Friday, November 29, 2013

58 Years Ago Today!

My goodness, that's a long time.....
"W" graced the world with his presence on this day 58 years ago.
I personally am glad.
We would have never met.
Nor would we have ever produced 3 wonderful children which resulted in 3 wonderful grandchildren.
Funny how that works huh?

So, how was your Thanksgiving?
Ours was just simply yummy.
I have to say that my turkey was the best I've ever made.
really y'all it was.
I got a little help from Jordan.
who, was helping Eric out yesterday after completely throwing his back out.
He stayed in bed ALL day long.
and then ended up in the ER with major drugs.

poor guy.
After Thanksgiving dinner, I went upstairs and literally slept for like 3 hours.
I was however up at 2:30 yesterday morning.
cooking and doing other stuff.

We usually eat outside, but since it was a FREEZING 32 degrees out, that was not possible.
So, we re-arranged furniture and just made do.
It was just simply one of the best Thanksgivings ever.

 that's me.
and that's one of my favorite nephews.

and one of my favorite nieces.

and one of my favorite bloody marys.

 Ally and Carr Doggett (yes, that's his real name)

such beauty


yummy again.

Ally and precious Sam

Sam again!

my mountain man.

cookin up a storm!


and again.

and again.

the beautiful mother of my grandchildren

cute couple alert

cute couple alert x 2

my sweet, sweet niece....(and she has my middle name)

another cute couple alert

two of my precious loves.

they are going to have so much fun together when they get married!!!!
March 8th.
Gorham's Bluff.

sweet, talented, creative nephew made these candles!

okay, this little guy is the love of my life. period.

he always says (unprompted) I love you Gigi.

more loves!

food galore.

that dressing was SO yummy!  Compliments of my step mom!!!

so proud of my bro.  After his heart attack he is down 30 lbs.

One of my faves.

my daddy and Cynthia!

beaut. and sweet


that turkey was good y'all.

and so was the ham

and the mac and cheese

one day I'll share my pimento cheese recipe.

yuck. Not a fan of cranberry sauce.  But what is Thanksgiving without it???

even though I don't make the sweet potato cass like W does, Everyone said it was the best they had ever had.

um, pure beauty right there.  And I don't mean the food.

now,  show off alert.
My uber talented nephew is making these mirrors.
They are really amazing y'll.  And you pick the finish.
I'm not kidding about how good looking these are.
I'm trying to get him to raise the price also, so if you want one, you better put your order in soon.
and, they are huge.
contact me at and I'll put you in touch.

have a wonderful black Friday.  You won't see me fighting those crowds...

Hope your Thanksgiving was the best one ever!!!!!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Art for Christmas gifts!

Forgive me for not doing my Wedding Wednesday this week.
I've kinda been slammed.
Oh by the way!
Happy Turkey Day!
In keeping with the holiday season, I decided to compile a few of my favorite pieces of artwork.
You know art is a wonderful gift to give. Very personal, very special.
That is if you know what your recipient wants.
I give my art as wedding gifts, baby gifts, friend gifts.
Chances are, if it's good art, they will love it.
I have many, many clients that give art as gifts.
It is also to start your grown children off with pieces of artwork.  I promise me on this, they will love it.
Why do I know this?  Because I have a 30 something child who wants nothing more than art for her house.  And her friends do as well.
I have compiled a few of my favorite paintings.
Now, with that being said.
I have exactly 2 weeks to work on art between now and Christmas.  Maybe 3.
Brentwood Art Show starts December 7 - 9
and Scott Art Gallery starts 13 - 17.
I can paint anytime in between. 
Now.  To protect the integrity of my work, the paintings shown here will not be exactly as they look.
So please keep this in mind.
This is just a representation to give you ideas.
Please contact me asap if you would like to order a commission.
And I am really, really serious about that...asap.
Time is of the essence.
Just remember to allow for shipping ( and the cost of it)
I can paint many, many sizes and versions of these paintings.
Hurry though, first come, gets first in line!!! (also serious about that!)
Contact me asap at to talk about a commission and pricing.
Thanks y'all!!!
oh, please refer to the number at the top of the painting for reference.









9. unframed


11. (triptych)










22. (unframed)







 29. (unframed0





 34. (unframed)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving y'all!!!