Saturday, April 30, 2011

Preview! The Wesleyan Artist Market

How exciting this event has been!
and it's still going on!
All day today.
Just thought I'd show you a few of the pics of all the wonderful art!
now, this chick is Jenny (from the block) right across from me!  Not only is she a doll!, I love, love, love her work!  So free and fun, reflects what I believe is the type of person that I have quickly come to know.
 then we have a wonderful wood turner!
 Melissa Payne-Baker never disappoints.  Just stunning work
 and then there's beautiful jewelry!
 and bright fun art!
I went totally nuts over this guy's work (I even had to make a purchase!)
 wow.  is this not just stunning?  Made out of a tree (as if you haven't figured that out!)
I mean seriously folks,,,what talent.

 This is Julie Watt's work!  She is a friend of mine and has only been painting for a year!
Amazingly talented!!!
 more jewelry
 lots and lots of crosses!
 I thought this gals work was fun!
 Love this!!!
 Two of our patrons!
 There's Jenny (from da block)!
 and my new friend Anne Moore (fabulous jewelry), just fabulous dahling!!!
 and me! (all of my long angels are gone :) and a few of the other angels. (and crosses)
middle painting sold and Wesleyan bought the bottom painting to hang in their school.  Oh what an unbelievable feeling that is!  So, So excited!!!
The ones with the green trees are sold along with two other large paintings that I was showing!
I have had a fabulous show so far!  I am humbled beyond words by the many people who purchased from me yesterday and so thankful for your affirmation and your encouraging words!.  I just can't tell you how it feels for someone to love a painting that you've painted. And for it to speak to you. (hopefully it says "buy, buy!")  No in all seriousness it is amazingly inspiring and touching.  It makes me really emotional.  To sell 13 paintings in two days is a really big deal for me!!! And the busy day is today!!!
Thank you so much every one!
Come check us out!
Wesleyan School
Norcross, GA
for more info:
have a beautiful Saturday y'all!

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Really Sad Situation

Well, I was going to blog about the Wesleyan Art Show that I'm a part of  but I woke up this morning feeling sad for all the people affected in what I call my hometown Birmingham.  Wow.  That's just the only thing I know to say.  If you're like me, you watched the tornado live (and in horror) on The Weather Channel.  I know exactly where they were filming.  It was where "W" and I had our wedding reception.  "The" Club. On top of a beautiful ridge in Birmingham where you can see for miles and miles over this wonderful city.  Anyway I watched as the monster storm swept North of the city of Birmingham leaving incredible destruction and loss of life.  So, so sad.  I am on my knees however thanking God that my kids are all okay.  The tornado literally was headed straight for Callen's and Gregory's homes and took a north turn.
This is how powerful those things are.  I just heard on the Atlanta news that a Tuscaloosa phone book fell from the sky in someone's yard here in Atlanta.  That is 200 miles away folks!  Unreal.  The University of Alabama was spared but I know people who's friends (college kids) were killed. The city of Tuscaloosa is a total loss. My sweet niece was 2 blocks away from the tornado and when I talked to sister yesterday she broke down and just sobbed uncontrollably.  She just wanted Ally home with her.  They have closed the school and told the kids to go home, no finals, just leave.  Some sororities said the kids had to be out by 3:00 yesterday.  Can you imagine that?  Telling these kids yesterday morning that they had to leave by 3?  These kids and parents have got to just be so confused.  Not only was Tuscaloosa destroyed, so were cities near Atlanta.  Many many homes destroyed and people killed.  Please join me in praying for all those affected. 
If you would like to help out, my daughter Jordan's church is a driving force to help.  You can go to their site at 
They are gathering items for folks that have been affected.
Many blessings on all of you, and especially my friends/readers in Birmingham
My prayers are with you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Callen's Engaged!

