Friday, October 21, 2016

Annual End of the Season Sale!!!! HUGE savings on Art!

Hey friends!
I'm all rested, relaxed and ready to start painting again for a slew of upcoming shows!

But first, It's my annual End of the Season Sale!

So, at the end of my show season, I sell pieces that I have left at HUGE discounts of 30 - 60% off.
This is a terrific opportunity for you to save BIG!!!

Under each photo you will see original price and sale price.
You will also see shipping costs if you do not live in the Birmingham or Atlanta area
I will be going to Atlanta 
Sept.  25 & 26 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

I take all Credit Cards, paypal, venmo, and checks.

OK, here we go!

1st up, my favorite painting!

Peaceful, Easy, Feeling
37 x 36 diptych
Acrylic on  1 3/8" gallery wrapped canvas

Regular price - 1,600.00 
Sale price - 900.00
Shipping 100.00

"Drips of Chaos"
40 x 40 mixed media with resin
1 3/8" deep profile canvas
Regular price - 2,200.00 
Sale price -  1,100.00
Shipping 150.00

"The Lonely Tree"
40 x 40 mixed media on 1 3/8" gallery wrapped canvas
Reg. price - 2,200.00
Sale price - 1,000.00
Shipping 150.00


30 x 40 Mixed media on deep profile canvas
Reg. price - 1,800.00 
Sale price - 950.00
Shipping - 150.00


40 x 40 mixed media on deep profile canvas

Regular price 2,200.00
Sale price 1,100.00
Shipping 150.00

24 x 24 Mixed media on deep profile canvas
Regular price - 750.00
Sale price - 400.00
Shipping - 30.00

"Happy Day"
15 x 30 mixed media on deep profile canvas
Reg price - 650.00
Sale price - 325.00
Shipping 30.00

"The Big Vase"
15 x 30 mixed media on deep profile canvas
Regular price - 650.00
Sale price - 325.00
Shipping - 30.00

Big White Church
15 x 30 mixed media on deep profile canvas
Regular price - 650.00
Sale price - 325.00
Shipping 30.00

Red Barn
15 x 30 mixed media on deep profile canvas
Regular price - 650.00
Sale price - 325.00
Shipping - 30.00

40 x 40 mixed media with resin on deep profile canvas
Gold leafed rim
Regular price - 2,200.00
Sale price - 1,100.00
Shipping 150.00

"In the Blue"
Set of four 30 x 30 each
Hung together 61 x 61

Mixed media on deep profile canvas with resin finish
(super cool)

Regular price - 3,000.00
Sale price - 1,600.00
Sold individually for 600.00 each
Shipping 100.00

"Drips of Blue"
30 x 30 mixed media on deep profile canvas

Regular price - 950.00
Sale price - 500.00
Shipping 50.00

"Butterfly Wings"
30 x 40 mixed media on deep profile canvass

Regular price 1,800.00
Sale price - 900.00
Shipping 150.00

"Three Angels" (SOLD)
15 x 30 mixed media on deep profile canvas

Reg. price - 650.00
Sale price - 325.00
Shipping - 30.00

Please contact me at if you would like to purchase or if you would like to see more photos.

Have a great day y'all!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2016


At Roundtop the cutest girls come through.
Mostly young, hip, and totally envy worthy.
Lisa will tell you that I've been known to admire something that someone is wearing and before they get out of my booth I'm on my ipad buying it. truth.

So. The booth next to me has the most adorable girl who sells THE BEST Moroccan rugs and stuff you've ever seen.  LUSTLIST.
Her name is Victoria and she dresses so hip.
And I love a hip dresser...

So one day she had on these adorable jeans that I had never seen.
well, I think she got them from Shopbop or something like that (I've never heard of it)

Then....another girl came in later and had a pair very similar.
She was 6 ft. tall and looked like the bomb in them.

So I asked her where she got them because even though I'm only 5'5", I had my ipad ready....

She said that she did them herself.
She saw the ones she wanted for oh 275.00?
Anyway it's a new trend to "shred" the bottoms of your jeans.
Atleast in LA and Texas.
Got home, got the stuff and went to town shredding the bottoms of a pair of my jeans.

Here is the DIY on shredded jeans.

First, you need a good pair of scissors. Which I didn't have, much to my mother's dismay, God rest her soul.
I did however have a good pair of pinking shears. Score.

So, I got a pair of my Levis.
Here we go.

First I cut off the hem

Then I realized I didn't cut the 1/8" strips narrow enough (or long enough)
you really need to cut about 6" up

so cut more

I was pretty satisfied at this point

However, I had to run out and get clorox (who doesn't have clorox in their house?)

I also got a steel brush and scraped the shreads after pouring clorox on them

and there ya have it.  Probably not the best boots to wear with them but oh well.
It's the look!

