Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today I turn 50.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and 3 of the most wonderful kids anyone could ask for.  This is why I want to share this painting with you!
and.....I'm giving my "Blessings" away!  Your "Blessing" and gift to me is to tell me what you are thankful for in your life!  I am going to let my family choose their favorite one. Their favorite post will win this painting!!!  The contest will last until August 15.  
The painting is 12 x 24 mixed media on linen
I can't wait to be "blessed" by your blessings! I almost forgot!  Please leave your name so I'll know how to contact you when you win!!!


  1. I am blessed in my life because even thought I lost my husband,mother,2dogs and a job in 18mth.My God has blessed me beyond measure, He has allowed me to raise 3 beautiful daughter.He has blessed me with new life everyday. He has showed me that this life on earth is just stepping stone to his heavenly home and he gives you the tools to deal with the things that happen in your life. He has provide me with so much more and it is up to me to use it for his will.I tell my children that God does not take things alway that he doesn't give you so much more. He has blessed me with a new man in my life (Terry Davis)and God allows me to share what I have been thought with so many poeple that need to hear his word and for that I am blessed. Thank you Jesus. Cindy Coker Baxley

  2. This painting reminds me of The Father (God), The Son (Jesus) and The Holy Ghost!
    As well as 3 Angels!
    Beautiful painting!

  3. Blessing is the gift of eternity, the understanding and knowledge that everyone and everything we Love here on earth is never lost or left behind. Our hearts have been permanantly imprinted with God's love. Like a stamp of ownership we will never be lost or stolen again because the one constant in the universe is our omnipresent God. This promise, this truth comforts us through the loss of children, spouses, pets, brothers, sisters and all those that we hold dear, we will see them again. Earthly things can be replaced, money, cars, homes, clothes, they whither like the dust as does our bodies. But Love never does. This was why a special Love is set aside by God, a mother's Love. He entrusts us to nuture and love his children. Given to us by him, we become his arms as we hold them at night, we become the hands that wipe their tears that fall, we are blessed to become thier teachers of life, and though our job as, mom is never through, unselfishly, we must let go of them. Mom's are assured that they were God's children. We were blessed beyond all measure to have been entrusted by God to be called, "Mommy". God gave his son Jesus a mother, Mary. He knew the importance of a mother's special Love. A mother's Love is marked for eternity. Bless your family today with that Love, the kind that will last for eternity. Thank you Father God. Michelle Noel Mitchell

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  5. Kendall- I love your contests. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have two responses for this contest.
    Part 1: There are so many things that have blessed my life, it is hard to put into words. Like the previous posts, I am blessed for a wonderful family. I am so fortunate to have amazing parents (that let me go to Puerto Rico with you and the family in high school), wonderful sisters, and now fun brothers-in-law. I am also truly blessed with the love of my life, Josh. I have prayed for my husband since I was in middle school--and i am SO BLESSED to have found him. Over the last few months God has challenged me in ways I never imagined. Between Death, Life, possible job loss, I grieved, loved, and worked hard to overcome these obstacles.

    Part 2 of my blessings: Your family (especially since they are judging this :). Starting when I was 12 years old, your family welcome me in with open arms. I have been through 6 homes (rental being the fav ) and many trips! I have always felt like an extended part of the Boggs clan! Your oldest daughter, Jordan, is one of my best friends and has blessed me over the years with advice, honesty, truth, and an amazing friendship. She has also shown my family what it is like to be an amazing mother--I think Evey is the main reason Josh is considering starting a family in the future! :) And we just love Eric b/c he is Eric!
    Lynn-if he didn't look out for us in middle school, show is the "wrath of Lynn", and chew me out with Jordan and AC, I might have continued down the wrong path. I am blessed that Big Scary Lynn looked out for me and is a part of who I am today--also, he cooks me chicken when everyone else has shrimp--since i am allergic. Thanks Big Lynn!
    Gregory-(not Greg) and Callen-they were always like little siblings. I feel blessed to have know the two of them for most of their lives. They have grown in to amazing adults and am excited to see them at the lake.
    Last, Kendall-I am blessed to have you in my life. You are one of my friends’ moms who also took interest in my life. You have been so loving and supportive and I appreciate all you do for me!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and can be inspired by all your contest posts as we have been by your art!

