Friday, July 22, 2011

Totally mugs

I'm at sister's house in Birmingham and I went to get my coffee when it occurred to me that I HAVE to have a certain type of coffee mug when I drink my coffee!
I'm I weird or what?
Paper cups - nope
weird handles - nope
different shapes? - nope
I like a PLAIN OLE coffee mug
The kind that you get from the grocery store.
So then my thought process (stick with me here) went to google images of different coffee mugs.
So, as random as I can be on this beautiful Friday morning I'll show you a few that I found!
First up?
My type a coffee mug:
plain and simple, but I like white, you know so all that sleep gunk off your mouth can show on the edge?  okay, what a wonderful thought to wake up. Hey, watch it, I'm just statin the truth here ya know?

some cute ones I found
I seriously thought this was cool, very cool

 wow, this musta takin some time!
 I do not like writing on my mug, and I like a white inside
 Now, I'm gonna go outta my box here with the mugs.  These are the coolest things ever.  I'm going to buy these from Sam Flax in Atlanta.  That way everyone who visits will know which cup is theirs!
Isn't that a great idea? and the shape is perfect!

 when there's not a mug to be found....
oh good grief...
 is this a great painting or what?  I may have to copy it.  Haven't a clue who did it
Have a wonderful cup of coffee this morning y'all
with love from me to you!
do you have to have your own special mug?


  1. Having my coffee right now in a white mug w/large handle...I like the sides of the mug to be straight , not curved!!! haha luv ya,Aunt E

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