Sunday, July 2, 2017

My New Line of Hand-painted Pillows!

Howdy y'all!
I've turned in to a real cowgirl after we last spoke😉
It is hard to believe that it has been two weeks since our little summer surprise to the farm!
Since then I've been pillow crazy.
Like seriously p.i.l.l.o.w. crazy.

I have recently added to my collection of art a line of hand painted pillows.
They are all 24 x 24 with feather inserts and different variations of backing.
So, here we go with the show!

******Prices are shown under pics*****

Prices do not include shipping

Pink Wash
Grey velvet backing
145.00 each

"Yellow lines"
Navy backing
145.00 each

"Lots of Colors"
Navy velvet backing
145.00 each

"Pink Lines"
Grey velvet backing
145.00 each

"Green-gold Circles"
Matching green velvet backing

"Silver geometrics with large poms"
Ivory backing
225.00 each (two available)

Navy circles
Navy velvet backing
175.00 each

Aqua abstracts with aqua velvet backing
Aqua faint circles with off white twill backing (2 available)
145.00 each

Sea Foam Green with white splashes
White velvet backing
145.00 each.

Please shoot me an e-mail if you are interested in purchasing!
All credit cards and PayPal accepted!

Have a beautiful day y'all!!!