  6. While I have always felt blessed by God, it was very evident this past week with one incident in particular. Yes, I do believe that all blessings are from God and that things don't happen by coincidence. Sermon over, here's the story.
    Returning from Chicago on Wednseday after many flight delays my wife Karen and son Thomas,in seperate cars, were just south of Brundidge sometime after midnight. It was there that Thomas fell asleep while driving. He was awakened by the shaking and rattling when his car ran off the road on the right side. Upon awakening he overcorrected and was immediately across the median into the north bound lane. Tires were squealing and rubber was burning as his car spun around before it ended up going backwards into the northbound ditch.
    God gave many blessings that night because neither Thomas nor his car were harmed. Among the blessings were: the accident took place in an area where there was not a grass median, the road was flat all the way across including the ditch on the other side. This prevented him from becoming airborne. God made sure that no cars or trucks were close enough for a collision in the northbound lane when this all took place. Even though a trucker stopped to see what had happened right after his car stopped. And one more thing was that Karen was far enough behind Thomas that she didn't have the horror of seeing all this happen and panicking and possibly wrecking herself. Thomas had to call her because she drove right by him.
    Two things Thomas told me when he called right after this happened. He knew he had a purpose on this earth and he was wide awake now! Thank God for his blessing of protection over my family and too many other things to list. I don't want to fill up the entire blog.
    Doug Mann

  7. I am blessed in my life because God has preserved my heart and character despite the unusual situations I had when I was younger. Having a mom that left, being sexually, verbally, and emotional abused when I was younger and still finding reasons to smile about the future is a blessing from God. Surviving an accident that almost took my life and getting insurance reimbursements when I turned 18 paved the way for me to afford college. Finding a man that loves God and loves me as I am is a blessing. Having family thta does not judge you because of the past you had is a blessing. Having Jesus when no one else is there is a blessing. I am blessed. contact

  8. First off Happy 50th Birthday!!!=-) I absolutely love your painting, and would love to be able to have it in my home. My life has been blessed in so many ways, I would say the greatest blessing to me is my salvation, I am so unworthy of it. I was also blessed with two christian parents who made sure I was in church every Sunday, and now I am doing the same with my three daughters. my name is Laura and my e-mail is

  9. I think your painting is beautiful. I think of my beautiful family when I look at it. I am blessed to have four daughters. They are the world to me. My oldest has been going through some very hard times over the past year. I found out she's been cutting herself. It makes me so sad and sick that I can't fix what is causing her so much pain. But I've been praying for guidance, and she's been doing so much better. My Heavenly Father has listened to my prayers and has blessed her with the courage to deal with her sadness/anger in other, less destructive, ways. She has since registered for college and is becoming more active in church! I couldn't ask for a bigger blessing. She is such a beautiful girl, with so much going for her. It was heartbreaking to see her shriveling up within herself and not looking at her amazing potential. But we have been so blessed! She's coming around. She laughs with us now, and she'll actually come out of her room to eat dinner with the family. My other daughters have been blessed to experience this also; to see the pain, the scars, and now the re-birth. They feel blessed to have their sister back. My blessings are immeasurable. My husband lost his job recently, but it looks like I may have found this economy! Every day on earth is another blessing. We may come against challenges, but with every challenge, the stronger we become. Life is a blessing. I may not win your beautiful painting, but I just wanted to share my blessings with you anyway. Congratulations on your birthday. May you have at least 50 more!

