Monday, January 30, 2012

Gettin Ready for Valentines Day with A GIVEAWAY!!!

I know, it's not for another 2 weeks, but I just couldn't stand it!  It was time to do another "giveaway"!
One lucky winner will win this:
"Patricia Ann" (named after my mom)
20 x 20 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
Here are the rules!
You have 3 chances to win
1) Just say something (anything will do) (but be nice:))))
2) Tell your friends about it on your blog
3) Post it on facebook or twitter

I'm going to keep this going til Friday at 12 noon EST
Good luck y'all!

Friday, January 27, 2012

More New Art!

Well, since I got the word from White Flowers that they will be showcasing my "dress series" I've been a painin maniac!
Yep.  Now, keep in mind, these are all available for sale from me until March 1st when they go in the shoppe.
AND I'm offering the wholesale price of 395.00 + 30.00 shipping.
They are all 30 x 30.  Keep checking for new art as I will be adding more and more.
Also remember that I do commission work, any size any color!
For White Flowers, I am doing 6 with burlap and 6 mixed media with texture.  Please e-mail me at for inquiries. And....I take pay pal!
Here we go!

30 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
395.00 + 30.00 shipping

30 x 30 mixed media on burlap and gallery wrapped canvas

30 x 30 mixed media on burlap and gallery wrapped canvas

"Elizabeth Ann"
30 x 30 mixed media on burlap and gallery wrapped canvas

30 x 30 mixed media on burlap and gallery wrapped canvas

30 x 30 on burlap and gallery wrapped canvas

fyi, my website is undergoing some updating, but I can make any transactions on my own.  Stay tuned for a new and exciting website!!!!

Thanks for takin a looksie guys!
Have a great day y'all!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Surprise is OUT!!!

White Flowers, a fabulous little boutique in Homewood, Alabama will be showcasing 12  30 x 30 dress paintings of mine starting in March.  YEP 12!!!  I am so excited I could bust!  Mainly because this is one of my favorite boutiques in the whole wide world.  I don't believe there is another shoppe like it anywhere.  The minute you walk into this shoppe there is this ethereal feeling that encompasses you.  Soft, light, beautiful, all white with touches of pale colors.  They carry everything white you can imagine.  Baby gifts, books, ceramics, flowers (all white of course) big girl clothes, silver items, the most beautiful jewelry you've ever seen.  They even have these yummy little white mints that you can take when you leave.  Oh, and they wrap your goodie up like it's a gift for YOU!  They wrap your package with a white ribbon and a little white rose.  Can you tell I'm ecstatic about this? The owner Diana is the sweetest woman I've ever met.  With her soft voice you can tell that she is such a sincere and loving woman.  I adore her.
Well, I got busy working on some paintings!  My only delimma? They need to be monotone to fit in with the mood of the shoppe.  And if you've followed my art work for a while, you will know that I like to use a lot of color.  But, so far so good.
I actually sold one last night!  SO, I'll have to paint another for White Flowers.
By the way.....

These are some examples of what I'll be showing!
30 x 30 mixed media on burlap and canvas

30 x 30 Mixed media on burlap and canvas

Have a wonderful day y'all!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two New Paintings!

I'm doing a set of ten white and ivory paintings.
I can't reveal the secret why yet, but I'll give you a hint.  They may be hung somewhere in Homewood, Alabama for you to purchase!  (fingers crossed)
In the meantime, I'll show you what I've done so far!  
The Ivory Gown
20 x 20 mixed media

Playful Angels
20 x 20 mixed media

Have a fabulous day y'all!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Home! I'm Wooped!

Boy, I got home last night and CARASHED.  Seriously folks, Cooper and I curled up in bed and zonk.  I was out cold.
But, that didn't stop me from looking up pics from my favorite place in the whole wide world.
And "W" and I are planning a little "getaway" there before Baby Cakes makes her arrival.
We will definitely visit this winery and see a favorite doggie

and have dinner at the Auberge du Solei

 I scoured the internet for some favorite pics of my favorite place.
Hopefully I'll have some of my own soon!
First we'll stop here:
If you ever get the chance to go to Napa, don't dare miss this restaurant!

I can smell those succulent grapes as we speak.  (I mean as I speak, I'm speaking to myself and they are responding.....come see me, come see me!)

This WILL be on one of our stops

yummers +

Here's to planning a sweet getaway!
Have a great Tuesday y'all!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Sprinkle

Well, I've been up since 3. This morning was NOT a little sprinkle in Birmingham.  Sirens went off at 3 and continued. It's been a long night and people have been killed all around Alabama.  My prayers go out to those affected.
A little sprinkle though was given for Jordan last night by friends!
What is a sprinkle?  You know, it's not a shower.  I guess you give it for the third child.  Lucky third child!
I'm a third child and I don't think I got a shower OR a sprinkle! :) Oh well, I made it through without too much damage!
Anyway, I captured a few little pics.  Disappointed that I wasn't just clickin away like I usually do..

a bunch of beauties!

Check out the ADORABLE little diaper cake my sweet DIL made!  Instructions on her blog

One month until baby Cate arrives!
Have a great Monday y'all!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We're Finished!!!

Well almost! Enough that I can "show-n-tell"
First of all, thank you posters!  I decided to paint the black tile.  OMG what a difference!  Actually Amy painted it with her steady little hands (she's a neonatal nurse), so she's use to doing things in tedious fashion.
So, I just couldn't wait for you to see the outcome!  I ran out of wax so the total finish will be done tomorrow.
Remember the before?

and in the process:

oh before I go any further, sister brought over a table and chairs that they will use until the perfect set is found! (and the 6 botanicals will go in the large open space when they are finished being framed)

so, here we go!

The house is quickly evolving from "bachelor pad/fraternity house" to grown up married life!
I offered to paint the walls today too, and Gregory said, UM that would be a NO.  Game day!
Have a good one y'all!

A Kitchen Renovation

From Jordan's to Gregory's!  They needed some work done on their kitchen.  Some serious help!
So, Annie and I pulled our talents together and went on over for a "kitchen redo".  Luckily Gregory and Amy helped so we knocked out 85% of it in 8 hours.  Yep.  Kitchen redos aint fer sissies you guys.
The idea was a limewashed look.  The cabinets were I'm not sure how old, but the wood certainly was not up to date.  Neither was the tile.  OHANDBYTHEWAY.  Did you know you can paint tile!!!!  YES!!!
And we did!
So here is where we stand so far.  I'm actually thinking we're more like 75% done.  But an afternoon after praise and worship will do it.
Before: (oh btw, they had already taken the cabinet doors off when I took this pic.  Darn)

gettin there!
we darkened it a bit after this pic.

the sweetest son I've ever had!
check out the 80's tile.  That obnoxious fun little border was driving Ames crazy. So we taped it off

and used some of this (two coats) ONLY Prime Lock (it will prime anything)

this big tile was a big flower basket

Gregory always the prankster!

We painted the tile a tan color the color of the grout.  Not sure why the people put that black tile so close to the big one either.  hum.  
Okay, I read up on painted tile.  I would normally say to paint the black ones on this project as well, but the wear and tear may be too much on the counter tops for it to stay painted....So, that black tile will have to stay for now.

Stay tuned! more tomorrow! 
Have a wonderful Sunday y'all!