Monday, February 28, 2011

"My Dad"

I love the emotion in this picture.  Proud great granddaddy.
Well, can you believe it?  Mom's been gone almost 3 months.  Next Monday will be the 3 month anniversary of her passing.
I realized that with all the talk about my mom and the struggles she went through that I've sort of left my dad out.  HE MATTERS!
He is a wonderful man, one that I want to talk about.
I grew up hearing an expression from him that constantly resonates in my ear.
"KENDALL,YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO" (and he's an English fanatic so he wouldn't like me ending that sentence with a preposition.)
BUT.... he meant it let me tell ya.  At 4 he and my mom had me swimming 25 yards on a swim team rooting me on the whole way.  At 5 he had me doing back handsprings on the balance beam. He put a softball in my hand at 6 and taught me to throw it and hit it...(along with 2 brothers who [whentheydidn'thaveanyoneelsetoplaywith] they chose me. Taught me to ride a unicycle at 10 (which I did in parades) yep, I was a clown.....still am.
He taught me to be tough. Swimming state, learning tennis at 12, No sissy's allowed in my family, and never listened to whining.  Period.
Bought me a sewing machine at 12 and mom taught me to use it.  They were determined that even though I couldn't find out which direction "I" wanted to be lead, I would have many choices!
My dad is a wonderful man, a fantastic stock broker (who still works at the ripe young age of 76 77 (I think). (don't kill me for that dad!)
Takes wonderful care of his clients.
I want to encourage you to give him a call and let him work with you on your portfolio.  I promise you won't be disappointed!  He's awesome and has done some amazing work for his clients! Let him tell you about it and lead you into prosperous directions!
Jack Callaway


(and an Auburn grad for all my Auburn fans)
He would love to hear from you!!!
have a wonderful day y'all!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Martha Foose and a Solo Show

I've told you guys about my friend "Chef Extraordinaire" and author of the cookbook
"Screened Doors and Sweet Tea" haven't I?
WELL.....her newest cookbook (A Southerly Course) is out! AND I am SO pumped!
besides being SO pumped about her newest cookbook (and her being a good friend of mine....she's stinkin hilarious folks, I'm serious, you will ROLLONTHEFLOORLAUGHIN at this chick) I, me, myself and moi am joining together with her to do a SOLO SHOW for her first book signing!!!
I'm just about as excited as I can be.
Anyway, it is at Turnrow Books
in Greenwood, Mississippi

Turnrow Books is right across from the home of Viking? (yep THE VIKING) as in stoves and other wonderful products.
If you've never been to Greenwood, now's the time.  A beautiful quaint little town, also home to the filming of "The Help" which I believe will be out in the fall.
here are a few of the 30 + pieces that I'll be showing!
"Cloudy Day I"
24 x 24 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
"Cloudy Day II"
24 x 24 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Have a wonderful day on this beautiful Saturday y'all!
I'm hitting (um going to try to hit) that little white ball!

Friday, February 25, 2011

"Trees of Three"

I will be the first to admit,,,,,I'm the WORST critic when it comes to art.  Especially my own.
With that being said, I LOVE THIS PIECE!
so much that I MAY KEEP IT!
Something about it brings peace to me.  Is it the dripping bits of rain? Is it the soft gold tones that match my home perfectly?  Is it the Bradford Pears that I love so dearly? Is it the fact that I rarely do anything in even numbers? or maybe the soft grey peaking through the clouds.
I don't know.
But,,,,,I have enough art in my home.
In other IS for sale!
"Trees of Three"
30 x 30 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
Have a fabulous day y'all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Now Let's Get Down to Bidness"

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for entering my contest!!!  It does my heart SO good to read your comments.  Please keep em comin!  I LOVE COMMENTS!

Okay.  I'll admit.  I've gotten a teeny tiny bit obsessive about my cross collection.
As a matter of fact, I think that's all I've been doing ALL week long.
(along with working out,,,,,still only down 5 lbs. :()
Anyway, I want to show you the works...ALL of them! (along with a few others)
Here we go.
oh, wait. if you're interested in any of them contact me over at
they are doing amazingly well so contact fast!
(and,,,,I take paypal!)
This is the first time I've put the entire collection out to you my favorite people in the whole wide world!
Don't forget, I am taking commissions!
(3 are currently in the works)
Okay, now I can show you.
Most of these have a high gloss finish making them extra special!
 14 x 14
Mixed media on gallery wrapped linen

