Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Moss Covered Boxes

Well....I told you I'd be changing my centerpieces!  I just didn't know it would be so soon!
I've been making these for a loooooooooong time.  And I'm gonna show you how as well!
Please note...this WILL make a mess
First you need this:
All this stuff came from a wholesale florist supply company called Halls in Atlanta.  Well, except the ribbon.
Thanks sister.  If you want info on where that came from just ask!  Gotta find out myself.  I did however find some at Michaels but it was too wide.
The candles and candlesticks came from Crate and Barrel
Here we go:
16 Rectangular florist foams (I added two after I took this pic)
4 Large bags of moss
Hot glue gun
Large bag of wire floral picks
Long wooden skewers
Assorted fruit (live or fake)
Water chestnuts
Now, here's what cha do:
secure the foam into boxes
I did 2 small and one large
(The small ones need four and the large ones need 8)
and, I stacked the foam for the large box sideways to make it taller.
 cut the skewers off at the foam (make sure it doesn't come out the other end!)
 take your wire florist pick (not sure what these are called)
 place the moss all over the box and secure it into the foam with the picks making sure there are no gaps
Now, be sure that you really cram those picks in because you don't want the silver picks to show through

 Cover the entire box
 Take your ribbon.  Any will do but I chose burlap
 Drape it over the box
 And wrap it around the box
 Tie in the middle
 And tie a bow

 Let the tails fall over and cut the ends at an angle
 Take a pick, press it in the fruit and secure it onto the box.  If you use water chestnuts hot glue them on.
I really wanted to use artichokes but couldn't find any!
 Here's the finished product!!!
and again!
The cost?  Around 50.00
ask me any questions!!!  I'll answer!
happy night y'all!