Monday, January 31, 2011

"I'm Feeling Naughtycal"

Getting ready for the beach and the boat...
Counting down the days (9 to be exact)
Going shopping TODAY and I'm about to bust.
I'm feeling a little "Naughtycal"
in honour of my upcoming trip.
So, first I have to research....on line.
Now....I'm not sure if nautical is in this year or not,,,,but ya know,,,I don't really care, it's what I want, and remember (I'm over 50) and I can wear what I want.  Don't forget THAT you 50 sompthins.
Anyway, I found some REALLY cute stuff
Starting with non other than Anthropologie
 I love, love, love this top
 and this one is SO me. period.
 I want this in every color.

 not sure bout (how these would look on a fat butt)  but they look comfy
 On to Tory Burch.  Okay, I have this bag, my daughter has this bag.  It is the best bag EVER.
I'm SO glad they brought it out in this color. Isn't it darling?
AND it has wonderful side pockets for easy cell phone access and car keys
just can't decide which color I like best!
be still my Valentino lovin heart. (a little too dressy for the boat?)
 very cutsey
 Tory Burch
 Tory again...I think I love these. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have a pair very similar.  Wait, no I don't
 Oh, this is adorable

 Must have.....must, must have
 would this make my butt look big bigger?
 cute and flirty
 and Neimans again
 and again
 I've always wanted these Burberry boat shoes.  Love em
 when going on a girls trip, you must have cute pjs.!
 now.... when going on a boat, you must have boat shoes!
and finally.....if you have an extra 1,600 lying around, I'm lovin this Chloe handbag
isn't it adorable?
Happy shopping y'all
oh.....Spotlight on Art Update.
OMG....You would not believe some of the wonderful art guys.
I'm serious. Some really, really fabulous work
Starts tonight and goes on until Saturday.
It is a "must go"!!!
Starts at 6 tonight.
See ya there!!!
Have a wondamus Monday.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Have This Friend....Check her Out!

Did that get your attention?
      Slim Paley photo

Anyway, I have a friend in the blogging world. Really? just one??? Actually, I don't "know know" her but we have become "blog buddies".  Now, when I say she has an incredible blog, I'm serious folks.  It is a "must read"
She is really, really stylish and takes the most wonderful pictures I've ever seen. And she's so stinkin hilarious.  That's the best part....very, very clever and entertaining.  Her blog (in my humble opinion) is everything a blog should be for blogging entertainment.
Anyway, her blog is up for THE HOMIES award.
What you ask?
Is THAT....
A prestigious award given to the best blogger I guess in the whole wide world.
(can you tell I'm ever so slightly jealous?)
She has promised tangerine mimosas
   Slim Paley photo
 and now thrown in cavier for her readers if she wins.
      Slim Paley photo
(she doesn't know it yet, but when she wins, I'm flying out to California to take her up on that deal:)
Thanks Slim!
Go to her blog TODAY!!!! You don't wanna miss it.
and for the Homies award
(she's in first place but we wanna keep her there)
Go today and check out her blog and then vote for her pleazzzzze!
Have a wonderful Saturday!
The Trinity Art Show is closing in fast!
Last chance to purchase off my website for a while! well at least a week.
Oh,,,,new painting!
   Kendall Boggs photo
"On the Lake"
40 x 40
Mixed media, heavily textured on 2" thick gallery wrapped canvas
"Three Angels"
15 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
Have a BEAUTIFUL Saturday!! It's gonna be in the 60's here!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Georgia Aquarium

As promised,,,we went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday.
If you haven't been, it's a "must go"
We luckily went when it was kinda sloooow so that made it even more enjoyable!
It was so fun watching Evey ooh and ahh over all of the sea animals.
Not really sure who enjoyed it more, Evey, Bennett, J, W, or me!
We all had a blast.
you should take your kids NOW....during the week,,,,,just take em outta school and go.  (I'm serious)
Maybe it would be considered your own little "field trip" and be an excused absence? Right.
Anyway, first of all, one little beef...I couldn't use flash photography, so I was a little bit disappointed in my photos...
Anyway, here for you to enjoy, pics of our day at the Georgia Aquarium

I loved this guy so much I was puckering up for him. (I think he liked me too)

 and who doesn't love seahorses? you aren't human if you don't love these guys.
these were spectacular

 this is a scorpion fish.  We had to look for him because he blended in with everything.
 Lil B had a blast (but he was usually chewing on Ever's okay?)
 "W" loved watching Evers
 Checkin out the sharks

 um hello?  he made me wanna go fishin
we jokingly said "wonder if they serve fish sticks in the food court?"  they don't.

 These were SO beautiful, I wish my camera (humph, no flash) could have captured the beauty of the Beluga whales.  They were so sweet and would just look right at us.  I swore they were smiling! I know they liked us the best :)
 Of course every one's favorite....the penguins
 and you get to see them up close!!!
 and you get to almost break your back trying to get a picture of them "seeing them up close"
 there they are!
 a bright display for all kids to enjoy beg you for  in the gift shoppe.
 Evey got to touch the sting rays!
 and see some really, really interesting fish
  I really loved this guy
 I think Evers had a ton of fun

 Especially looking at this one....She has a love/hate relationship with snakes
 and last but not least....the man eating piranha
YIKES!!! (and yes they will eat you.) (and everything else in sight)
Go to the Atlanta Aquarium and have some fun!
Is it Friday already?
Have a wonderful day y'all!