 "Pink Cross"
12 x 24
Mixed media on gallery wrapped linen

 "Ivory Cross"
10 x 20
mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

"Turquoise Cross"
10 x 20
Mixed media on gallery wrapped linen

"Lil Boy Angel"
9 x 11
Mixed media on canvas

"Baby Girl Cross"
8 x 8 Mixed media on gallery wrapped linen

 "Baby Boy Cross"
8 x 8 Mixed media on gallery wrapped linen

 "Two Angels"
9 x 11
Mixed media on canvas

"Three Angels II"
15 x 30 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

15 x 30
Mixed media on heavy gallery wrapped canvas

 "Spring Trees II"
36 x 48
A Triptych
Mixed media on heavy gallery wrapped canvas

'Playful Trees"
36 x 28 - Framed
Mixed media on canvas
(one of my all time favorites!)

"Weeping Willows"
22 x 40 framed in a beautiful burl wood

 "Waiting for Spring II"
30 x 24
Mixed media on gallery wrapped linen

Don't forget to visit me over at my website or contact me at
for more information
have a wonderful, beautiful day y'all!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

# 5 Jess Wins!!!

Well, I know a lot of Jess' but I'm not really sure I know THIS Jess!  So I'll just refer to her as #5 Jess!
Because....the trusty random number generator picked you!
Comment # 5 "Jess" please e-mail me at with your shipping information and I'll ship it out on Friday!
Congrats and thank you everyone for entering!!! This was SO much fun!
have a wonderful night!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's time for a "GIVEAWAY"!!!!

Okay, I'm lovin doin these crosses.
So, in honour of my LOVIN doin these crosses, I'm gonna give one away!
This is SO easy.  Just write something, and you could win!
I'll let the "trusty" random number generator pick.
Here is the's also one of my favorites which will go to one of YOU, my favorite people in the whole wide world!!!
"Old White Cross"
16 x 20 on gallery wrapped canvas
Good luck y'all!
Contest will end Wed night at 6 p.m.
Check the rest of them out over at

Monday, February 21, 2011

"W"s Fantabulous Chili!"

WAIT! Is "fantabulous" a word? I don't think it is.  What the heck, I'm always making up words.
Do you do that? Must be an ADD trait.
Okay, last night "W" said "ya want some chili for dinner"? Of course I did...., I had to ruin my diet for the last time this weekend.  I SO did terrible all weekend long.  I'm so sorry my warriors out there that are trying to stick with me on this.
Back to the Chili.  
He's been experimenting for a while for the "perfect" chili recipe.
I think he found it.  Yep, I'm sure of it in my book.  And it's pretty darn easy.
You start with this:
Cooper watching and salivating (idn't he cute?????

now, take about a lb of sirloin steak and cut it up into cubes 
 these are the other ingredients
um....."W" didn't realize we have an electric can opener.  Did I tell him?????? nope
Doesn't he look great by the way? 40 lbs down!
you dump all of those ingredients in a big pot.....but before you do that
 you need to saute that sirloin with a little water and the about 1/2 of the tex mex seasoning mix
 brown a lb of ground sirloin
 and add the rest of the tex mex seasoning
 now you can dump all that meat in the pot with the other mixes.  Let it cook for about an hour
 First.  These are what I like in my chili.
Second...this is my new Auto Focus 50 mm lens that I LOVE!!!! (can you see the blurred background?)
SO excited!!!
 there ya have it folks.
this really is a must try when you're cravin chili!
"W" did a spectabulous job.....i know, i know (made that one up too!)
Have a wondermus day today y'all!
WAIT!!! before I leave....I have added a few more crosses to "The Cross Collection"

"Old Rugged Cross II"
12 x 24 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

"Old White Cross"
16 x 20 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Please visit my website for info on the cross paintings

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Lil B" and more!

Be still my red head/blue eyed lovin heart.
Okay....WOW ! I missed a day of blogging!  A record for me (I think)
I'm in B'ham giving my sweet daughter and hub a much needed break.
All you CPA's out there probably understand how trying a time it is at this time of the year.  Not just for you but for your whole family. Those 85 hr. weeks have got to take a toll on you.
Anyway, I jumped in the car and "Gigi to the rescue!" Sorta.  I had a little help from lots of family.
I have had a wonderful little visit with all of my family this weekend.  Friday I got to have dinner with my sweet brother and his wife Jack and Mary (Jack won't let me put pics of him up) and Sister along with J and E and the kids.
One in particular:
 and of course had to bring her a little goody.  Are these not the cutest things ever????
"Aunt Shim" aka...Sister got some Lil B lovin. (okay, she's the professional photographer - seriously and I'm always taking the pics of HER!) with my gbabies! Classic happy Lil B
 waiting in anticipation for that NY Pizza (oh yummers)
 he has wonderful concentration....okay, moving right along
 "um are you going to change me?????"
 I got to spend some quality time with another wonderful man in my life!
I love you daddy!
and then lunch with my other sweetheart Callimo

