Friday, September 4, 2020

A Brand New Series!!!

"Learning To Love One Another" 

I am just so very excited to present this new series! So this past weekend I was out of town and I thought "dang, I'm going to add something to some previous paintings of mine to add a pop of something"

And then it came to me.

Hearts, lots and lots of hearts.

This year has been so tough on everyone.

The pandemic has truly gotten on everyone's last ever-loving nerve.

The political divide is just down right mind blowing.

The racial divide has never been this bad in my lifetime

(and I am 61 so that says a lot)

And then all the feelings about this mess was exacerbated with my dad dying.

I'll admit, painting has been literally the LAST thing on my mind.

But, like a lot of creative people, some of our best work comes through difficulties in the world and within your own self.

So....introducing the very first in a new series!

"Hearts of the World"
16 x 20 watercolor paper with torn edges
Price upon request

"Red and Yellow Black and White"
12 x 12 acrylic on watercolor paper
175.00 each (unmated) or both for 330.00

Work study
8 x 10 matted peices
78.00 each or 280.00 for the four

"Stand Out"
30 x 30 mixed on deep profile canvas
Price Upon Request
you can also add a lucite box for an additional price.

I am just super excited about ALL of these!!!!
Stay tuned!!! More to come!!!!

Take care folks! Send me an e-mail at for purchasing information!



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