Saturday, June 6, 2009

Evey's Dog

I painted this for my g-daughter Miss Evelyn Grace!  Since I painted this, I have painted 4 more like this as baby gifts for friends of my daughter Jordan.  And,,,it seems like all of her friends are having girls!!!  We do have a boy (Jill's) coming a long in a couple of months!!!  I guess I'll be doing this in blue?


  1. YAY!!! "Burrito" would LOVE that! You're so sweet, Mrs. Boggs! Love you :)

  2. it is SO cute, kendall! how much would one of your paintings like this cost? do you take special requests?

  3. Taylor,
    I will do one of these. I charge 450.00 for them. I am however considering doing these in a giclee on canvas and that would be in the 250.00 range. They really look just the same in a giclee just not an original. Thanks for asking!