Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Time Next Week!!!

This time next week I will be here!
not sure where exactly, all I know is that I'll be here
 hopefully I'll run into one of these sweet little guys
 and see this!
I am sure we will run into one of these guys!!!
Thank you my friend E for making this happen!!!
have a great day y'all!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Evey's Dance Recital

Are all of you my sweet friends attending these this time of year?
I have to admit.....I nor Jordan are a fan of putting makeup on a 3 yr old, but hey, it's part of the show.
And Evey LOVED it!!!
She really did great and really was the best one up there.  I just know she was because she is my granddaughter and I can say that right? Yep right!
Anyway, W and I had such a wonderful trip over.  We zipped right on over to Bham and his special parents were here to greet us as well!  So, of course I started clickin away.
Mimi, W's mom just had a pace maker put and and is such a trouper!  Wow!  She is just movin around like nothin happened!!!
Anyway, sit back if you'd like and check out the pics!!!  They are special to me!

 every little girl loves to play with makeup!!!

 okay, G-man LOVES this lil man who has lovingly named him BEAN.  We have no clue why.

 she was third from the left
 they were adorable and got the most huge round of applause!!!
 she said "Gigi, you HAVE to bring me pink flowers okay?" of COURSE!!!
 Evey choking her best friend Eveyln Ruth!  Matching names for two sweet girls!
 I wasn't the only one to bring flowers!!!
she wanted to hold Daddy Bob's hand!
 and then Mimi's
 and then give some Daddy Bob lovin!
 while sweet Baby Cakes looked on.  Oh, I'm gonna just eat her up!!!
 "Bean" and Bennett
 oh, I'm sick this came out blurry!!!
 we headed over to MY FAVORITE PIZZA PLACE OF ALL TIMES.....
New York Pizza (in Homewood)
 "W" and his parents
 My niece and nephew came to join us!!! I love them to death
"W, his parents and his sweet sister Leigh!
Hope you have a wonderful day y'all!
WHEW we've got a busy two days!
Today, golf with friends in Atlanta, then the guys are going to the Braves game, then comin on out to the lake to play some more golf!
Hope your Memorial Day is a safe one!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A "3" Year Old's Dance Recital!

Here we go!!! The start of a wonderful series of dance recitals, t-ball, gymnastic recitals, swim meets and before you know it.....graduation!  My babies will be all growed up.  YIKES  and then I'll be a GREAT grandmother.
Mother time needs to STOP right here.
I'm serious y'all.  Seems like just yesterday I was holding what is now my 3 1/2 yr old precious grandbaby in my arms for the first time.
Time flies.
J had to do a "practice" hair do for Evey for her recital (they threw Cate in the mix!)
 Seriously folks, is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  It makes me grin really big!
all ready for the dance rehearsal
pics tomorrow!!!
have a great day y'all!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We're Selling Our Home!!!

I would like to say I'm sad....but the truth is, I'm not!
I love our cozy lovely home at the lake but I miss W during the week and keeping up two homes is just too much for this ole gal.
So, I'm networking here!!!
If any of you know someone interested in (what I think) is a beautiful, perfect home at Reynolds Plantation please let me know!  It officially goes on the market today.  So you, my sweet friends are the first to hear about it!!!
An added benefit is we are right next to the Lake Club and two coves away from the Ritz Carlton.
A better than perfect location!
Here are the pics:
They are taken by me until the professional photographer comes in and embarrasses me with her much better than my photography skills!
the front of the home
a beautiful sunrise!
 another beautiful sunrise off the back of our home
the great room (where everyone chills!)

 the kitchen

 one of the three screened porches
the master suite 
the downstairs den walks right out onto the infinity pool
the half kitchen/bar in the downstairs den
bedroom down walks out onto the pool!
Master suite down
3rd bedroom downstairs
swinging beds off 3rd bedroom in screened porch
 Carriage house sitting room
 Carriage house bedroom
 Carriage house 2nd bedroom

 Walk out to the infinity pool with jacuzzi
 another view of the pool
back of home showing the six porches 
The home has 7 bedrooms and 5 + 2 half baths
2 great rooms and a carriage house
Please contact Brian Quinn with with Coldwell Banker with any interest!
for more information on Reynolds Plantation and the amenities go to:
have a great day y'all!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am blessed beyond words with the most wonderful friends anyone could ask for!
I feel so undeserving and I really don't know why God has blessed me like He has.
But I am thankful to all of my friends.
I can't even express my love and thankfulness for them.
Last night my friend Kathy gave a beautiful party for me in Dothan, Alabama.
She went to so much trouble for me!
I wish I had taken more pics but I only took one!
This one of one of my sales to a High School friend!
Thank you Dawn and thank you Kathy for your warm hospitality and for loving me.

have a wonderful day y'all!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Solo Show!

I absolutely forgot to post about this this morning!!!
I am having a Solo Art Show in Dothan, Alabama tonight!
at the beautiful home of Tim and Kathy Gannon's
Please stop by all my ole Dothan buds for a glass of wine (or two)
you do not need an invitation to come!!!
(but consider this your invitation!)
hope to see your cute faces there!
for address, email me at

Sunday, May 20, 2012

OOPS! I Forgot to Post!!

I forgot to post yesterday!!!  My bad! We are still down at Watercolor enjoying THE MOST beautiful weather EVER!!! It has been about 82 every day with a slight breeze.
So, the other night we went to Bud-n-Ally's.
A staple for those of you who frequent Seaside and it's surroundings.
 the kiddos colored
 this is beautiful Ally, one of Callen's high school buds!
 and Callens hunka hunka burnin beau

 this was Callen saying she always wanted Ally's hair
 before Ally's hair!
 and after Ally's hair! I think Callen needs to stick to her own hairstyle.
 the kids had a blast!
 Evey immediately attached herself to Ally!
 then we had to visit the snow cone place
 at Seaside you let the kids just run loose!  This is the amphitheatre
I don't have the words....
but they are a darling couple!!!
Ally, Callen and Brittany!
Today?  cleanup duty!!!
hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!