Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Well, by now you have all realized that the whole world is closed....
Including my next two art shows.

This is a sad state of affairs for everyone involved.  The vendors who depend on these types of shows for their livelihood, the schools that depend on the percentages of sales for their art departments, the event co-ordinators who have spent literally hours and hours of grueling, grinding work putting these types of shows together.
But, obviously for the good of the world, we have to do what we have to do...however unpleasant it may be.

my loss is YOUR gain!
I, like many others have huge investments in my inventory.

So, I'm doing a sale!
All of this is fresh, brand new inventory.
Regular prices and sale prices will be listed and I will be adding to this on a daily basis.
***Please note, shipping prices will have to be quoted.  These prices do not include shipping.

25 1/2 x 25 1/2 acrylic ink on watercolor paper
Regular price 575.00 each
Sale price 350.00 each or 1,300.00 for the set

25 1/2 x 25 1/2 acrylic in on water color paper (these are Payne's grey in color and can go black or very dark indigo blue)
Regular price 575.00 each
Sale price 350.00 each
1,300.00 for the set

25 1/2 x 25 1/2 each
reg. 575.00 each
sale 350.00 each

25 1/2  x 25 1/2 acrylic ink on watercolor paper
reg. 575.00 each
sale 350.00 each

These are approx. 31 x 39 each acrylic on paper
Regular price 950.00 each
Sale 500.00 each

49 1/2 x 49 1/2 acrylic on canvas frame in gold float frame
Regular price 2,200.00
Sale - 1,600.00
(sale pending)

25 1/2 x 25 1/2 acrylic on watercolor paper
Reg. price 575.00 each
Sale price 350.00 each
Set - 1,300.00

approx. size 19 x 23 in simple gold frame (8 available)
Acrylic on watercolor paper
Regular price 525.00 each
Sale price 275.00 each
Set of four - 1,000.00
Set of eight - 1,900.00

Acrylic on watercolor paper (unframed)
22 x 30
Regular price 375.00 each
Sale price 200.00 each

22 x 30 acrylic on watercolor paper (unframed)
reg. price - 375.00 each
sale price - 200.00 each

"Streaks of Blue I and II"
25 1/2 x 37 1/2 acrylic on 1 3/8" canvas
Reg. price - 950.00 each
Sale price 600.00 each
1,100.00 for the pair

36 x 48 acrylic on canvas
Reg price - 2,200.00
Sale price 1,100.00

"Irish Blessings"
36 x 48 acrylic on canvas
Reg price - 2,200.00
sale price 1,100.00

"Through the Window"
30 x 30 acrylic on canvas
Reg. price 900.00
Sale price 450.00

36 x 36 acrylic on canvas
Reg price 1,200.00
Sale price 800.00

36 x 36 acrylic on canvas
Reg. price 1,200.00
Sale price 800.00

***I will be adding to this inventory all week as I unpack and take photos of the many, many more paintings I have available.
Many of you who have shopped with me know that I also have 16 x 20 matted acrylic ink abstracts.  I have about 75 of those available and will be posting them soon.
They are reg. 175.00 each.
They will be 100.00 each so stay tuned!

These are the very best prices I have ever offered on my art.
So this is a wonderful opportunity to fill your walls with happy!

Please contact me at kbdr@aol.com to discuss paintings, and shipping/delivery options.

Take care everyone and stay safe!

And remember - 6 ft. away saves the day

Blessings to all of you
Kendall Boggs

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Homemade Mac and Cheese

I have had a special request from my youngest to start blogging my recipes again.
since we are all stuck at home I figured this is the perfect time to gear this back up.

Last nights dinner was:

Bean's Chicken Lickin Chicken
Homemade Mac n Cheese
Charred Brussels sprouts

Here we go.
First find some large chicken drumsticks

Drench with olive oil
Season with garlic salt, salt, pepper, and 
throw some lemon juice on that too.
Then put on a hot grill
finished product.
Next up......Grandson's favorite Mac-n-cheese.
I will have to admit, I kinda stole this from Chick-fila but I did change it up a bit.

16 oz macaroni
1 T salt
3 T parmesan cheese
2 cups of milk
Wondra powder
1 1/2 lbs of velvetta cheese
4 oz Colby cheese
bread crumbs

heat milk in large pan (being very careful not to scorch

add velvetta cheese and stir at med. heat
add parmesan

and 1/2 Colby jack cheese
melt it all in together stirring constantly.  Again do not scorch!

add wondra to thicken

about 2 tablespoons should do it.

this is how thick it should be.

Boil and drain macaroni 
It should look like this

add the noodles to the cheese mixture

pour in a pan, add the remaining Colby cheese and a little shredded cheddar

add bread crumbs

I did half and half, because, well, I was trying to make everyone happy.

bake at 350 for about 20 min.
Brussels sprouts (OMG yummy!)
First get microwaveable Brussels sprouts.

Tear of the top of the bag. add oil and seasonings

Microwave for 4 minutes.

pour bag on to a baking dish and cut in half.
Add garlic, seasoned salt, and a little more olive oil
Bake for about 30 min. at 350.00
They should turn crunchy.

