Friday, March 29, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

Sorry I'm so late with this guys!!!  Whew, back in Birmingham!
Stacy Strawn Gregory

Please e-mail me your address so I can ship it to you on Monday!

Congrats and thanks for stopping by!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

An Easter "Giveaway"!!!

I realize I haven't given away a painting in a while!!!
In honour of one of my favorite holidays, I'm giving away a painting!
This is out of my Cross Series and it is 15 x 30 gallery wrapped canvas.
This size is perfect for that "in-between" wierd space that you're trying to fill.
Like between two doors or in a powder room.
It is valued at 375.00.
I will throw in shipping!
I'm going to keep this going until Thursday, May 28th, at 6 p.m. EST
Here are the rules!
1 Chance - just post a comment
2 Chances - share on FB
3 Chances - Share on FB AND your blog (please list your blog)
I will let my trusty random number generator choose!
Don't forget to leave me your name and e-mail address!

Good luck guys!

Friday, March 22, 2013

One Proud Momma.

I just have to brag.
Sorry, but I do.
I am One Proud Momma
The night we had a Valentines Dinner with "W" and the kids, Greg and Amy had an announcement to make.
Yes, we were ALL thinking THEY'RE PREGNANT!!!
sorry to excite you!
They have decided to follow God's will and go on a mission trip to Israel.
They will be working at the Baptist Village in Petah Tikva, Israel, near Tel Aviv.
Their church, Shades Mountain Baptist, partners with a Baptist Village, which has developed a well-known retreat space within the community.  Many groups and organizations are able to use the space for retreats, camps and team building events.  The village is even home to a local orphanage.
They will be joining a group from July 12 through July 21 to host a youth camp.
Many of the children who attend are not Christians.  So the Baptist Mission uses their facility to draw in large groups of people where they focus on developing relationships.  The main purpose of the camp is to help students mature and to promote team building, while presenting an opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ.
Please join me in praying for Greg and Amy on their journey. Support in every area of this trip is greatly needed as well.  If you would like to send letters of support (or any other kind if you know what I mean :) this is the address!
Shades Mountain Baptist Church
2017 Columbiana Road
Vestavia, Alabama 35216
Please write Greg and Amy Boggs - Israel Trip

many thanks and blessings!
have a great day y'all!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beautiful Life!

I am in Boca Raton lying in bed in a beautiful suite at the Boca Raton something or the other.
Don't even know the name of my hotel!  hehe
I think it's a Beach Club or somethin.
All I know is I'm along for the ride.
A beautiful one.
"W"has a meeting here and yes, I insisted (well actually he insisted :)  that I go with him!
a much needed break.
And while I'm at it.  The norovirus has taken two new victims.  Niece Harper and Callen's bo Houston.
Bless there sweet hearts.  GEEZ.
So, yesterday I visited the spa and complained of a major back ache....(um, could be the extra lbs. I've put on my stomach as of late.)  That's going away.
The therapist rubbed me so hard that I am bruised.  Now my back hurts worse than it did when I went!
I decided to walk around this lovely property and snap some pics.  Just beautiful!
There are sculptures everywhere, and being the art lover that I am, I absolutely love sculpture work.
Along with a few random shots!
We are having a wonderful time!

 one of the "random shots"  Serendipity.  Frozen hot chocolate.  YUM

 The boat that the dinner part was on last night

 hey there!

 my drink.....Cherry Sprite.  yum

one of my favorite friends!!!!
have a wonderful day!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Such A Beautiful Wedding!!!

Remember how our niece Leslie got married down at the beach a couple of months ago?
Well....her twin sister got married yesterday in Nashville.
We (W) drove up there and back in one day.
It was such a beautiful, quaint wedding held at The Lovelace Cafe
They have a huge barn in the back and in my opinion, every wedding should be held there.
Loved it!
So, of course I was clickin away!!!!
Here we go!

 "W"s wonderful parents
 Holley and Lauren

 Patrick's father sings in a quartet.  How cool is that?

 Ya'll.  This food was SOOOOO good!

 Just thought this lil man was so cute!

 Lynn just loves little Colby!
 As you can tell

 The twins and their hubs!

 Be still my heart.

Well Larry and Leigh have married off their last one!!!
And it was just a beautiful wedding!
Hope you have a wonderful day.
I'm headed to Boca Raton.  
for a MUCH needed vaca.