Saturday, October 29, 2011

One Proud Mom

I think I told you that Callen (my youngest) has been training for her first 1/2 marathon.  Well!  She did it!  And she made it beating her record.  We are all SOOOOOOOO proud of her.  I just can't tell you what an accomplishment this has been for her.  She set her goal and she diligently accomplished it.
And me? I'm One Proud Mom.

It was a chilly morning...
but she was ready!

the sun was barely up when they started

check out all the runners! it was packed with athletes

albeit a bit cold ones....(like fa-reezing)!

the starting line

there were also some hilarious costumes worn!

we embarrassed her to death at mile 7

y'all stop!

no really, please stop yelling so loud!

we were all cheering rather obnoxiously...who us? are you kidding?

do you have my jacket? nope, we let her freeze

the encourager - he was cheering everybody on and was havin a great time doin it!

here she comes!

um, can I have a banana please?

the proud family! (we miss you Amy!)
Have a great night y'all!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Gear

Has anyone out there noticed the trend in motorcycle gear as a fashion statement this year?
While I  admit, I'm not a real fan of motorcycles, I guess it is fun to look a little tough now and then huh?  Or is that just for Halloween?
Christian Louboutin obviously agrees.  He came out with these star studded boots last year and they must have gone over so well, he brought them back this year.  And ya know what?  I like them!
Dang, why did I give that leather coat from the 80s away?  I gave it to my son in law to wear as a Halloween costume.  I kept the rabbit collar for myself in case I ever needed it.
So, here is a sampling of some motorcycle gear for you to ponder for your fall wardrobe.....


Louboutin-be still my red sole lovin heart

there are the studs!

and again....Louboutin

I think I need these

and these.  although I'm afraid I'd get tired of them.  A one season wonder.

these are more like it.

don't have a clue who's this is


Love this!

J Crew



I definitely think "W" and I need these to match, don't you?

For the woman who has everything......

Have a great day y'all!  Our crew is headed down to New Orleans for Callen's half marathon!
Wish her luck!
I'm sure you will see many pics.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

St. Georges Independent School Fine Art Show

I'm so excited to be a part of this wonderful, prestigious art show in Memphis.
The St.Georges Independent School Fine Art Show
It will be held at the Collierville Campus for my followers from the Memphis area and is packed full of extremely talented artists!
The show starts with a preview showing October 31 - November 4, and then it starts with an event November 5th from 7 - 9 and Sunday, November 6th from 1 - 3.  Admission is 5.00.  Then the art will stay at the school (and still be for sale) until November 11th.
Scroll through to the bottom for more information through their website.
Here are the pieces I will be showing!
"A Cloudy Day"

"Rejoice II"

"Six Angels"

"The Catherine"

"Fall's Peace"

"Dripping Trees"

"The Pink Dress"

"Anna Brooke"


"Summer Trees I"

"Summer Trees II"


"Old Cross"

"One Love"

"Little Red Canoe"

"Yellow Trees"

"Horizons III"

"Horizons IV"

"Fall Trees" a triptych


For more information, go to:

have a wonderful day y'all!
Come by and see me!