Monday, January 16, 2017

Girl Friends After 50....

I'm stealing this pic from my friend Leslie Ann whom I went to high school with.
(she's much more artsy than me and I respect her talent like non other)
....I had.a moment last night. A raise the roof, rock the baby, moment, added to a pity party.
yep. I did.
I need a vacation.
I need a vacation with my girls. My best girls.  Not my daughters, not my sister, not my nieces.  My girls.  The girls I have been friends with for years and years and years but never see one another.  Why? Because I've moved 5 times since my 'core' group of friends became besties about 20 years ago.
That makes me so super sad!

I've made new friends, like Elizabeth, Cindy, Renee, Helen, Michele, Tami, Barbara D, Cissy B and Sissy L, Lisa, LA, but we just don't get to see each other much.
And it truly, truly makes me sad.
And I need a trip with them too.

So as I was taking a bath tonight I thought about this.  Ya know, we are all so very different.  Some women love to stay at home.  Some like Lisa and I work like a dog getting ready for our next shows.  Some just really don't make it a priority.  But mostly? Like me, we don't take the time to make it a priority and nurture our friendships. I'm guilty. I'll admit. I'll take watching my grandkids over going on a trip with my friends. 
My number one wish for my new year is to either really, really work on spending time with the friends I've had forever, or make new friends.  Because I will tell you a secret.  It's really depressing living in 5 different places in 8 years and keeping up and making new friends.  I need you guys!
So, lets do this guys...just girls. Let's commit to making time for one another.  There is nothing more fun nor gratifying than to hang out with the girls!!!!
have a super happy day!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A New Year, A New Me!

I haven't blogged since November! That's a record for me I must say. Why? I'm really not sure.  But my oldest daughter Jordan and I were talking about it the other day and we both realized that we missed it.  It's been my journal for years and years.  My recipe book, my photo album, my way of recording my personal journey in my life.  Add a little art and travel and family doings into that mix and it's simply my life!

So. what up?
Well.  After we got back from Napa (my last blog) W suggested that maybe it would be a good time to get my ole bum shoulder fixed before the new year.  Insurance was changing, and well, you know the deal.  I've played tennis for almost 50 years now and the ole shoulder had run it's course.  So, what I thought was a simple shaving down a few bone spurs and repairing a simple tear, turned into a rotator cuff tear.  Meaning, what I thought was going to be a pretty simple surgery, turned out to be....omg...the most painful thing EVER.  I am 16 days out and can lift my arm almost to my chest which is really pretty good considering.
Rotator cuff surgery aint for sissys y'all.

Being in a sling for two weeks and watching House of Cards 3 x over (the entire series), Scandal 2 times over, and um,,,,,the x rated highly intense Orange is the New Black (I could only watch that whole series once).
I'm a SOOOOO ready to get back in the saddle.
But, gotta take it slow.
I will be very happy to start exercising again since I'm pretty sure lying on my butt for two weeks has put a good 20 lbs. on me.
And, my hope is now I will be able to do the one thing I have consistently LOVED to do for 50 years of my life.  Play tennis again.  
Back to the new year.
I FINALLY finished my new website!!!
After a mere TEN hours of wanting to throw my computer at the wall it's done. And I ain't changing a thing.
I'm too cheap to pay someone to do it, and really I like a good challenge.
To say I needed a Xanax drip while I was developing it is an understatement.
go here if you want to see it, (cause really, I'm pretty proud of it!)

Christmas this year was just so much fun.  We all got together in typical Boggs' fashion and I must say all the gifts were just spot on.  I don't even think anyone took anything back. Oh wait.  I got W a ginormous piece of luggage which we all decided really wasn't for him. But other than that, we did pretty good!
One thing I was particularly proud of was the selling group that I admin on FB.  It is called Buckhead Trading Group.  Through an online auction we were able to raise over 18,000.00 for a small Atlanta charity called Giving Grace.  Giving Grace helps single moms and homeless with immediate needs.  Organizing this was one of the most proud things I think I have ever done.  So, you are going to be hearing more from me in the future.  I'm over being burned out by blogging and am ready to move forward with new stuff, new art, new pics, new travels, new me!!!!

Have a wonderful day y'all!

Sunday, November 6, 2016


One of the first times "W" and I came to Napa was in 1996! Wow. That was 20 years ago.  At that time we decided we would go Sailplaning.
What is it? It's where a plane takes you up in a glider to about 4,000 ft and lets you go.
It is truly an amazing experience, and if you have the stomach for it, DO IT.
 So, after our first experience, they moved the location.  We were sad.
But this trip "W" found another place that does this amazing adventure!
And we could not wait to do this again.

So, here are the pics.
(and the pilot gave us a few exhilarating moves, like I think we went upside down or something)

We were pretty crammed in there.

We were about to release and be on our own.....

You get pretty darn close to those mountains

In the distance you could see the Pacific Ocean

this was when we were doing a loop de loop (I think)

yes, pretty sure, or a dive straight down....

that right there is a hiking trail...oh my

and we made it!

Safe and sound!!!
Have a great day y'all!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

We LOVE Napa! Part II

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having a driver take us around to about 5 boutique style wineries out here in Napa and Sonoma.
If you go, do this.  I'm serious.
Not only is it safer, they are very knowledgable about the wineries and it will exponentially enhance your experience while you are out here.
Our driver was Andrew.
And he was terrific.

First, we had to take the obligatory pic at the French Laundry.
I know, I know, it's won the James Beard award more times than you can count, but honestly, it is not my favorite, nor is it "W's.  But we still had our pic made.
Ya know? We just don't like to sit at a table for 3 hours eating quarter size food of which we aren't sure what we are eating.
That the reason.

So, then we had to take the obligatory pic of the castle.
Didn't go inside, because as I said, this was our day for visiting boutique wineries.  And that my friends is what we like to do when we come to Napa!

Here we go.
And by the way,  every one of the wines we tasted were some of the best we've had since coming to Napa for 30 years straight.

oops, this was from yesterday ;)

The Castle

they had lots of animals.

First stop Speedy Creek.
Ya'll, the moss hanging over the wine tasting was just beautiful!

I just became a Rose' drinker.

and the wonderful owner of the winery made us homemade bread.  Let me tell ya, it was GOOD.

Can I tell you how proud of my hubs?
He has lost 40 lbs.
(the right way, by eating right and working out)

Our driver

Next up

I'm going to paint this barn.

This was Marone
We bought everything we tasted.
Plus he was really, really fun

Today? we will be in a glider, attached to a plane up in the mountains of Napa and let go to glide down.  I absolutely cannot wait!
(hope to see you tomorrow) (wink)
Have a great day ya'll!!!