Thursday, March 31, 2011

Viking (be still my heart)

Whew, what a day yesterday!!!
Man, an 8 1/2 hour drive....
but, I got to stop and have dinner with my sweet, wonderful son and his boss Paul!
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His name is Greg
Now, before I left Greenwood, I had the honor of visiting The "Fooseball's" hubby.
Okay when I tell you he makes the best bread EVER I mean it folks.
He's the bread maker for Viking (and everyone else in Greenwood).
Mawtha told me that he scares really easy so I tried to "sneak" in the back door and scare the living daylights out of him.
Unfortunately, I think he found out I was coming cause he was calm as a cucumber.
I did get to have a nice visit with "The Donald" but was disappointed that his Olive Bread (oh my goodness gracious alive) was not going to be ready until 12 so I had to hang my head and move on home.  But not before I did a little shopping at the Viking Store.
First "The Donald"

 I was intrigued 
 watching his magical fingers (makes me wanna learn to make bread!

 now for some shopping!

 must have, must, must have

 the school

 my loot...
 and a little goodie for "W"
have a great day y'all!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Ready for a Fun Show with Martha Foose!

First, remember my sweet friend Mawtha?
(I call her Fooseball)
WELLLLL......her new cookbook  has just been released!
I got one of the first copies!!
Signed of course
and btw,,,,it's number 3 on Amazon right now!!! Go Mawtha!!! (so glad I know her!)
she's so stinkin hilarious also, you should just hang out with her sometime.
OH, and go pick up a copy of "Garden and Gun" magazine.  EIGHT PAGE SPREAD ON MARTHA!!! I mean seriously, how cool is that?  and, you know what?  she mentioned me and they cut me out of the article.  Dang them :(
Anyway, I have the distinct honor of having an art show with her book signing at Turnrow Books in Greenwood, Mississippi.
The date? Tuesday, April 12.
And, not only is it a book signing and art show, George McConnell from "Wide Spread Panic" will be playing the guitar!
We are expecting a huger than huge turnout. 
Yesterday, I hung my art for people to ponder, or um buy! before the show, so if you're in Greenwood stop by here and take a looksie! Actually if you've never been to Greenwood, it's a fab little town! (not to mention Viking (to die for) is headquartered here.  Wish I had time for a little cooking class!
 so, here's what you'll see!

 and you may run in to Mawtha! or ask where she is and someone will know!
PS....stay at the Alluvian (be still my fab hotel lovin heart)

 Today I'm gonna mess around Greenwood for some great shopping!
Starting here!
and then back home to W:)
have a wonderful day y'all!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Design on a Dime"

My oldest is turning 29 in a couple of weeks!
in honor of her birthday, I decided to do a transformation of her dining room which was really driving her crazy.
First, like most young couples, she had a "hand me down" dining room set.
......that she hated....
It killed me, but hey, life moves on, right? WAS very 90s 80's
She did have some other pretty nice pieces, so we had a few things to work with
I had an idea.
First of all, it's amazing what you can accomplish in two days with a little hard work and a can a paint!
The before:
 we decided to keep the chairs and the hutch and ditch the table
 we painted those chairs white (that's Aunt Kim helping out) and that's the living that J turned into a playroom adjacent to the dining room (that's our next project)
We used Kilz to prime the chairs and a stark white satin finish
After the paint dried,  I covered the cushions in a burlap - like fabric. It is actually a silk burlap
 then we had this very, very old armoire, OH! almost forgot!  We painted the walls a slate grey!
 With Carlie (the dog) watching I white washed the armoire
check this out, from South of Market...Price tag? 8,900.00
ours?  I think I paid 100.00 for it 10 years ago!

J found this great bench (snatch) from Hobby Lobby.  Price tag? 111.00

she brought it home, painted it white and I recovered the leather
 she also had this darling table that friends of ours gave her as a wedding gift.  She always wanted to use it so here was her opportunity!

 Oh, forgot to tell you!!!  We took the hutch off the buffet and hung it in the playroom for a bookshelf!
We tried out one of my paintings, but I nixed it.  These were our paint choices.  We chose the top middle one
 and then I found this cool piece to go over the hutch!!!,

 brought in two slipcovered chairs to replace two dining room chairs. We felt like the room was too "leggy" and J cut fresh flowers out of her yard
 The chairs needed a little something, so I am making "chair runners" for them and J will be monogramming them!
Now we just have to decide on the fabric for the drapes....this?
or this!
I'm leaning towards the yellow print.  What cha think?
 and after

Have a great day y'all!
I'm heading to Mississippi to set up for a huge art show!!! More about that later!