.00 for it.
It was the buttons.  They were bugging the heck outta me.  Not only that, one fell off!
So,,,,,Gail K to the rescue.  (I've blogged about this shoppe before.)  It's just simply amazing y'all!
Atlanta's sewing claim to fame.
So this is the jacket before:

It's also amazing how I 
DON'T know how to us my camera!!! Coats look two different colors due to lighting!  I will tell you that it is the classic Tiffany blue. What cha think, silver buttons or gold?
Have a wonderful night y'all

Baby it's Cold Outside......

Are you a cold weather person, or a hot weather?
I'm spring and fall.
But, I really, really LOVE coats.  I have a serious coat addiction.
I have always said that if my house caught on fire the 1st thing I would get (after saving my husband and my computer) would be my Burberry raincoat and my Burberry swing coat.
Mainly because they are irreplaceable.  I purchased both of them years ago and while the styles have changed, I still love mine.
I'm a big lover of the "swing" coat style.
My only problem with coats, is that they're really a pain to wear, ya know?
Anyway, I went shoppin this mornin!
 Easy to wear.  I like easy.

 So Kate Middleton, don't you agree?
 Burberry kids
 I sosososososo want this from Anthropologie!

 Marc Jacobs
 Moschino = really, really love
 Old Navy
 I want this really, really bad, but sold out!  Donna Karan
 Seriously,,,,,what WERE they thinking?
 Old Navy
I'll take his coat.....
have a wonderful Sat. y'all!

Friday, December 28, 2012

It's a Wrap.....

NO not my blog!!! I'm still here gearing up for the New Year!
I'm talkin about scarves.....or wraps.
I am (like everyone else in this world) love, love, lovin em!
What is great about a scarf?
You can wear black everyday and wear a different scarf and there ya have it!
A different lookin outfit every day!
So, I scoured the internet for some of my faves!
Here we go...
 for mum or child
 gift from Callen to moi!!! I loveeeeee it!!!!  Anthro
 um.....not for me, never. I would go stinkin crazy wearin this....Burberry
 Neimans = love
 how seriously mad would W be at me if I went to Neimans and bought this 595.00 scarf.
 for the monogram lover in you....pinterest
and finally....everyone needs the classic Burberry scarf
Have a fabulous day y'all!!!