Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wesleyan Artist Market Starts TODAY!!!

I'm so excited I'm just about to bust!!!
No, I'm serious, I really am just about to bust!

Work, work, working is what I've been doing and having my new FABULOUS studio to do it in has just been a dream.

Lisa Moore (my studio partner) has been a dream letting me bounce ideas off of her.

So, here we go folks!

"Stormy Day"

I would simply LOVE to see you at this amazing show!!!

Have a terrific day y'all!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wesleyan Artist Market! More New Work!

It's almost here!!!!

Thursday starts this amazing show and I've been a painting maniac!!!

Two new pieces!

"A Powerful Moment"

"A Peaceful Reflection"

Have a terrific day y'all!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wesleyan Artist Market - Part 2!

Again....LOVE this show!!!

I am working like a mad dog trying to paint, paint, paint for this show!

Can't wait to see everyone!!!

Here are some of my newest paintings!

Swirls of Colour I, II, III

"Spring Trees"

"Soft Swirls"

"Clouds of Life"

"A Pretty Day"

"Stormy Day"


"The Heartbeat"



and!  I will have MANY Minis at a special show price in many different colors!
(perfect mother's day, graduation, baby, christening gift).  Or just a fun pick up for yourself!!!

Please plan to join myself and over 95 amazing artists for this show.

It truly is a "must go to" event!!!!

Have a terrific day y'all!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The 17th Annual Wesleyan Artist Market!

Well, it is almost that time again!
One of my favorite shows of the year.

The Wesleyan Artist Market!

This is a terrific show and one that you don't want to miss!

And I've been busy!

My latest painting!

"Seventh Heaven"
36 x 36 Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
Price upon request

Have a terrific day y'all!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Yesterday....I Was Blessed!

Yesterday I had the honor of doing something I've never ever done before.
I'm ashamed to say, that.
I'm going to admit something to you, my sweet readers.
I've never given one penny to a homeless person holding up a sign on the side of the road.
Now, before you start piling on, hear me out.

I don't believe in just handing out money.  I believe in empowering people to make it on their own.
I believe in teaching folks to do better in life.
Some might say that is a not really a good way of thinking.
But, it's the way I think.

I am a member of a FB group called "Giving Grace"
The administer of this group is, y'all. OMG I just don't know how Christy Betz does all that she does.
She physically organizes everything for so many different people who are in need.
She is quite frankly amazing.

One of the groups she helps with is called

Anyway, Christy put out on her group that they were in need of people to bring lunch every Thursday to 20 - 30 homeless folks who participate in a Bible Study and the programs that they offer.

I was in.  I decided, ya know, I need to do this.
And I was so excited!

"sometimes you think you are blessing someone, but in reality, they are the one blessing you"

So, I made my way down to an area in Atlanta, Georgia where I had never been.
And most likely would not go back after dark.

I brought two buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken and homemade potato salad.

I didn't know what to expect!

So, when I got to Central Park in Atlanta I was met by some of the sweetest, most gracious folks I've ever met.
SO appreciative of my being there.

They also were painting!  SO that was an extra benefit to me that I got to paint with these wonderful people!

I encourage all of you to do something for someone today.  It's amazing how good it feels!
and really how little of your time it takes.

have a wonderful day y'all!

Monday, April 6, 2015

It Was SUCH a Happy Easter!!!!

I LOVE Easter!
And in perfect fashion, sister opened up her beautiful home to about 20 of us.
She seems to be the one lately doing EVERYTHING at her home as far as entertaining family.
Thanks sis.

So, here is my photo overload!!!

just google Kendall Boggs That Potato Salad for the recipe

my Pinterest "fail"

this one got a surprise in a plastic egg.

a new car!

Little Henry will be here next month!!!! yippeeeeee!!!!

This one has my heart.  He tells me all the time "Gigi, you are so bodaful".  Just a piece of advice for those men out there...
and I'm as serious as I can be
"you look good" = NO
"you look fine"= NO
"you look pretty"= OK
"you look"ok= NONONO
"you look beautiful?" = you will get WHAT EVER you want...I'm SO serious.
extra points if you follow that up with "no really", "you look stunning"

Come on Baby Henry Harper Boggs!!!! We cannot wait!!!
Hope your Easter was wonderful!