Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 8

Sitting here enjoying my 5:00 cup a joe tryin to stay a little sane.
It's tough y'all! Yesterday I, me, the motha of the birthing daughter had a pity party. yep.
Sister came to it but no one else was invited.
Don't cha just love sisters?
They'll come to stuff like that when no one else will.
I wanted to pimp slap someone really hard.
I, in my selfishness behavior was making this birthing thing all about me.
Shame on me.  I'm just ready to get this baby here.  On top of that, I'm anxious about everything.
You know, the balloon thing working, making sure the other kids are taken care of to their respective places, the birth itself, my daughter being okay.  I guess I have a right to worry huh?
I want a baby and I want one now!!!
I'm going to borrow this sweet one of Jordan's friend Amy for now. 
I want this one now.
Well at least until tomorrow.  Cause I know we'll have our own then.....finally.
Have a great day y'all!
I'm givin myself an attitude adjustment.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Lied!

No baby today!
J went to the doctor yesterday and all decided to induce on Thursday.
She will have a balloon procedure on Wednesday night and then hopefully be induced on Thursday.
If the balloon procedure doesn't work (and I'll spare you the details of how it's supposed to work) then they will be doing a c-section.  What she's been trying to avoid all along.
With 2 little ones at home needing her, she really wants to have this baby naturally.
So, I have now been here for 7 days and I know they are ready to kick me to the curb and outta the house.
I have served no purpose.  I swear I almost went home yesterday but was worried just as I got there I would have to turn around and go back.
Anyway, that's the skinny on the bebe news.
I'm gonna walk her to death today.
BTW, she does NOT want a leap year baby.
Keep her in your prayers for a safe delivery please y'all!
have a fantastic, beautiful day y'all!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Today's the Day!!!

Okay, I can't sleep again.  It's 3:42 and I'm WIDE awake.  Still no labor, still no water breaking, just nuthin.  I have this strange feeling that Cate is like "leave me alone, I don't want to come out"
The good news (for us) is that J goes to the doctor today and by tomorrow little baby Cate will have made her arrival!  Yippee we get a new baby.
If you haven't noticed already,,,,I love babies.  And dogs.  I love dogs too.
Anyway, that's not even what I was gonna blog about today.
I want to brag.
Yep, I'm gonna brag on my youngest.
My sweet little youngest standing a mere 5' 3 1/2" was picked out by a photographer to do a neat photo shoot yesterday.  I want to show you some of the shots.  She was quite the wreck having never modeled before, but she looks like a pro to me!
Here we go!

I thought this outfit was stunning on her!

this is hairspray and a blow dryer going at the same time
she had a blast and we all couldn't stop talking about my little "star" for the day!
I am so proud of her y'all. Moving on like a little pro.
Not sure where her modeling career will go from here, but I think she's off to a great start!
Have a blessed day today y'all.  We are headed to the doctor at 9:30 and then [hopefully] to the hospital!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Final Finished House

I can honestly say there is nothing else to do in Jordan's house.  We have nested until we can't nest no mo.
I just wanted to share the finished projects!  Drapes and all!

and the baby favors for those that come to visit!
Catherine Lee's monogram

have a fantastic day y'all!

"Baby Alert"!!!

Sorry to startle you, but we are stuck here with still no bebe.  The only end we see in sight is tomorrow when she goes for her checkup.  We WILL have a baby by Tuesday we know that for sure.
Only problem? "W" won't be here with us all :(.  He has to be in Washington (as in the state)
so he will have to see her when he gets back.
Okay, so last night was super dooper fun.  We all ate back at our old stompin grounds
New York Pizza.  When I say it is THEBESTEVERPIZZA I mean it y'all.
All 10 of us.  And can I tell you a little secret?  My youngest Callen has got a few little surprises goin on that I can't really blog about but will soon.  One I know I can blog about is that
she has a really cool modeling gig today!
She is rockin it Callen style and it all has to do with all of my sweet friends like you who have prayed over her for all these months.  Great things happen when you least expect them!
Anyway,  what else is up with me? Not much y'all!
oh, last night Gregory said he thought my blog yesterday was "How to Make a Baby".
I promise I will NOT tell you how to do that.
We all got a big laugh outta that one!
take care and have a beautiful day y'all.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ways to Induce Labor