My baby got engaged last night.
And "W" and I could not be happier!
She will be marrying her boyfriend of 3 years Andy Davis.
I don't know that I've ever seen her glow like I saw when I looked at her in this photo.
She called me immediately and was so excited and crying that she could barely tell me!
Andy is such a wonderful guy.  He played football at Samford and was so respected on and off the field.
Now, after graduation, he will be working with a division of Stryker.
Here's how it went down:
They went to dinner at Flemings.  
When they went back to Callen's house they walked in to candles lit all over the house. (Callen is a HUGE candle lover) (Andy's sweet brother had come over and staged the house while they were at dinner!)
On the table were her favorite flowers Calla Lilies (is that how to spell that?)  Anyway, with them was a card.  Andy went to the restroom (where his brother had left the ring) and came out while Callen was reading the card and got down on one knee.  He then proposed.
I am so grateful that God has sent him to be in her (and our) lives.
Now we have two weddings this year!!!
I couldn't be happier!!!!
Have a wonderful day y'all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Works for the Wesleyan Artist Market

In case I haven't told you enough.....the Wesleyan Artist Market starts this Thursday evening and will continue until Saturday.
If you live in the Atlanta area and enjoy art or (more importantly) are interested in buying art, this is a MUST SEE!!!
There are some amazingly talented artist in this show
It will be held on Thursday from 7 -9, Friday 10 - 4, and Saturday 9 -4.
I have been a paintin maniac trying to get ready for this wonderful event.
Here are some of my new pieces especially for the Wesleyan show!
 "On the Lake"
40 x 40 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
20 x 20 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
 "Old Cross"
20 x 20 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
 "Joyful Noise"
20 x 20 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
"Turquoise Cross II"
19 x 21 mixed media on floating frame
425.00 bitty collection:
 "Bitty Pink Cross"
4 x 4 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
 "Bitty Blue Cross"
4 x 4 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
 "Bitty Gold Cross"
4 x 4 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
"Bitty Turquoise Cross"
4 x 4 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

and while I'm at it....
Happy Birthday to my sweet oldest daughter J
I love you sweetie!!!

have a wonderful day y'all!
Hope to see you at the show

Monday, April 25, 2011

Did I Mention I LOVE Easter?

The innocence of children getting a new firetruck (thank you G-man aka..."W")
who went out Easter Eve and found this for Evers.
She wanted PINK.  But we didn't have time to paint it.
Bennett enjoyed it just as  much I do believe
 I love that Evey had to wear her "Hunter" Boots all day
 waiting for the eggs to dye.
 I love a happy baby
 Especially when he's with me!!!
and so does Uncle Clay!
 and I love that Jordan and Eric are so happy!
and that Evey loves her Aunt Boo! (and Aunt Boo loves her more than anything)
 I love that 3 grown boys men can have fun with and laugh at a two year old little girl
 and a not so young man a distinguished older gentleman can too
(Lil Bunny Foo Foo)
 speaking of distinguished.  WOW isn't he handsome?  So proud that he's my dad!
 not sure whom he likes best, sister?
 or me....just so glad he's in my life.
BTW, did I mention that she's a year older than me???
I love that "W" and I have raised a daughter who adores her children
 speaking of adoring......
 I love that I have a hubby that loves unconditionally
 and a daughter that does too!
 here they are feeding Bennet chips? (Jordan, skip this pic fast)
 I love that I've taught my kids the joy of cooking
 and to love
 Lil Mr. Blue Eyes. Oh be still my Bennett lovin heart!
 I love that my sister is so happy and that she has such wonderful kids. (and boy are they tall!)
course, Kim's a squirt
 did I mention handsome too?
 I love that Callen has chosen this wonderful person to be in her life.
 I know I'm biased but I think they make an adorable couple!
 did I mention that I love Christmas too?
Unfortunately Greg and Amy and her family arrived after the photo sessions. I could fill an entire blog about what I love about them!  Wonderful two that they are!  BOOHOO.
Have a wonderful day y'all!