  10. I am blessed for so many things, that I wake each day to a new day that my Savior gives me. Knowing that I have done nothing and could never do anything to deserve it or earn it. I am so blessed to have a job to have family to have friends and to have the freedom to worship. so many countries are Martyred and put to death for the very thing we take for granted sometimes. I am so thankful that I am allowed the choice to choose follow a God that loved me first, and why did He do that I am blessed to one day be able to ask Him..
    May the Lord continue to bless your beautiful talent and guide your hands.
    in His precious name

  11. Dear Kendall,
    What a talent God has blessed you with! Thank you for offering to share one of your paintings! I already have the space on my wall for it (in case I win). God has blessed me with so many beautiful people around me all of my life and I am particularily thankful for my two beloved sons who since the moment they were born, they have been the source of love and inspiration, strength and patience for me. I went to Sweden in love with their Dad and they were born there, one in the middle of Winter and one in the middle of Summer. They are great teenagers today, healthy, goos students, caring for their parents and still the loves of my life. Life changes, situations change too but true love continues and today as I see myself in a new stage with no husband, no secure job, no secure income, a bit overweight due to stress, I still praise God for having my beloved sons who are doing so well now as older teenagers. My "Swexicans", as one calls himself, proud of having my Mexican heritage and their father's Swedish one. I do not worry much about all these other things for I know that God sees the big picture of life and works with us to grow and to learn, and if we trust He sends angels to us all the time. I believe in them and actually have many in my life and actually paintings on my walls. Yours will be a reminder of God's eternal love and his embrace on me at this time of challenges. I see that in your painting. May God continue to bless your family, your life and your soul and help you to continue to bless others with your art. Thank you.
    Liz Odfalk

  12. I am thankful for the amazing people I share the world with. I beleive that everything in life happens for a reason,even when we have no idea what that reason may be. I have been blessed with some wonderful people who have helped me to grow, helped me realize my passions and taught me to see things in new ways.

    Life brings us moments of drama, turbulence, sadness, and overwhelming joy. God blesses us with talents and passions. Sometimes, life gets in the way and we put those things on hold. My greatest blessing is to have people to remind me of my passions, to push me to do more. I love them for that and I thank God for bringing them into my life.

    There is a purpose behind every action. Your painting is no exception. As pure and simple as it is, there is heart, fire, emotion, and passion pouring from it in abundance. It has a life force unto itself that speaks many languages.

    This work is not only timeless, it is going to go to someone who is drawn to it, who finds in it a reason to get up and try something new. I was blessed to see your contest on Facebook and find here some wonderful blessings, and an artist who speaks with her paint.

    Inspiration is truly a blessing and you have shared it with everyone. Thank you for that.

    Amy Yoakum

  13. Happy Birthday to you. May you enjoy the gifts of life and experience all the Joys the universe puts before you. I also turned 50 recently and have started painting for about 4-5 years all self tought and just enjoying the proccess of expressing something in either tangible or intangable space. I am grateful to be a participant in the journey of life and to be blessed with some wonderfull friends and family. Why any of them put up with me is often a mystery like life itself. I suppose it is what we call Love. Seeing God is LOVE how could I not be grateful for that?
    I love your painting and would encourage you to redecorate as many surfaces with pigments and textures that you have available. Like Plato said "Never discourage anyone who makes progress however slow!"


  14. I am blessed because of the family that I seem to acquire wherever I go. My own parents are missionaries, so I have spent three years so far away from them in college; being a missionary kid has been a tremendous blessing in itself, one I would never trade. However, I miss them--and so anywhere I am, God provides the best friends and, consequently, family. The Body of Christ just becomes more and more real to me as I experience the love that we all share in Him. Fellowship is such a blessing, and I know that our heavenly home will be more beautiful and wonderful than I can imagine...such wonderful souls I have known here--and we shall all be caught up together to spend eternity with our Savior!
    So this--my hope and joy in the Kingdom of God--is the greatest blessing I can think of!