and finally a little dinner with this darling little [engaged] couple
Wedding date?  Oct. 8
 and then the date! Massages, dinner and ice cream.  What more can you ask for?
what a wonderful weekend packed full of fun with my fam!
have a fabulous Sunday y'all!
I'm headin home to get some much needed painting done!

Friday, February 18, 2011

"How's the Weight Loss Challenge Goin?"

Not me!  I'm asking YOU!!!

From my end, it's goin slooooooooooooooow.
Dang, why is it so much harder when you're 51?
Seriously folks  I used to be able to drop 10 lbs by looking at a scale.  Now however I "prefer" to just look at the scale.  Yep, sit right there and stare at it. (um, without getting on it)
I'm down about 5 lbs. (I told you I was going to take it slow)
Now.....that was the 5 lbs that I gained on my trip.  So really, I'm back to normal.
So now I have 20 lbs to loose.  I actually need to narrow it down to really about 16 lbs.
We 50 sompthins don't want that face lookin to saggy now do we?
So, what am I doing?
Well first of all my butt hurts really bad.
I am riding the bike on level 6 for 45 minutes per day and eating down to about 1,000 calories a day. Except for indulging in my red hot fireballs (baaaaad) I'm eating really healthy.
This morning I'll take my g-baby (yep I'm in Bham and am busting a gut getting to see my kids and g-babies!) (no I don't have pics.....but stay with me because tomorrow I will)  for a stroll. (Major uphill climb)  This will not be a pleasure stroll I can assure you. And tonight? Cheatin time. Pizza with ALL of my fam!  I cannot wait!
and by the way
Who's lovin this INCREDIBLE weather?????
Boy, I'm jumpin all over the place!
oh before I forget, I have to show you a darling little gift I got yesterday from Becky's daughter Caroline (the one that the "Old Rugged Cross" is for)
are these not the cutest things EVA?  They are all monogrammed!
She doesn't have a website but contact me and I'll get you in touch with her for purchasing.
Her company is called "Sweet Rolls"
Darling Idea!

See ya tomorrow!
have a fabulous, beautiful, day y'all!
and don't forget to check out the new art!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Old Rugged Cross"

"Old Rugged Cross"
15 x 30 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

A Donation

Why am I blogging about this painting again?
Well, after getting a tremendous response on facebook and many offers to purchase this painting, I realized I need to paint more.  This is my last donation for the year as I am pretty much "donated" out. So I hope those of you who are planning to ask for a donation this year understand.  I'm really sorry, but I've donated 10 paintings in the last 6 months and I have to stop somewhere!  Actually I think I have "Shephard Center" left.  I support them ALWAYS. (I'll blog on them and how special they are to me one day.)
Anyway, back to the painting.
I am going to be taking commissions on "Old Rugged Cross"
so, if you would like one please contact me at
I can do any size and any colors that you would like to fit your decor.
Price is on request but just to give you an idea, a 15 x 30 as seen above is priced at 425.00 plus shipping.
Thank you for such a wonderful response!
Have a fabulous day y'all!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


APRIL 28 - 30
What is this you ask?
It is a wonderful, wonderful art show of which I am SO proud to be a part!
It is at Wesleyan School, in Norcross, Georgia.
(like Trinity, You should go just to see the school)
It's simply amazing
here are some new peices that I'll be showing.  I am currently painting new works specifically for the show!
Let me also mention that I have the honor of being chosen "Featured Artist" for this event!
Thank you Wesleyan!
Here we go!
a diptych
36 x 36 (total size) on 3" gallery wrapped canvas
(will sell separately)
18 x 36 separate
800.00 each
 "Birds on the Lake"
30 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
"Old Rugged Cross"
a donation
(commissions available)
15 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
"Lake Trees II"
18 x 24 mixed media (heavily textured) on blocked wood panel
"Red Tree Tops"
18 x 18 mixed media on blocked wood panel
"Green Tree Tops II"
18 x 18 Mixed media on blocked wood panel
Go to
for more info!
have a wonderful day y'all!