Sunday, January 6, 2019

A New Year and a New Home!

Happy New Year Folks!

I hope you guys are starting your New Year off right! 

Me? I haven't made one resolution.
Nor have I taken down my Christmas decorations😱

Last year, W and I decided in February we would finally lose the 30 lbs that both of us had put on.
We did the Keto diet.
It was super easy to follow!
W lost 30 lbs
and I lost 20.
(why is it so much easier for menπŸ™„)
We both however, put it all back on over the holidays😱
SOOOO....back to the drawing board.

Hey, who likes to see a home renovation?

Back in November we started looking for a home at the beach.
Sandestin, Florida to be exact.
We settled on a darling little bungalow in a great neighborhood.
One that was very, very dated but doable with a small budget.
And I love a good challenge.
Especially when it comes to saving money.  You know, best bang for the buck kinda stuff.

I got my budget together and got busy!

The house is great because structurally it needed nothing. Things that are really expensive (bath remodel, kitchen remodel, floors, etc.) were okay and could go into the 2nd round of remodeling. 
The things that needed changing were just cosmetic.

Soooo, I put on my designer hat (that I gave up years ago) and got busy.

I found tons of stuff at Pottery Barn Outlet, Wayfair, Macy's, and World Market, Home Goods.
I splurged on a few things from RH Design and Stock and Trade (my new favorite shoppe)

So, you ready???
Here we go

White appliances, two tiered bar and lighting had to go.  All that stuff above the cabinets gone.

Bar stools - World Market - 400.00
New appliances - Home Depot - total cost - 3,200.00
Quartz Countertop - Destin Discount Granite - 2,500.00
Lighting - Southeastern Salvage - (with installation) 200.00

I wanted to replace everything in this room but budget didn't allow.
Artwork, lighting, white chairs and rug had to go.

Artwork - by me
Rug - Stock and Trade - 550.00
Bistro, and slipcovered chairs - Pottery Barn Outlet - 600.00
New light fixture - World Market - 450.00 (with installation)

Get ready for this one....

So this was just....well, you can see it for yourself.
Everything in this room was removed except the TV and the chair.

Sectional - Macy's - 2200.00
I painted over that painting - πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻
Lamps - Home Goods, Stock and Trade - 350.00
Rug - Home Goods - 625.00
Coffee Table - 275.00 - Southeastern Salvage
2 End Tables - Home Goods - 200.00
Accessories/Books - 200.00

Next up?
Master Bedroom
It wasn't bad, just wasn't my taste.

First I changed all of the bedding.
The pale sea green coverlet and ivory coverlet at end of the bed - Frontgate Outlet - 150.00
Shams with inserts - Pottery Barn - 180.00
Decorative Pillows - Stock and Trade - 300.00
Bedskirt - Bed, Bath and Beyond - 35.00
Lamps (spray painted) 5.00
New lamp shades - 50.00
New Art - me
Walls painted - 250.00

Guest Bedroom 😱😱😱
I mean who doesn't want a Hawaiian themed bedroom???

So here I did new bedding.
Navy coverlet - Restoration Hardware - 300.00
Three square Euro shams - Bed, Bath and Beyond - 210.00
Decorative lumbar pillow - Restoration Hardware - 120.00
White duvet - I had the cover - insert BBB - 120.00
Dust skirt - BBB (Hotel Collection) - 45.00
Lamps are previously owned by my daughter
All artwork by me
Bed and furniture was from the upstairs bedroom
Painted walls - 250.00

Upstairs (3rd) Bedroom

Okay, so we changed this room up quite a bit.

We added two queen beds.  One we had, the other we purchased.

New Queen mattress, boxsprings - 650.00
Coverlets, pillows, duvet at end of bed, decorative pillow - Pottery Barn Outlet - (purchased day after Thanksgiving!) 650.00
Room painted - 250.00
Dust skirts - BBB - 90.00
Lamp - Home Goods - 120.00

From start to finish this took right at 2 weeks!
(Planning is the key)!

We are super excited about our new bungalow!

Have a terrific day y'all!