Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is it Halloween Yet???'s ACTUALLY Halloween!  I thought it was last week.
Let's see.  I've been to three Halloween parties (all for the same two year old)
and it's just now Halloween.
Things have changed JUST a little bit since mine were young.
With that said...and even though I LOVE being in Birmingham...
I was READY to get home.
to this
I actually slept til 7:30...a world record for me I think
I left Bham at 6 last night after just "making up my mind" that I was goin home.
Now.....have any of you ever driven by Talladega Speedway at night while the race is going on????
WOW.  I think Talladega put Alabama on the map.  Hey, hey, hey, I mean that in a good way....Give me a break...  Well, there are RV's, Campers, Tents, people as far as the eye can see.  Not to mention the smoke that almost covered up the entire area.  Boy, those people were havin some fun.  I swear I think I got "high" just by drivin by.
On my way home I got to reminisce about Jordan and Eric's fun Halloween party!
Here we go...
First, they had a BIG screen outside with a projector for the game....Can you say "Christmas Present?"  I mean talk about cool
I guess I'll say it if I have to...."War Cam Newton"  I should say "War Camera Newton" because the camera is so smitten by this phenomenon hunk of a man that no one else gets hardly a looksy.
(I wish you Auburn fans could see what I just deleted.  I mean it took like 3 minutes...)
Hey, I'm just sayin.'s some precious pics from a precious party!
oh yummy, she was drooling over the eyeballs....Recipe below...very easy

Charlie had time for a little treat too!

 they all got there a tiny bit sleepy
now,,,I would love to know what a two yr. old and a four yr. old talk about
 I think it went something like this...
Evey: "Oh, Addie, I stood up in my swing"
 "now Evey, you know you shouldn't do that"
 "but no one was watching, see, so I thought I could get out all on my own"
"and then Gigi ran and caught me before I fell"
"well, at least you were okay"
 "I know, oh my goodness"
 "and I scared Gigi to death!"
 I think this was when I told the moms about the "incident"
Lil B just hung out. Mr. always happy face!
the monkey had fun!
 and so did sweet Holls
 just a beautiful bunch of girls,,,,inside and out!
Happy Halloween y'all!
please continue to pray for mom.  She's gettin a little depressed.  Heck you'd have to just put me in my grave if I had to stay in a hospital room for this long.

oh again...those little eyeballs
take some little white powdered donuts.  Dip malted milk balls in melted chocolate and stick one in the center.  Mix up a little red frosting and using a toothpick draw the eyeball veins.
yummy and yucky!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just some cute pics!

of Evey's school Halloween party!
(I think the cupcakes were a success!!!)


this is when she saw them bringin out the cupcakes!!!

 they loved the hats!

is this not the cutest thing EVER????? I wanna eat him up.

It was a cute little party....
another wonderful day for mom!!!
Yippee I'm happy!
Now please add Dad to your prayers.  Eye surgery, but is healing well.
oh the challenges!
and,,,,, mom and I decided to have a little fun for Halloween and get a little silly.
What a good sport she is!!!
(stole this idea from Jordan)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghosts and Goblins!

When my kids were little we rarely baked together and I really regret that.
It's amazing I produced 3 kids who are really wonderful cooks! (yes, Gregory is too!)
Not cookin with them is just one of the reasons I say I should've had my grandchildren first!'s SO MUCH FUN!!!

anyway,,,,we made some ghosts and goblin treats for Ever's little Halloween party.
Here ya go with some spooky treaty ideas
but first,,,,Evey had to do a little dance to this: oh no...another ear worm
she danced and danced (and she's pretty good if I say so myself!) we even had her doin the sprinkler!
and then, just like Grandmother "Krazy" we got a little K-razy!!! (and I had to show her a few moves)
okay, back to the ghosts and goblins.
First the ghosts.
Here's what cha need.
you've probably figured out just how easy this is.
Oh, I got the CandiQuik at Wallmart (Publix doesn't have it)
Just melt the white chocolate and dip the Nutter Butters in the chocolate.
 Then let them set up on wax paper.
Before the chocolate sets though add the little mini chips for the eyes.
The finished product:::::BEWARE OF THESE GHOSTS....,,don't have these anywhere near your husband.....ultra yummy
Now....the Goblins.  Well, they were supposed to be witches but Jordan and I decided they look more like Goblins.
So, along with a box of your favorite cupcake mix you'll need this!
 and this
 melt the chocolate (I use a double boiler.  Makes it smoother and less likely to burn)

 and spread it on a cookie sheet
 roll the sugar cones in the melted chocolate like this
 and let them set up on wax paper
ice the cupcake with green icing
 smash the cone into the cup cake to stabilize
add the brown sprinkles for hair, a candy corn for the nose, and two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.
I then I added a little pink candy disk for a tongue (just to be a little cute)
Think I went overboard for my gbaby's 2 yr. old Halloween party?
now for some tips...
I used the bottle green cupcake icing,  And I ran out and used the canned frosting.  Well, the bottled stuff worked tons better.  It's more $$$ but it's worth the $$$ in my opinion. It just sets up better.
Have a wonderful Friday y'all!
Mom had a fantastic day yesterday!!! yippee!!!
by the way,,,,you have to see my daughter's blog from yesterday...
it's hilarious