Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Arbors at Roundtop....And Who's in to Black and White?

The Arbors

y'all.  If you are going to Roundtop whether it is the first time or your 100th, The Arbors should be your first stop.
I'm not just saying that because that's where I show my art....
well maybe a little
But...truly, there is something for everyone there.
I hear the same thing every. single. season.
"this is our favorite venue"

The gorgeous white tents, the fun vendors, the huge array of furnishings, fabrics, textiles, linens, antiques, clothing.  
Did I mention ART????
like in Tent D
sorry, a little self promo here.
See that middle tent right in the front? That is Pandora's tent.
And it's air conditioned.
And when you go in, they prop you in THE most comfortable bed you will ever slip in to in your life.
Then they sell you sheets.
Like really nice ones.
Tent D is directly in back of the big one in the front.
That is where Lisa Moore and I set up.
Right there in the middle
(next to the bar)
Where they sell Ranch Water.
What is Ranch Water?
you pop a Topo Chico, take a swig, then they add oh vodka, tequila, rum, and a splash of what eva you want.
All the cool girls walk around with them
and I'm cool so you will see me drinking one.

Back to The Arbors....
This year, The Arbors is hosting a SPECTACULAR event!
(it's right outside my booth space to boot)
It's called
Arbors Under The Stars
a dinner like no other with some amazing designers hosting....
lots of food by the incredible chefs Lee Ellis and Mike Torres of Gold Epicure
AND, if that's not enough, OVID Vineyards (yummy) and Signor Vineyards are providing the wine.
This is going to be something else.
I promise you, you will not want to miss it!
and, you will LOVE meeting my friend Verona.
Who has THE MOST AMAZING quartz pieces ever.

Buy tickets here:

So. Let's get back to stuff.
Like art.
As an ex-designer - turned painter, I am constantly tracking the trends.
Black and white will always be a classic look but with the re-emergence of modernism in design it seems to be more prevalent now than in recent years.
Especially paired with gold.
So....I'm bringing black and white for my black and white (and gold people)

Pardon that awful glare - geez, must. learn. to. take. photos. of. art.

speaking of black and white, I love this carpet that my cute grandson is standing on after getting his new "Natives". Cutest, shoes, ever.
Grandson ain't bad either huh???

I had to throw this black painting in to the mix.
While this may look like a pretty easy painting to paint, it's SO difficult getting that ombre' effect just right.
Kinda like doing hair.
(something I could never do)
36 x 48
price upon request
I will also have these two babies, pressed between two pieces of glass makes for a fab look!
Simple. understated. elegance.
price upon request

Check out this gorgeous vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain rug from my friend Victoria's collection.
(she's also in tent D)

Lisa will have some of her AMAZING black and white ladies dressed in gold frames...

Speaking of black and white art (on men that is) I love this jacket
splashed with a bit of grey....
by Tom Ford
Not that either of these two need fashion advice from moi....
but I definitely think one of them need this jacket.
you never know who you'll run in to at Roundtop

Later chicks!

Friday, September 13, 2019

An Explosion of Emerald Green

Watch out folks.....
Emerald green is about to explode on you like an atomic bomb.

And I could not be happier!
I love EVERYTHING green.
Plants, pillows, couches, shoes, clothes

But seriously, doesn't green just make you happier?
Green is life! Like a rebirth of plants after a dreary winter.

I've painted A LOT of green lately.
Like a whole lot.
Probably cause I'm "green" with envy that my sister is in Prague right now.
Hint...Sister...go to the Hermes store and buy me this:
haha, j/k

Back to my obsession with green....I always have been.
Maybe I'm really Irish.

this sofa needs some of my art over it....I have the perfect set.

Spectacular choice don't you think?
Or this, somewhere in that room.  This one is sold but I have another that I'm working on that is even better!!!
Every season someone comes back looking for this painting so I decided to paint a few more similar.
hint: when you see an original piece of art that you love, you better pull the trigger because chances are it won't be there when you come back.

These shoes are just a tad over the top, but really, doesn't everyone like statement shoes?

These are more my style though.
Green converse for the win.

Everyone needs a fiddle leaf fig in their house.

I am currently on the hunt for an emerald green leather jacket this year.
If any one sees one they love please let me know.
oops. that's fur.  My bad.
this makes me want to write a letter.
....and get a wax stamp.  In gold of course.

hey! I've got some more green pieces!
Here we go y'all!
25 x 25 each Acrylic ink on paper
Price upon request

Check out one of Lisa's new pieces!!!!

