Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Simple, Absolute MUST HAVE appetizer recipe

NOW.....when I say good, I mean, hair raisen, husband pleasin, people talkin good.
That was the response I got when I made these yummy little delights for our gallery event the other night.
I mean seriously folks,,,,,all I can say is YUM.
They were gone in minutes, so you might better double triple the recipe
this is all you need:
(I'll post the recipe below)
you do this first
aren't those cute????
then this
then this
and this (one cup)
don't forget,,,,it's gotta be "Dukes" mayo....I'm a Dukes girl (one cup)
mix it all up
set the red knob to 350
and fill those little baby cups up to the top
oh, yummy, I could eat one just like this!
pop em in the oven and let em cook for 15 minutes....
and here ya have it!!
ya know?  I don't even have a name for these yummy delights.  Jordan gave me the recipe and she said she had gotten it from Eric's mom.
We'll just call em

Rotel Cups

3 pkg. filo pastry cups - thawed
1 Can rotel drained (almost all the way)
1 bag hormel bacon bits
1 cup shredded swiss
1 cup Dukes Mayo

Mix it up real good and scoop evenly into the little cups.  Cook at 350 for 15 min.
oh!  I almost forgot.  I was thinking that a good variation to this recipe would be to put the mixture on french bread.  What cha think?

Have a great day ya'll!
Still no bebe :(


  1. YUM YUM YUM!!! Those look SO dang good!! I will be trying those asap!! Still no baby!?!? I hope it gets here soon! Hope you had a good anniversary trip! I think you need a follow up post for all of the details- that wasn't enough info!!

  2. Definitely adding those to my repertoire! Thanks for sharing. You always make amazing food!!!

  3. Great recipe. Cou;dn't find the cups so i made my own with Phyllo dough and muffin pans. They muffin-sized cup is too big - just too much filling packed into one appetizer. I think the smaller cups or mini-muffin pans would be perfect!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for this fabulous recipe! I double the recipe to take to a Ladies Christmas party tomorrow. I used a Mexican Cheese blend and also added a packet of dry ranch seasoning to the mix. I used my small cookie scoop to place the mixture in the cups. This appetizer was one of the easiest, and I am sure one of the tastiest ever! The hardest part was opening the phyllo cup package. Thanks, again!

  5. Hey Jill ! You'll find this funny! The shell maker contacted me and wants to add this recipe in their cookbook! They thought they were that good!!!!

  6. Oh man I miss Duke's mayonnaise! I keep begging my family to mail me some from NC lol

  7. These little beauties look scrumptious and I hope their taste must be yummy. These are so good for snack time and kids will love it.

  8. Can these be frozen to use later?