Have a great day y'all!!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Things I've Learned From Roundtop!

Last night Lisa and I rolled on in from Roundtop!!!

At promptly 6 p.m.
We left at 7 a.m.
And she had two more hours to drive, poor thing...
I drove a mere 45 minutes until my hands froze up out of anxiety and she froze up from the anxiety of watching me drive.
It was a 14 foot van. is what I've learned from Roundtop and being there in a small RV for 16 days with someone else.

1) Driving from Birmingham to Roundtop is a really long drive if you take 10 potty breaks.....
2) Roundtop is (at least this time was) is the hottest place on the face of the earth.
3) Roundtop is also the most fun place on the earth.
4) If you don't pace yourself with the partying, your toast.
5) To work with someone 24/7 (and in close quarters) you MUST have the same mentality business wise.  Not many artists could do this...luckily the only thing Lisa and I disagree on is politics....So we kind of stay away from that subject ;) It is also great if you laugh a lot (which we constantly do)
6) After seeing videos of myself dancing, I realize I have zero talent in that area.......
7) You're really lucky if you are where we were.  We are all like family at The Arbors and we all hung out together every night! Campfires, grilling out, talking and showing pictures of our kids back home.
It was just a warm feeling.
8) If the show is slow, it really does no good complaining about it, because it's not your fault.
9) If the show is busy and you're not selling, then it's time to re-assess your merchandise/art
There is no way in hell I would do this if I wasn't successful at it.
10) repeat customers are the bomb.
11) The customers are SO incredibly nice who come there.  It is an amazing feeling to not only hear the comments about your art, but then to sell something is just awe inspiring and so validating about what you do.
12) every year we learn something next time we are crating our art and shipping it out.
13) you can not have one comment on a piece of art and then on one day everyone will want the same piece.
14) if you sell a piece of art, everyone suddenly wants it.
15) Girls trips rock...why? because they are pros at talking their friends in to buying something :)
16) next year I think I'll bring 500 mini paintings.  I sold out of the over 100 that I brought.
17) next year I am going to purchase a telescope because I have never seen stars like I have seen at Roundtop.
18) If you stay in an RV, bring your own tent and chairs
and lots of beer
19) I was happy to get home to my bed AND my bathroom last night
20) Do, it....everyone should take a trip out to Roundtop for this show.  Especially girl's trips.
The most fun you will ever have!!!!

Stay tuned for my end of the season sale off!!!!

Have a terrific day y'all!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Winner is!!!

My goodness! I got SO consumed bing watching Scandal that I forgot to post my winner!!
yes, I watched TEN episodes....
That's Karazy!

So...The winner is...
Number 12,

Allyson, if you would please contact me at with your address I will ship it right out!
Thank you so very much for your kind words concerning my new love!!!!

Have a wonderful day y'all!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016




Here is what you do to WIN!!!

(you have three chances to win!)

1) add your name to the comment section
2) For 2 chances, share this on your Facebook page and or Instagram 
3) For 3 chances go to my Facebook page Kendall Boggs  (not Kendall Callaway Boggs, just simply Kendall Boggs)  and "like" my page

Here we go!

This is an unframed original watercolor with deckled edge
16 x 20
Value 175.00

I will let my random number generator choose!

Contest ends Sunday, September 11.

Good luck guys!!!

Kendall Boggs

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My New Acrylic Framed Watercolors

You know two things that scared the living daylights out of me when I started painting were....
1) watercolors.
2) abstracts.

I did an interview this year with a magazine and they asked what my goal going forward was.
My answer? To learn how to paint abstracts. (I was already working on the watercolor end)

I've combined my fear of watercolor, with my fear of abstracts.
And, I'm loving the outcome!

Here are the ones I've done lately all framed up in a super cool acrylic standoff frame.

I will be taking 8 abstracts and 12 feathers to roundtop.
They are 18 x 24 and are priced at 525.00
I will also have about 50 other originals that will be in flat sleeves and the price will be 175.00

Here we go!

oh wait!!! That's not a painting! That's the sweetest boy I know!!! My youngest grandson! (Got to keep him yesterday)

 Please forgive the horrible lighting.  Not sure what was going on with that except for the fact that it was 4 a.m. when I took the pics....the glare was pretty bad too, but that happens when photographing acrylics

Have a terrific Monday...oh wait, it's Tuesday y'all!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

"Pops of Grey" and "Little Church"

So excited to present two new paintings for Roundtop!!!

I love the pops of grey in this painting!
"Pops of Grey"
30 x 30 Mixed media on gallery wrapped deep profile canvas

"Little Church"
24 x 24 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Prices upon request!

These are currently available but will be making their way to Roundtop in exactly
2 weeks!!!

Have a great day y'all!