  15. I am blessed to have another day with my dad. He was diagnosed with cancer last week and this week they did surgery and found out that the tumor is inoperable and there is nothing they can do except provide comfort. I am blessed to be able to spend time with him in the next weeks (hopefully months-but we are not sure) that probably would have gotten ignored and filled with other activities had this not happened. I am blessed for the time my kids will get to spend with him too. I am blessed to have a dad that loves me. I am also blesssed to know the comfort of my Lord and Savior Jesus, to know that no matter what happens on this earth He is right here beside me, holding my hand and drying my tears.
    I am truly blessed.

    Nicole Wilkens

  16. this is one of my favorite of your mixed media pieces...

  17. It's a beautiful painting... And I am thankful I'm alive! I had an infection-caused heart attack in 2006, and not a day goes by that I don't thank G-d for my blessings, No. 1 of which is having made a 100% recovery (thanks to my husband not let the doctors write me off as dead...), and still being here at 50! :-)

  18. I am thankful for the opportunity to enjoy the vast variety of human experiences and emotions. The fact that life travels from one end of the spectrum to the other is my reminder that I have been granted an enormous, selfless gift of free will, along with all of those who share this world with me. Just exactly like ripples in a pond, our choices spread in infinite waves of effect -- timeless in their circular nature -- and it is with these repercussions that we shape a picture of what our legacy will be. I am thankful for a God who has presented Himself to me as my Father, for this tells me He is more than patient and understanding of my shortcomings as I struggle to live and grow. I am a child, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, a foe. Most of all, I am a child of God, and I am thankful for His breath inside of me, which is the energy that science cannot create -- the energy that makes us alive and is the essence of our spirit. When it is our turn, I believe that our energy will rejoin that from which it was born, which is pure love, peace, goodness, knowledge, and eternal bliss.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my feelings by offering your painting. No matter who wins it, you have created a reason for people to be introspective in a positive way.

    Mary Ann Christian

  19. I am thankful in my life that God is around us, giving us the opportunities to learn, live and share his wisdoms.To make a positive differance in each day we are granted life on this earth.To be given the greatist reward of all, ETERNAL LIFE, for simply attempting, in earnest, to walk in his foot steps with mercy and grace awarded to us many times over for our short falls.I am thankful that every day I awaken is a new day to make things right in the eyes of the Lord.

  20. WOW!! DITTO TO ALL OF THE ABOVE! Life is a blessing! God gave you the talent to paint these wonderful pictures . He gave us the eyes to enjoy each and every one of them..Thank you for sharing.. I am blessed in so many ways with family and friends, new and old. But most of all I am blessed to have you as a friend. Cin

  21. This painting is spiritually haunting, and lovely. I feel very blessed in my life. God has blessed me with tough times that have made me stronger in my faith; he has blessed me with pain and grief that has made me compassionate, and empathetic; he has blessed me with a dysfuntional family that I may learn what a family should be, and raise mine in that manner. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, daughter, grandchildren, and so much more. God has blessed me by giving me, within myself, the strengh, power, hope, and faith to overcome all the pain that is in our world. He has blessed me with the realization that it is in OUR power to be whatever we want to be in life. I am blessed that there are still people in the world who strongly believe in God and prayer, for they are the ones still keeping the world on the right track. God has blessed us with a beautiful world. We must keep our eyes wide open and enjoy the blessing.
    Deborah Sorrentino

  22. Happy Birthday! Beautiful work.

  23. I am blessed simply because I get to live every day in the beautiful world God made...not to mention, I was blessed to have found your link and be given the chance to own your beautiful painting.

  24. There are so many things to be thankful for that I barely know where to begin. I'm most thankful for faith in Christ that brings eternal life to all that believe. And I thank God for new beginnings. He is so faithful and patient with me! I've had starts and stops many times in my life, and His mercy and grace have covered me each and every time. He wastes nothing, even our mistakes. He has blessed me with friends, health, a home, a passion for art a loving family...but the greatest gift of all is that He has never given up on me.

