Saturday, July 31, 2010

Art of Oconee - my giveaway!

Wait!  I just realized with this title you might think I'm giving away a painting!  oops, sorry if I mislead.  I DID though give one away last night at a little wine and cheese event we had at the gallery.  
THIS is the painting I gave away!
we had a wonderful cozy (albeit a little hot) event last night from 5 -7 at the gallery.  Thank you to our supporters out there and congratulations to the winner!
Thank you Cathy and Gail for submitting an amazing article to the newspaper (and pointing out my inexhaustible energy level) haha (it's the truth!)
here's a few candid shots from our wonderful evening
first!!!  the food.  It' always so wonderful!
now some random pics!
the "kissable" Bobby C
The sweet and wonderful Mike Johnson (and talented wood turner)

the incredibly talented Ellen Crowe in front of Gail Vail's paintings
Cathy, Sherry, and Mike the bartender!
David Siefert's amazing work
the talented Tracy Hayden talking with some guests
(that's Cathy and Shannon's lovely work in the background)
there's Mike again!!!!

some of our guests!
and more (just want to see if you see yourself!)
and a few more!
Sherry and a darling admirer of Sherry's amazing work!
Cathy, Chris, Shannon and Ellen in the corner!
the backside.....of me! watching as they draw the name!  we had about 100 names in the pot!

and the winner was!

What a wonderful night and what a wonderful, talented group of artist that I am associated with!
Thank you guys!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Toby Keith Crying for Me waymans song

For those of you who love their pets and have lost one.
Rest in Peace sweet Libby
July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Doozy!

Since this has been SUCH a DOOZY of a week.....I decided to show you what a REAL doozy is!
The Doozy Strap giving away 20.00 and 5 FREE DOOZYs Friday on Facebook!!!  Contest begins at 10:00
so go to and
What is it you ask??? It's something my son has invested in and is selling like wildfire!!!!
It's a "koozy" with a neck strap for hands free liquid enjoyment!
You can do many things with "The Doozy Strap"
play golf!
and go tubing....although I wouldn't recommend it
you can grill out!
and go boating
and catch a big fish with "The Doozy Strap"
even little kids like "The Doozy Strap" for their sippy cups (and they come in lots of colors!)
Dogs and their goofy owners  LOVE "The Doozy Strap"
and Mooseheads really love "The Doozy Strap"
 Grandpas love "The Doozy Strap" (especially pink ones!)
and REALLY old people!
you can even catch cute girls wearin "The Doozy Strap"!
and celebrities as well!
I think everyone needs a "Doozy Strap"
check it out on Facebook!
now....doggie update.
Libby had surgery today and got through it fine. But it was really, really serious surgery.  She is basically holding her own.  Please keep the prayers coming.
Thank you ya'll!

A blog about well, just about......

Another prayer request! ME.  I had a major day yesterday and it looks like today is starting out about the same.  I'm here in Birmingham keeping my sister's kids and taking care of my mom (who is doing amazing by the way)  thank you to all you prayer warriors out there.  Anyway, mom's doing great but Kim's dog isn't.  Her 80 lb. golden retriever is very, very sick.  I can't tell you what I woke up to THIS morning after cleaning up upchuck all day yesterday.  And my poor mom, I was trying to give her the attention she needed (she got sick too) and take care of this extremely sick dog.  Today? I'm off to the vet very early to check her in. Please say a prayer for this poor sweet dog.
Kim and I just commented over the phone that Libby (the dog) and my mom are just alike.  They never complain.  But me?  let's just say I've had to implement major mind over matter.
In the sister's kids are so unbelievable and I love them like they are my own.
A pic of two of em.
and the all of em together!

Have a happy day ya'll! and wish me luck on mine!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just some stuff!

