Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY - What a difference a can a paint makes!

Okay, I have had this white table on my screened in porch for 3 years y'all.
Hated looking at it every single day.
Did I do anything about it though????? NOPE.
3 years!  Seriously, who does that??? It gave me a headache lookin at it!
So, I got me a can a paint and did something to it.
 and after:
Go get yerself a can a paint!
Have a fabulous day y'all!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hall Pass?

I just want one little hall pass to show you what I designed and made yesterday (with more than a few curse words I might add) Yep they were flyin outta my mouth.  For the wedding.
The MOB dress.  You know how I showed you the design I was gonna create?  Well! Here it is folks!
the sleeve will hang slightly off the shoulder  and the bow will hit right at the bust line

The Back. (not really sure why my camera decided to take two different colors, but the first one is the correct one.  I am also going to have covered buttons put down the back of the dress because I opted against a zipper so that I could use the buttons.
have a wonderful day y'all!!!
and no, I don't make dresses as a business,,,,just fyi.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chasing Charlie Designs

First of all,,,,,I can't move.  I know, I know,,,,it's early.  BUT, I played 36 holes of golf yesterday. Yep.  Ya  know men do that all the time! They go on these golf trips and play 36 a day ( I always wondered why "W" was so tired after coming home from those trips....)  Anyway, my body is aching big time.
Our wonderful friends Sissy and Larry Long popped in for an overnighter yesterday and "W" and I had played an early round of golf.  At lunch I said "hey, ya wanna play another round"?  AND we were all up for it! so, we played til 7:30 last night and then had the most wonderful dinner at Linger Longer Steak house. yummers.
But, that's not the subject of today's blog.  I'm just SO proud of oldest daughter Jordan and her business venture "Chasing Charlie"!!!  She is getting orders out the wazooooooo and when you see the pics you will see why!
So here we go!
First of all
Here are some of her latest designs:

and finally!
bags too!
Are these not adorable?
check her out, but hurry, those fourth of July dogs are selling like hotcakes.
Have a FAB day y'all!
I'm going to work on my MOB (oops, sorry, I wasn't supposed to say anything about the wedding)
dress. oh well.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dresses I Love!

First of all, I have been told that two people would rather keep their wedding a secret.
So, no more blogging about weddings :(  sorry guys, I know it's fun to read about every aspect of wedding planning but I want to respect their wishes.
SO. on to "what to wear to a summer party"
I found THE cutest BCBG dress at Bloomies yesterday and can't find it anywhere to show you!!!
I will show you the shoes that go with it.  Got the last pair and mine are in grey, so use your imagination.
Maybe I'll just take a pic (when the sun comes up and post it)
Okay, the sun's up, took the pic.  Now, I am going to make an eyelet slip to go under this to lengthen this dress.  It's just to darn short for this 51 yr. old

the shoes....they're in grey so use your imagination.
and by the way, it's Niemans that's causing my pics to be blurry.  errrrg.
anyway, some summer dresses that I love!

 Is this not dreamy????

 a little too much like a slip but some can pull it of. (not me!!!)

 and finally, I ordered this for a special ocassion that I won't mention....
Had totally decided before it got here that I didn't need to spend the $ so I had planned to send it back.  Tried it on....OMG. go to Niemans and get this dress.  It is SO flattering, and the color is beautiful!
Have a fabulous Saturday y'all!  I get to play golf!!! yeahhhh!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yikes! The Invitations!

Invitations are SO much fun!!! Not to mention ummmmm  $$$$$$$
and speaking of money, do wedding people get together and decide that everything is going to be 2,500.00?  I really think they do!

I could look at 
for hours and hours.
But, I'm one who loves stationary.  Especially beautiful stuff.
I, however, am hand making the bride and grooms'.  Well, not the printing.  Callen and I came up with what we think is a beautiful design, with the help of our wonderful friend
Jim Anderson who is doing all of the printing, etc....gratis.  WOW!  I mean I just have to give a shout out to him and his business.
The UPS store in Vestavia, Alabama
Kwik Kopy in the heart of Vestavia. Please be sure to go pay him a visit, he's wonderful!!!
Jim. Thank you from the bottom of our
NO... hearts will not be on the invitations.
This won't be either
I still laugh every time I see this invitation!
First of all, my images are SO blurry!!! It's driving me crazy!  If any of you have suggestions for my blog inept brain to get my images to go larger without being blurry, please write me! In the meantime, so sorry!
Anyway, one thing I've learned is that wedding invitations just aren't what they used to be. Which was plain.  Very plain and simple.  Now, anything goes and I love it!!!

Is this not adorable?

and finally, oh be still my heart!!!

 oh this blurriness is driving me CRAZY!!!!
have a wonderful day guys!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Sugar and Spice"

One of my favorite things about a wedding is the flower girls.
I mean, what's there NOT to love about these sweet lil things walking down the isle.
Callen has a 3 year old.
I think she can do it.
Anyway, I was looking through the images of FG to show you, so here's some of my faves.
Although surprised I didn't see a french hand sewn dress!  Well, you will at C and A's wedding.

 LOVE her hair!!!

 and finally! the perfect flower dress!
Today?  Invitations!!!
have a wonderful day y'all!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time for a "new" "old" recipe!!!

I haven't posted any recipes lately!!! Shame on me!
This one is an old staple in the Boggs' fam.  It probably is for you as well.  But, it is sure to please THE MOST picky of eaters.
We just call it "Chicken Casserole"
wow, that's original huh?
Anyway, here's what cha do.....(it's also a great comfort food, which is just what the doc ordered this week)
here we go,,,,start with these items
 boil the chicken til done
 then drain that sucker and let it cool (save the broth)
 again, save the broth
 after that chicks cooled take the chicken off the bone
 take 2 sleeves of crackers and put them in a plastic bag
 and roll them out with a rolling pin to crack up the crackers (this is how I do it!)
 now do this
 oops, this is supposed to be cream of celery. what happened?
 add a carton of this
 awe. just had to snap this while I was cookin.
 oh no!  forgot to tell you to add a can of sliced water chestnuts!!! oops sorry!,
anyway, mix it all up
 add the chicken
 after lining the bottom of the dish with 1/2 of the crackers, just spread the mixture on top
 it should look like this:
 spread the rest of the crackers on top
 laugh at my buddy!
 he's saying "yeahhhhhh Gigi!"
 melt a stick of butter (now,if you melt the butter in the wrapper in the microwave, it doesn't splatter!)
 drizzle the butter on top
 add rice to that broth to make chicken rice
 that rice should look like this! so, so, good
and cook a mixture of lady peas and butter beans straight from Dothan, Alabama. yummerssssss. period
 cook at 350 for 30 minutes!
 There ya have it!!!
Have a FAB Wed y'all!
I'm goin to Birmingham to work on invitations!