Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why I Love the Bahamas....

Like I said in an earlier posts, we've been coming here for all of my adult life.
Almost every year for the past 34.
Sometimes twice a year.
So, we are sort of locals here.
We know just about everything about this fair island.
and we love it.
8 years ago 10 Bahamian conch divers rescued us from a sinking boat in the Abacos.
They truly saved our lives.
We are also pretty defensive about the natives.  We understand them.  We understand their culture.
We know how to interact.
So, when someone is mean to a local, we don't like it.
It makes me crazy to see people who think they can be as ugly as they want when they are on vacation....
just because they are paying money.
That is NOT how to get your way here in the Bahamas.
They do not like bullies.
They take things a little slower here.  They are on their own time.
You just have to adapt.
okay, now that I got that out of my system....
on to.
One of our very favorite restaurants.
A short taxi ride from Paradise Island is this little gem of a dive...

so yummy.

oh wait! Let me back up a bit....
The kids got to go feed the sharks and the stingrays yesterday.
 a fun little activity for these "sea squirts"
 even though they started out by looking at the HUGE sharks, they only got to feed this lil guy

 and then the stingrays

 Evey's decided she's a princess....oh wait, I think we knew that!
back to the Poop Deck!
 Greg and Ames finally made it here!!! We are now complete!!!

Welcome to my nutty family!!!

have a great day y'all!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Every Child Should Learn....

First of all, I'm an observer.  Not to be confused with a stare-er.
(well I guess I'm that too)
I watch people all of the time.
Hey, they intrigue me.
I watch parents how they interact with their children.
I watch children how they interact with their parents.
I watch people how they interact with one another.
It's just amazing to me how different people are.
I know two things about people here in the Bahamas.
There are a lot of tatoos.
Not really sure why I ever worried about what I look like in a swim suit...just sayin.

I particularly like to watch the children.
I like to see how our youth is being raised.
I know I am far from perfect, but I'm really amazed at the amount of whiney kids there are in this world.
and parents let them get away with it.
so where in the world is this blog going, cause I am jumpin all over the place!
What every child should learn...

To throw a ball
To swim
To honor their parents
The value of not talking back
To dance
To be free and happy
When to speak and when to not speak.
To mind
To mind their manners.
With all of this being said, my g-babies are perfect....(I'm serious!) hehe!
photo album....

have a wonderful day y'all!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

What I Love About Family Vacations....

Well first of all, if you go with your g-babies, you do things you would NEVER normally do.
Bean and I both say we wish we had our grandchildren first....
I really can't wait for his employees to see this....
 the kids get along...

 family pics...

 sun kissed faces

 lots of kisses....

 more pics...
and a fish face...

have a great day y'all!!!