  25. I am LOVING reading these comments! Thank you so much! Please don't be shy about writing! I am getting about 200 hits a day on this site and only have 25 comments! Pour your hearts out, purge, let's here your blessings! This is doing my heart good (and is wonderful for everyone else to read as well!) Thank you again from the bottom of my little bitty heart!

  26. Hello, beautiful painting..anyone would be blessed to receive it. I am blessed in so many over-looked, under-appreciated ways. I lay in bed at night and thank the lord for blessing me w/ yet another day. Thanking him for giving me working hands and an able body allowing me to work and being able to support myself and my dog.

    No sad, loved loss story here, just a simple girl w/ a simple life whome appreciates every little small blessing she is given. From the frogs chirping in her back yard, to a wonderful mother & father. From the stray cat that has called her front porch his new home, to living in a safe and secure enviornment.

    Enjoy reading all of the "blessing" letters you receive. And God bless you and your family.

    Marcella Pasquinelli

  27. I love your work. This is my first visit to you blog. I saw your post on Cote de Texas. You are so nice to give away this beautiful painting. My first impression was abstract angels. I would love this hanging in my living room! Also, I am so thankful for a great family. I have been married for 2 1/1 years, and have the best husband. He is such a unique person, and I am truly blessed to have him in my life. I also have been blessed with an unbelievably close relationship to my parents. I am only 30, and they are in their mid 70's, so I cherish each moment I have with them. Last, I have had Duke, my horse, for 20 years, and he has helped to define me! I also have Abraham, horse, and 2 great whippets. I love my whippets so much!

  28. Today I feel blessed by creativity. Your painting is so beautiful, and I just love to see how God expresses himself through our art and through nature.

    Happy birthday Kendall!!!!

  29. My thanks comes in the form of family. Through the loss of both my father's parents in less than a month, I am thankful for the bravery of my family to stay strong. I am thankful for their love that will always be a home for me, and the memories I will continue to make with them.

    -Edmund Brown
    The painting is honest. I admire that.

  30. Kendall,
    I'm happy to tell you what I am thankful for whether or not I win your beautiful painting.
    For God has been very good to me; I truly understand the meaning of "grace" (undeserved favor) in my life because of God's love and forgiveness expressed to me over and over. I am thankful that three years ago God led me to my true painting style (which I call "stained-glass-canvas"), and from this has emerged the solution to a life-long struggle between art and the ministry. Now they are combined, and praise God, I am blessed, and able to be a blessing to others as never before.
    This is what I am most thankful for...and it was all made possible after my first marriage failed and God led me to Debbie, now my wife of 4 years, who freed me to be me, by the grace of God, and in the power of her love.

    Blessings! Jim Harris

  31. Happy 50th Birthday, Kendall!! As a fellow artist, I truly appreciate the beauty you express in your paintings. This one in particular radiates a sense of peace.

    I am blessed to be in the middle of treatment for breast cancer...that may seem strange, but if I hadn't found the lump, this could've been a sad story. My medical team and friends and family are a blessing, as is the ability to get into the art studio and keep on creating when I feel anxious or wonder how things will turn out. I am blessed with optimism, beautiful surroundings, peace of mind, a loving universe and time. Your paintings are a blessing to everyone. Keep up the good work!
    Rae Miller

  32. I recently moved to Ontario, Canada with my husband and two kids. But I try to embrace God's blessings every time I think to. I like to think that I always LOVED the little town of Lamoni, Iowa where I recently moved from, but that would be a lie. But I grew to know and share in raising my children with many young single and married families whom I could rely on for quick baby sitting, money, food, and a shoulder to cry on and ask for these things without a moments hesitation. That is a blessing! Person's I once thought "a witch" (no lie) I later worked with in a little coffee shop and realize, nope. . . just another hurt soul trying to survive and doing it with such colorful words and explanations I never could have thought up on my own. She is now a dear friend and sage I miss very much. Other's considered town annoyances were realized as those quirky characters you would hate to miss in a fabulous movie or captivating book. I miss that little town, the lessons I learned, the people I have grown to love, and the many blessings that have resulted out of my staying there:)
    Carrie (Rubottom) Wood