I'm up and at it again early! (It's 4 a.m) I promise I would sleep later if I could,,,but then when would I blog right????
Another little prayer request? I got to B'ham yesterday about 8:30 a.m. (yes, I left REALLY early) to take mom to the doctor. (sorry this pic is so blurry, I stole it off FB)!
  WELLLLLLL, she has a hematoma where her incision is. It's really pretty gross looking so we had it checked out.  SO, this morning we have to be at the hospital at 6 to have that thang re-opened and cleaned out.  Sorry if you're having breakfast and this is making you queasy.  I know if I was this one.....
you know, preggers and all, it would.  um,,,,it's TIME for that bebe to get here! (notice the clock in the background?) umhum.
on another note....MY MOM IS A SUPER HERO.
I'm serious folks!  That thing on her leg is as big as a small football and still NO complaining!
While I'm doin a little photo shoot, I thought I'd show you a few other fun things!
like Evers in her new apron
she is so proud of this little apron (thank you Cindoo) came from the Viking store!
and the nursery for the new bebe!
We chose grey for the wall color, since we don't know what it is, and if it's a boy we will accent with RED! and baby pink if it's a girl.  Either way, I think it will look SOOOOOO cute when we're done!
Eric's mom made the drapes.  What a talented lady!  If it's a boy, I'm going to paint a Pinocchio painting on that blank wall, and if it's a girl, I'll probably paint a pink angel paintin.  Oh, and we are going to change the bow on the bassinet to grey silk.
These are the antique prints I found from Scott Antiques 
and the bassinet I made Evers when she was born (needs a good pressin)
the swingy, dingy, spiffy, recliner was a gift push present from Gigi....just couldn't resist...J wanted it SO bad! (and obviously Evers did too)
and lastly,,,,I'll humor you with a shot taken oh probably 20 years ago? Maybe 25.
I just found it on my mom's facebook.  I just wish my body still looked like this....Could do without the glasses and the hair though! (that's me on the right) and ya know? I thought I was fat back then!
Have a wonderful day ya'll and please keep mom in your prayers.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Queen for a Day!

Yesterday was the "Big 29"! (anniversary that is).  I felt like this!
I woke up to a menagerie of cards that W had strategically placed all over the house with different clues to what we'd be doing!
The first card showed this
I was a little confused because first of all....that's not me...and 2nd it was at the St. Regis in Atlanta! had 1:30 written on appointments for half the day!
then I opened another card that was stuffed into my laptop and it showed this...
oh my.......with the reservations for a "spend the night" party.
when I got there, my room looked like this....
and it overlooked this....
and the bathroom looked like this...(the tub was so big I thought I'd drowned and gone to heaven)
then we went here for dinner!
now.......let me just tell you how much I love this restaurant

I had escargot, a yummy salad, lobster, shrimp and scallop scampi and brussels sprouts sauteed with mushrooms.  I'm still dreaming of them (actually I am still tasting the garlic
AND,,,,,,,why does my head hurt this morning?  Bottle of champaigne and red
OH!  and.....dah, dah, dah, dah!!!
I got the table! yippeee!

I'm leaving in a few to head to Bham to help take care of mom and await the birth of little Bennett Callaway or Catherine Harper.  Oh, also, please lift a very good friend of mine up in prayer.  Susie is having surgery today to remove a malignant melenoma off of a lymphe node. And, Suz, if you're reading this, I love you and care so much for you and wish you the best.  Thanks ya'll!  have a great day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Still no bebe.....and I've realized that I'm turning into a blog-a-holic.  For those of you who read my blog, a BIG THANK YOU!!!  I'm up to about 100 hits a day and I just love each and every one of you.  Still, I'm turning into a blog-a-holic....One who I'm sure she is stopping up the blog world by blogging every day, talking about every move I make.  hey, I get up REALLY early and don't have anything else to do!!!  One thing....please comment!  good or bad, I wanna hear from you!
Yesterday, we had some really, really fun friends over for a fun day on the lake.
Jack and his daughter Grace and friend Violet..(couldn't help it, I had to, I just had to say "Violet, you're Violet!) luckily that sweet lil thing laughed
this is Jack
and this is Grace and Violet
they had so much fun tubing!
then here's Jack and Candy
and with them was Candy's twin girls Nicole and Natalie and son Johnathon.  What GREAT kids all of them are!  
and they all had fun jet skiing!
especially John
idn't he a doll????
There is also this BIG rock here on Lake Oconee that you can jump off of over here on the lake.  Now....I am almost 51 and have never jumped off a rock into a lake.  I'm pretty brave, just don't know why I've never done it!  I'm more scared of you seeing me in a swimsuit....soon to be blog???? Kendall Boggs 20 lb. weight loss program. I'm serious sista. That's me hiding
and before the weight loss program begins...OMG
ewwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee!  I can't believe I posted that pick!!!!!! yuck!
but this 50 yr old jumped!!!  and, although ALOT of water went up my nose, it was FUN (I did it twice)!
and then Candy and I enjoyed a little celebratory drink
thank you Jack and Candy (and kids for spending the day with us)
and......for the wonderful bottles of Far Niente (be still my heart) and Silver Oak!  WOW what a gift.
oh, and I just LOVE my candelabra. What a great idea/gift!