It is exactly 3:50 a.m. Birmingham time and I am WIDE awake.  I can't sleep.  I have been hoping all night I would get a knock on the door from J saying "MY WATER BROKE" or "I'M IN LABOR" nope to both of those.
OH COME ON BABY CATE.  And don't say "she'll come when she's good in ready.  That's been said more that enough.
So, you can see
1) how anxious we all are
2) how desperate we all are
3) how bored I am that I would be up at 3:50 (Birmingham) time googling how to bring on labor
this is what I found we could do
hey, desperate times call for desperate measures huh.
1) put balsalmic vinegar on everything - hum, I think she does this anyway.
2) bumpy car rides
3) simulate galloping on a horse. (I think this day may be fun)
4) bounce sitting on a ball
5) eat Chinese food
6)  Dancing.  (I keep telling her to do her plies but she won't!)
7) Walk that baby outta there, and walk some more.  And make sure there are some hills around to walk up and down
8) Castor oil - (I just made a vomit sound)
9) some pill called the golden seal
10) eat eggplant
11)  evening primrose oil
12)  natural licorice
13)  bending on all fours and swing your legs back and forth
14)  sex.  OHGOODGRIEF I mean REALLY?????
15)  oregano
16)  spicy foods - we may go eat Mexican tonight instead of pizza

I'll admit, I tried a remedy when I was 39 weeks with Callen.
I won't recommend it because it didn't bring on labor, but it did elevate my blood pressure so much that I had to be induced! Hey, it was 100 degrees during the day and I was as ready as a pressure cooker
I ate almost a whole jar of horseradish (on crackers mind you)
Stupid but it worked.  And she's done great in her 24 years on earth.
Any suggestions y'all?
Have a great morning!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Still No Bebe

Well, I came to Birmingham anticipating a baby on Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday got deathly ill with bronchitis.  I can honestly say i don't remember the last time I have been this ill.  After a major concoction of drugs that my wonderful doctor back in Greensboro called in, I am 100 (well almost)% better! I am so glad that Cate has waited to make her grand appearance!  Now I'm ready for her to come.  The only problem? "W" has now got what I had. So if she comes he may not be here to see her.  She is now 3 days late and it doesn't look like this little one is going to ever come out.
I just keep thinking of that "Friends" episode where Rachael yells at the baby "come out, come out, come out!!!!!!"
That's a little how Jordan is feeling about right now.

So, keep checking cause I promise I will take many, many pics!!!
Have a wonderfully healthy day y'all!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Simple Little Problem

I had a problem last week.
The paintings that were due to go into White Flowers did not fit in the space intended.  So now I have 15 paintings that I would LOVE to sell.  I am selling them for 350.00 + 30.00 shipping. All are 30 x 30 gallery wrapped canvas mixed media.   Please let me know if you are interested in any of them.
Thanks so much!

"Lindsey" (burlap on canvas)


"Lauren" (burlap on canvas)

"Holly" (burlap on canvas)



"Allison" (burlap on canvas)

"Kristy" burlap on canvas

"Elizabeth Ann"



"Ellie" - sold


That's it folks!!!

Let me know if you are interested in anything and I'll ship it right on out to you!

Have a great week y'all!

Annie Sloan - a re-blog!

Yep, I'm doin a "reblog"
only because Annie Sloan paint caused a bit of a "stir" yesterday on facebook for some reason.
I think everyone's ready to re-do a bunch of stuff and what better way than to do it with
Annie.  Did you know that she's my new best friend?
Anyway, I want to show you the before's and after's of Jordan's bedroom again.

First we started with this cabinet that she dislikes immensly
I chose Old Ochre
Paint it completely (no need to prime or sand)
Add a clear wax and then a dark wax on top, rubbing it down to the desired stain color.
Scroll down for complete directions on this
then we chose to paint the dark bedside tables Annie Sloan stark white.  Again - no prepping!

I found these cute little benches at Target and recovered them

And here it is! The drapes are now hung but I'm not there to take pics :(

now on to the mudroom.  yikes, this was drivin me crazy.  It was the first thing you see when you walk into the house from the garage.  Very 80's stain

I chose French Linen for this project

First I took the doors off and painted, then waxed with clear wax and a light coating of the dark wax

And here it is finished!

Now for the tutorial.  I started with some ceramic lamps that I didn't like. You can use any texture with this stuff, even an outdated brass lamp!

Old Ochre again

this was after one coat

I covered it with the clear wax using a sponge brush

this is what it looks like after the wax is applied (yummy)

then I scuffed it up a bit

now I applied the dark wax with a sponge brush

at this point, this is what it looked like

then I rubbed it all down and added a shade!

And there ya have it kiddos!
to find a dealer near you!
Have a wonderful day y'all!
(OH still waiting on bebe)