  33. What a beautiful piece! My life has been blessed very recently in a sort of ironic way. About 6 months ago, I had adopted a soldier who is currently fighting the war in Iraq, fighting for our freedom, his life, and the strength of our country. We first began chatting about a replica of Picasso's "Nude" that he had posted and from there we often shared common interests and quirky knowledge tid bits, information which has led us to have ever increasing faith in each other and in other people; challenges which kept our eager minds running in circles. Since I have met this man, I have truly learned the meaning of what it is like to be selfless, loyal, passionate, and strong. He is truly a gift from God and I am extremely blessed with a love such as the one we share with each other, our families, and others. He is the light to my prism.....radiating colors from within. Thank you for this opportunity to take the time to write a few words pertaining to my blessing: the stranger that I am in love with, the other half of my soul that happened upon me, and the HERO that I am soon to meet. Life is good and we are all blessings to each other......... Christi Wood- (age 23)

  34. Hi Kendall

    I am so blessed! I am a 54 year old woman who has been through so much in my life and yet here I still stand. With my precious 3 year old grandaughter by my side, along with my 3 grown children. I take care of my mother who is blind from diabetes and my grandaughter. I was the sole breadwinner for my family and children for many years, as my husband deserted us and left us with nothing. I pulled through, though, and took care of my children as I have always worked hard to provide. Last October while attending my son's wedding I had a terrible accident and fell - shattering my right shoulder and elbow. I needed a shoulder replacement surgery and still have little use of my right arm. I lost my job due to the injury - and am managing to squeek by each month so far maintaining the household bills here for me, my mother, daughter and grandbaby. I was always a passionate artist and would have enjoyed growing and sharing my love of art with the world, but was always too busy earning a "regular" living to support my family and then coming home to clean, cook and take care of them. Just wasn't enough hours or energy. I may now resume this when (and if) my arm allows - or maybe I'll just do it left handed! You are truly blessed and I think it is wonderful that you would share your art with someone deserving. Susan Kemp

  35. your paintings are lovely.
    i am thankful for a lot of things. i have a gratitude blog at

    i am grateful for my children.
    i am grateful for art.
    and outer space.

  36. Hi there,

    Happy 50th! I'm greatful to have woken up after post partum depression to finally seek treatment (it stemmed from low thyroid disorder) and enjoy my family and my life instead of trying to escape it. Ironically, it was the death of my father that brought me to the point of decision, I wanted, needed, had to be there. No one else would. I'm nearing 40, and that dark preiod seemed to belong to someone else. I am outdoors with my kids, dancing with my kids, enjoying meals with my family and "future dream talking" with my husband again. I'm doing art and shifted into teaching and I have summers with my kids. There are so little for such a little time. I'm thankful for the crisis and heartbreak that woke me up to what I was doing to my family by disconnecting.

    Thank you, your paintings are beautiful!

  37. Such wonderful inspired works. So happy to discover those who share and touch others through their lives. I paint when time permits, but my efforts pale in comparison and do not have the courage to share as you have done. I am a retired engineer and owned a retail interior design and furnishings business.... until I sold it last year. I now volunteer with different is a local hospice. When patients are able, we paint, most often with our fingers and hands so that they may leave an imprint of their inner spirit with family members. So often these paintings resemble the angelic shapes similar to those you have captured in your work. Thanks for sharing. Jim

  38. (The painting is beautiful - and this blessing you are extending, is rippling to each of us.)