While we are at it.....let's look at my new 
"green" packing system that Lisa and I came up with.
Well, really just Lisa but I adopted it.

Check this out, even a green book! This is THE BEST STUFF EVER!
It comes in a lot of sizes to fit your needs. I personally use this to wrap my glass pieces and you can reuse it for the win.
NO MORE single use plastic!!!!

It is called Cohesive corrugated wrap.
It's the best thing I've ever used.

Y'all have a terrific Friyay! 
(I know, I hate it when people say that too)


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New Art Especially for Roundtop!

I've been putting in some MAJOR hours!
Here is how it goes.....

2 weeks out I start framing.  And then more framing...and then more framing.

I am taking 14 of my acrylic inks framed in my 18 x 24 acrylic stand off frames.
I have them cut to size, I drill the holes, I center the art and raise the pieces, install the spacers, drill the back holes and add the zip tie.
Tired yet?
Cause I am.

example of one of 14 pieces
I have framed 14 acrylic ink abstracts in a beautiful gold frame.
These sell so well as sets.
Many will put 3 stacked on either side of a china cabinet (for a total of 6), or 6 above a buffet. 2 stacked above an occasional chest, 1 above a towel rack in a powder room. 3 stacked in between two door frames (you know where you just need that extra little detail) or maybe 2 or three above a king bed. It is truly a terrific look and I am SO very proud of this art. It is inspired simply by nature, nothing else.
excuse my feet....

I will also be bringing 4 20 x 20 pieces that will have smaller openings and larger mats. (very cool look) in cooler colors (think beach)

Along with that, I will have MANY minis for those needing the perfect 38.00 gifties! These will come packaged with a beautiful ribbon ready to give.  People usually stock up for Christmas with these goodies.  Come early because these typically sell out pretty fast.  I plan to have around 100 of them.  Discounts for 10 or more will apply😉!

I will also have angels, and seascapes!
My hand painted Christmas balls! 

But, first, let me introduce you to "Harold"

I love him.
He is 30 x 40 and I'm pretty sure someone in Texas will want him.
I know I do. (and I don't live in Texas)

"Family of Four"
15 x 30
(working on about 3 more angel paintings)

I happen to LOVE this painting!
36 x 36
Help me name it.

36 x 36

More later chicks!
Have a terrific Wednesday!
BTW....I usually watch Netflix while I work.
I'm watching Workin Moms right now.
It's hilarious.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Counting Down the Days (To Roundtop), Texas That Is!

Hello y'all!
Whew, boy has this been a busy summer!
3 weeks ago I celebrated my 60th birthday!
Kicking and screaming all the way in to the 2nd sixty years of my life.
joking obviously....who wants to live til they're 120 yrs. old?
not me.

Anyway, my hubs pulled off two WONDERFUL surprises!
1st, a huge dinner with 18 of my favorite in town friends and family!
Then, we headed to the Bahamas where he and my sister had concocted this secret plan for her and George to just "show up" at dinner at The Dunes (the restaurant at the former Ocean Club now turned Four Seasons)
Now.  While this "was" my favorite restaurant, I have to sadly say it is no more. It was BLAZING hot inside, the service was sub par and the food? meh. SO disappointing and I just could not recommend it to anyone.
I told George, the next time I let him buy me an expensive meal I promise to take him somewhere worth it. 😂
Luckily the night was saved by wonderful company and conversation!
It truly made my birthday complete!
the view off The Dunes Restaurant

My sister Kim and her boyfriend George!

He is so goofy.

But, my lucky sister won 1,200.00 on a 15.00 bet at 3 card poker.
Dang her.

Anyway, back to normal life and digging in for my 4th year (and 8th) season at Roundtop!

I have been a working maniac.

This season I will be bringing back my acrylic inks in acrylic standoff frames as well as new large abstracts and seascapes!

this particular one is not available but I will have more of these!
my acrylic standoff frames feature my signature hanging system (to keep you from having to drill four holes in your wall).
They are all 18 x 24 and are 425.00 each (with artwork)

36 x 36

I absolutely LOVE this triptych!
approx. 48 x 72

40 x 40

I will also have a new selection of angel paintings!
this one is SOLD but I will have others!

40 x 40

36 x 36

and a large selection of my framed acrylic ink abstracts!
They will all be 24 x 24

as well as a huge selection of Emerald green work!

36 x 48

SO....if you haven't started planning your trip to Roundtop it's not too late!!!

Lisa Moore and I will be showing once again at the best place in Roundtop!
The Arbors!
Tent D
September 25 - October 5

Won't you join us for the time of your life?

Have a wonderful day y'all!