Everyone gobbled this up!

Stay safe everyone!
Cook comfort food for your fam!

Have a terrific day y'all!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

What to Wear to Roundtop!

What to Wear to Roundtop

This spring will be my 9th season showing my art in Roundtop, Texas.
The Arbors to be exact.
Tent D
Kendall Boggs Fine Art

So....I have people constantly ask "if I go, what do I wear? What do I take? What are the essentials?"
First all it's very important to know that Roundtop is a Texas fashion show.
I'm serious.
You will see everything from cowgirls donning their latest "fringe" and leather to age 40 something girl's trips wearing designer ripped jeans, Gucci belts, Golden Goose sneakers, and the ever important Hermes messenger.
Don't forget the hat.

Okay, let's start with the essentials.
First of all the weather at the spring show can change in literally one hour.
It can go from 80 degrees to 50. We've seen that happen.  Storms also often come up unexpected.

Must haves:

Rain boots
The cuter, the better

Hunter for Neiman Marcus

Rain Coat
Something light weight like this Stutterheim is perfect
If you need to take it off you won't want something bulky to carry.

Or you can just get a pack of these
your friends will love you for this....trust me.

I suggest you buy one when you get there.  To do that, go visit 
the Hat man at The Arbors. Go early to get his best selection.

he is in tent C-1

or, you can spend a lot on a hat like I do and go down to
Badar Ranch and visit Sissy Light
every year she doesn't listen to me.

Now...if the weather is nice, and in the spring it is FAB...
let me digress....Think Bluebonnets
because you will see them everywhere and you WILL want to take a selfie with them.

The essentials you will need:

First, bring a large shopping bag.  Most vendors have bags but it is so much easier on you when you just have a large bag to throw stuff in.
I like something like this even though it's really large.  Keep in mind that a lot of vendors have things in close space so a structured bag could knock things over.  I found this cutie on Etsy

Now. Comfort is THE NAME OF THE GAME.
But,,,,so is fashion.
Whatever you do, DO NOT wear heels.

Think sneakers.
The cuter the better

Also, bring a pack of bandaids just in case those cute sneakers rub blisters.

Everyone wears jeans in Roundtop.
Actually I think that is just a given in Texas.
The more ripped, the better.
Alice and Olivia

Also a casual black dress is a must bring item.
I like this one from Loft!
you can always dress it up with a cute scarf or jewelry!

These are some other great pieces I found for those of you who are still deciding what to bring!
Denim skirt from Free People.  
You will see SOOOO many skirts with boots

Casual tunic dress to go from shopping to night! Pair with sneaks.
Free People
This is a great comfy maxi to just throw on. Dress it up or dress it down!
Take the shoes from this:

to this:
Eileen Fisher wedges for the win!

White fray edged jeans will be literally EVERYWHERE. (don't worry about it being before Easter)

Pair with:
Aviate baseball cap

I am loving this little shirtdress!

And if I may.....get a little personal.
Boy shorts...
are an absolute MUST BRING.

Go ahead and throw some of this stuff in your bag as well.
Trust me. You are walking around on a lot of dirt and gravel fields.

A cute jacket like this camo number from Wren & Glory
or this

Water bottles, water bottles, and more water bottles.
(personalized of course with your stainless straw)

To put your mixed drink in...
At 9 a.m.

Preferably if you are on a girls trip it needs to be imprinted with something like this:

Girls weekend:
Because life is too short to remain dignified.

At night in Roundtop there are SOOOOOO many fun things to do! Great wine bars, music literally everywhere, great places to eat.
Oh, and karaoke...everywhere.
And trust me...it gets fun.

Some of my favorites are:


to relax and have a glass of wine.
Or eat.

What to wear?
jeans, a cute jumpsuit, casual, don't forget the hat

To be seen:
Ellis Motel
(a bar on Henkel Square)
what to wear?
Something cute

The Garden Co. at Roundtop

get the Brussels sprouts.

What to wear?
jeans, black pants, cute jacket, cowboy boots
casual dress with cowboy boots
(you never know who you may see)

Market Hill at Roundtop

some of the best food in Roundtop

oh, and they usually have THE best bands every night.

What to wear?
What you shopped in
you can dress up if you like!
You will most likely be eating with a lot of the vendors out there.
Bonus: great prices on bottles of wine.

If you are in the mood for Italian my very favorite is
Oh yummy.

What to wear?
I would go a little dressier, maybe little black dress, heels
(but really everything is pretty relax in RT)

Now....I would be remiss if I didn't do a little self promotion.

So...if you need art, come see me in Tent D at The Arbors.
The 2nd big white tent right square in the middle!
I have SOOO many great new and unique pieces that will be available and I am just super excited about showing them!

Things to remember if you are looking for art:

*Please bring pictures of your space on your phone.  Have them on hand so you don't waste your time and get frustrated scrolling through your phone looking for them.

*Have your exact room and wall sizes available.
I cannot tell you how important this is.

*Have a budget in mind.

Hope to see you there!

The Arbors will be open March 25 - April 4

Have a great day y'all!

Kendall Boggs