Saturday, August 29, 2009

Contest! "Miracles"

It's time for my next contest! "Miracles".  I want to hear about all of your miracles.  This could be something as simple as the miracle of waking up in the morning to a beautiful sunrise, to the healing of a sick person, to the birth of a baby to someone who never thought they'd have a child.  Anything  you consider to be a miracle in your life is what I would like for you to write!  The contest will continue until September 11.  Also, please post if you posted in the previous contest!  I love, love, love reading your comments!!! I will announce the winner on September 11.  The winner will of course win this painting. Also, please be sure to bookmark this site so you can check back!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Okay we have a winner!

Well, first of all, we chose a winner.  I'm not saying "my family" because I have to admit I had a bit of a hand in it.  We all really had a hard time deciding.  Callen (my 21 yr. old) said "mom, why do you have to pick just one, I feel so bad, I don't want someone to feel like their comment wasn't good enough! which by the way, they all were good enough, spectacular enough to win this painting. But as we all know, I could only pick one.  There will be more giveaways so please stay tuned!!! And please bookmark me!!!
Now on to the other stuff......
First, I want to explain why we chose this comment as the winner.  My grandmother died about oh, 10 yrs. ago.  We were very close.  I was having a particularly stressful day after she died and I was looking out the kitchen window feeling very sad when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  (I shiver thinking about it now because that's how real it was).  Anyway, it was the most comforting touch I had ever felt.  I believe it was my grandmother's hand.  My best friend from high school passed away a year and a half ago.  Becky's hand's are constantly upon me and I believe are what is helping guide me through painting these angels.  She was an angel in life and is now one in Heaven. kids know all of this.  With that being said it just felt right to choose Nancy Clark.  On top of that I love babies and this one just spoke to me.  I have cried so many tears with these beautiful comments.  I really never dreamed I could be blessed by so many people that I've never even met.  What a treasure I have before me!  Thank you!
Side note...what do you guys think about making this into a book?  Had a good friend suggest that!  Please post your opinions!  It would of course be called "Blessings"!  Next painting...."Miracles" so be thinking!

It's Over!

Well, I'm so sad to say (even though I would like to keep this going forever) that  the contest has ended!  I am so overwhelmed.  I'm sitting here reading with a box of Kleenex (a new one that will be empty when I'm finished).  Anyway, I have a bit of a clue who my kids are going to pick but I'm going to  have to keep you in suspense and let you know in the morning so that they can collaborate on their decision.  I also want to write more (when I'm not so emotional) about all of these incredible comments.  

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today I turn 50.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and 3 of the most wonderful kids anyone could ask for.  This is why I want to share this painting with you!
and.....I'm giving my "Blessings" away!  Your "Blessing" and gift to me is to tell me what you are thankful for in your life!  I am going to let my family choose their favorite one. Their favorite post will win this painting!!!  The contest will last until August 15.  
The painting is 12 x 24 mixed media on linen
I can't wait to be "blessed" by your blessings! I almost forgot!  Please leave your name so I'll know how to contact you when you win!!!