Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Sweet Little Day!

It's kind of a Cinderella story really.
She's getting her prince,
and he his princess.

Callen and Houston knew each other in college at Samford University.
She was a cheerleader, he a football player.
I remember when she was in a friends wedding and Houston was also in that friend's wedding.
She came home and told me about this ohso amazingly handsome man! And nice too!
What a great combination.
he's from my hometown of Dothan, Alabama!!!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.   Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9

So.  Last Friday, Houston Holmes met with "W" and me and asked for our youngest hand in marriage.
You know there is just something so special about a young man's voice quivering telling you that your daughter is the "love of his life".  And that he wants to live with her the rest of his life.
What an amazing feeling.

this week has been the biggest lie I've ever told.
Seriously y'all, and I can't tell you how exhausting it is to lie!
We had the whole plan worked out.
Jordan and Eric would bring the kids up, Gregory would come up while sweet Amy is heading to a funeral for a friend :(
Callen would get here after work around 7:30.
Ska-reech! Wait a minute!!!
8:00 a.m.  Callen calls me and she had gotten off an entire day of work.
We had to make some fast changes to our schedule.
The original plan was for Houston to take Callen up to the roof of our condo (it overlooks downtown Atlanta) at around 7:30 and propose.  Then they would come downstairs and everyone would be there waiting.

Shopping to the rescue.
Callen will never give up a shopping trip.  Ever.
So, she met me at Lenox and we had a shopping excursion.
Hey, that will be the cheapest thing I'll do for the next 6 months.
just sayin.
We got home around 4 and got dressed for the Samford/Georgia State game.
Everyone was at the condo, the kids were going a little wild.
They leave.  He pushes down in the elevator, they get to the floor and he pushes up.
All the way to the 18th floor.
The elevator opens and two dozen red roses awaited her out by the pool overlooking the city of Atlanta.
They went outside and he...omg....bathed her feet.
I love, love, love this.  Significance of the foot bath? The ultimate act of humility.

While they were up on the roof,  Jordan, Eric and I quickly set up a table of goodies.

 this was hidden on the back porch all day long!
so, back to our plans....
Well...if you live in Atlanta you have to be really flexible with your plans.
Everyone got stuck in traffic.
They came downstairs and we all congratulated them with champagne and white chocolate covered strawberries.
a little engagement goodie basket

 so, here starts the beginning of a fun wedding and a beautiful, long life together.
Callen and Houston, we are so happy for you!  I am so happy you found each other!
dress shopping!

love is in the air!!!!

have a great dayy'all!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Handbags and Body Styles....

Betcha never thought about this did ya?
Handbags and body styles (or shapes)
It's important y'all.
Okay, I am a north/south kinda girl when it comes to a handbag.
I have to have an up and down look.
Because, I stick out east and west....
Sister on the other hand can do an east/west bag because she doesn't stick out anywhere.

According to Glamour Fashion these bags are what you should consider for your body style.

Oversize bag
Structured satchel

Pear Shaped:
Small cross body bag
Envelope clutch
Tom Ford
Tory Burch

Short satchel
Long handled tote


Slouch hobo
Colorblock tote
Vince Camuto

Something to think about!

Have a great day y'all!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back To School....

So the other night "W" and I had dinner with some really good friends that we hadn't seen in a while. 
We were catching up.
I said to my friend Michele, what are you up to these days?
She said, well, we are going to be going to France a lot in the upcoming year, so I decided to take a French class!
So, I invited myself to join her.
Now, granted I do not at all have time for this, but.
I thought it would be fun! (and I'm all about fun)
Our first class was last night and I was right!
It was fun!
Okay, let me just tell you a little history about me.
I am the worst student EVER.
No, y'all, I am serious.
There was absolutely NOTHING I liked about school.
Now, if you gave me a project that's a different story.
Teachers just didn't know how to teach my brain back then.
(that's right, blame it on the teachers)

anyway, I have passed Oglethorpe University for years and years.
It is a quaint Liberal Arts School of 1,200 tucked in the middle of Brookhaven.
It will set you back about 42 K per year to attend.
It is mostly known for it's accounting school.
It's beautiful.
I mean really, really beautiful.
some say spooky beautiful.
The school was founded in 1835 near Millidgeville, Georgia
During the Civil War it's students were soldiers.
It "died at Gettysburg" when the school was used for barracks and hospitals.
It relocated to Atlanta in 1913 and the new buildings were built.
That makes those new buildings 100 years old.
I felt so "college-like" driving up to class.

 I can't remember her name nor can I pronounce it.  It's mademoiselle something or the other.

so.  what did I learn last night?
only pronounce "t" if an "e" follows.
Like petite is pronounced petite
petit is prounced "peti
There are genders in the french language.
What up wit dat?
Like a chair is feminine....okay?

La is feminine
Le is masculine.

I have 8 weeks of this.
We'll see where this goes.

have a great day y'all!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ferrari Fine Art....Gallery and Atelier

So many exciting things are in the works!!!


A couple of months ago the new Scott Art Gallery moved a gal over from the North building to the South building.  To the new art gallery.
Her name is Carolyn Ferrari and we quickly made friends.
A beautiful, fun, smart gal, she told me of her dream to open an art gallery in Atlanta and to have art studios within that gallery.
Well.  I was immediately on board.
I had been looking for a studio for a while and nothing fit.  I couldn't wait to take my art studio out of the condo so I could separate myself from it.
Now.  To know Carolyn is to also know that everything she does is done with immeasurable taste.
Her artwork is soft and subtle.  And beautiful.
She knows what looks good.
She knows what she likes.
This art gallery will be special.

I am helping her with the selection process of the gallery and we have So many wonderful artists on the "short list"!
The gallery is right next to ADAC in Atlanta and is flocked with well known designers around Atlanta.
It is the perfect location.
We will also be offering workshops!

The gallery will open in a couple of weeks.
we have a lot of great ideas for the Grand Opening!
So, this weekend "W" helped me move in to my new space.
I am so pumped y'all!
Ferrari Fine Art
Gallery and Atelier

where we will teach!

have a great day y'all!