Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wes Gordon

Wes Gordon=Talented, good looking, up and coming, fresh, edgy, did I mention talented and intoxicatingly good looking??????
Oops.  I forgot, I'm (almost) 30 years his senior.
His mom is a friend of mine
she's beautiful too.
and I like to also call HIM a friend of mine.

He's amazing...

 I WOULD wear this,,,,,,but,,,,my goal is not to scare you

I want this really, really, really bad
and last,,,,,just had to slip in my latest painting
I should call it "The Painting from H---"
because it gave me fits!
But, I'm calling it simply "Fall"
Now I love it!
30 x 40
Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
price upon request
and.....I'll slip this one in as well!
"Angels Around Us"
A triptych
24 x 38
Mixed media on Gallery wrapped linen
price upon request

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Easy Rag Top Necklace

Sneaky preview
You're gonna see just how easy this is!!! (and cheap) (but no one has to know)
Start with an Anthropologie Target shirt....any color will do
 Here's the ingredients:
1/4 yard of ivory (or any color) satin (2.99 a yard at Hobby Lobby)
1/4 yd. of ivory chiffon (4.99 a yard at Hobby Lobby)
3/4" wooden beads (2.99 for a bag at Michael's)
 the beads....
 Cut 2 strips of satin 3 1/2" wide.  Oh, this is 45" wide satin
 Sew the ends together (right sides together.)  Trim and press
 Turn the satin in half (lengthwise) and sew across the top, turn the corner and sew lengthwise
 trim the seam, it should look like this.  Oh, leave one end open
 Now, I use a long plastic knitting needle when I turn long things, so now turn it right side out
 and press.  It should now look like this!
 here's the fun part.  Insert however many beads you wanna use.  I think I used 10 beads
make a tie close to the beads separating the beads between tying the knot
be sure and tie as close to the bead as possible
Also, I skipped about 6" and did another line of beads
 Here's how to make the little chiffon petals.
Make a pattern like this.  Be sure the stem is not too thin.
Cut as many as you would like on the fold
 It should look like this
 and just start tying them on. You don't have to do a double knot, just tie away!
 and the finished product!  Cute huh? And the raggier the chiffon gets the cuter it is!
 and then I added black chiffon to my cheap inexpensive black Target top
 and you can shorten it to make a collar!
and there ya have it!  A cheap Rag Top necklace.
Beats the 38.00 one I saw at my favorite store :)
Post questions and I'll answer, I promise!!!
have a great Wednesday y'all!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rag Top Necklace (sneak preview)

I'm calling this.....
a Rag Top necklace
Not to be confused with my "Rag Top sister"
(she just told me to say that!) (I'm serious!)
she's not really ragtop.  She's beautiful!
This is a "sneak preview"
of an easy design
I'm going to do a tutorial on Wednesday
it's easy.....really, really easy.
.....and cheap....
really, really cheap.
Stay tuned and check back!
idn't it cute???? and fun!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Andy and Alex

This is Andy.....Callen's boyfriend, confidant, best friend...
they have a great time together
and this is Alex, Andy's brother...
They play football at Samford.
A little history here.
Andy started out playing for Alabama.  He transferred to Samford to play with his brother.

They come from an amazing family!
this is Andy's wonderful dad
 and Andy's sweet mom, Kim, who Callen adores.  She is a more than a terrific person and like a second mom to Callen.
 Evey had a blast at the game yesterday.  She got to run, and run, and run!

and W and Callen got to spend some quality time together
 my sweet nephew Jack was there too!  (he just turned 16!)
 this is Andy's dad!
 and they all love lil E!
 and lil B who wouldn't wake up for me to get a good shot of em.
but I DID get this shot of the big little boy earlier in the day!
and another one (let me just tell you how adorable this lil man is.)
 the new parents are finally getting some decent sleep!
W and Andy's dad bonded by the wall
You know, football is such a bonding sport.
I'm always amazed at how when we go to a game, "W" will always pick out someone around us to bond with.  Does your hubby do that?  I think it's just a guy thing.  You know, they'll pick out someone to high 5.  Someone they don't even know!  I love that about this sport!
Amazingly Alex didn't scare Lil E with his face paint!
but I'm sure he scared his opponents! He woulda scared me.....
(he's an awsome player) and really big!
 Lynn, Eric and Jackson had sideline passes!
and Evey LOVED watching the football players with G-Man
She said she wants to be a football player instead of a cheerleader.
We'll work on that.
  Andy made some amazing tackles! (that's him number 18)
 and he's always worried about his teammates.  He's such a great guy!
If you've never seen Samford University, you should go visit.  It's such a beautiful campus.
and finally Evey loves Andy....(I think she has a crush on him!)

what a fun day we had!!!
Lastly, I want to leave you with this.  My mom's not doing all that great again.  Please add her to your prayer list.  This is what I love about her though. With tears in both our eyes
I said "Mom, I just hate you're having to go through all this pain."  She said "well, if it's something I created it would be different, but it's not".  Then she said "I know I'm in a lot of pain,,,,and I am in a lot....but we've had fun with it!" WOW. what a simply amazing person she is with such a wonderful attitude.  Wish we could all be like my mom!
Have a wonderful Sunday y'all!