    Each day I rise with awareness our Creator has purpose for my life - and all of our lives. We each travel a unique "path" and yet throughout our journey, other travelers are beside us. Our Maker has taught me that as our paths converge, the path's surface remains .... unique.
    The path narrows. We walk closer.
    Sometimes widens. We walk alone - thru Him. We walk with many.
    At times we approach obstacles. We lift, we pause, we decide, we carry, and yet remarkably -- we move.


  39. First of all, Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day with everyone!
    I am thankful for so many things in my life, God, My husband, my son. Though, by your selfless act, today I think I am most thankful for other believers in the world who God places in our path to be an inspiration to others. I am thankful for you sharing a piece of your birthday, and art with us all. Thank you and again Happy Birthday. Many blessings to you and your family!

  40. Almost 2 years ago, I was a truck driver. I drove the "full 48" as they say. It sure was a blast. During my first month out on the road by myself, my truck shut down unexpectedly on the I40 going through Kansas. I was somewhere between Hays and Salina near exit 75. At first, it was no big deal. I figured I had always made sure I was prepared in the event of an emergency like this. Without a second thought, I put on my cold weather gear, got out of my truck and opened the hood. I could find no visible reason for my truck to fail! Snow was everywhere, and in some places on the road, packed so hard it looked like sheets of thick frosted glass. I got back in my truck and called my driver manager and let him know of my situation. The temperature gauge said it was about 10 degrees outside. I forgot that a wind chill was coming. My lil companion on the road was a kitty named Tippy. After all, it was her truck.. I just drove it. ;) After contacting my driver manager, I called the company mechanics for help. All of this communication is done through qualcomm equipment that acts like a computer that hooks up through a satellite type device on the truck. Two hours later, the console let me know the messages were not able to be delivered. I finally was able to get a hold of them on my cell. They said help would be on the way. Night was falling and so was the temperature. Without power to the truck, there was no heat. I went into the bunk and closed the curtains. With my clothes, freezer gear and cold weather boots, I climbed into my sleeping bag and glanced at the dash thermometers. Outside the wind-chill had made it -16, and it was -8 inside the cab. I never knew how truly COLD that could get! My cell battery was low by now by spending so much time explaining to my company where I was, what happened, etc. I figured I’d save the rest in case of an emergency. I’ve always heard that if you can help it, try not to sleep when it’s super cold like that. I was told to stay awake, and stay alert. In all of this, I realized that I hadn’t even prayed! I thanked the Lord for all of the different situations he has put me in. I thanked him for the opportunity to learn and knew that he was with me to see me through the current event. Just then.. Tippy came out of her usual cubby hole hiding place (which I’m sure was warm in there, it was just a tiny place for her to snuggle) and jumped on my chest and started meowing. I pet her, I loved on her, we played for a minute, and then she did something she had never done before... She burrowed inside my sleeping bag, crawled up my jacket, down into my freezer bibs and laid across my stomach and just purred. There she lay to keep us both warm in the -8 degree cab of my truck. Everything in the truck was frozen SOLID! Eight hours later, the tow truck came amidst the storm. He told me he would take me to safety then we would come back to tow the truck. When I told him about Tippy, he said she would have to remain in the truck until we could tow it to Hays. How could I abandon this precious animal who possible could have saved my life, and kept my spirits hopeful? I didn’t. I told him thank you, but I would take my chances here with my lil kitty. Two hours later, his boss returned with another tow truck and drove us both to Hays to check into a hotel. Never once did she complain and meow; she spent the night cuddled by my side under the covers. She was EXHAUSTED and so was I.

    I am so very thankful that she drove the road with me.
    Six months later I broke my ankle in 3 different places and had to come off the truck. I just received reconstructive surgery on May 1st and am slowly but surely getting my mobility back. My point is, no matter what the struggle, what the pain, or the amount of fear: I am thankful for it. I have been blessed with many adventures to speak of in my life and I am only 29! 
    Anyhow, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my experience. Happy Birthday!
    Cathie Richardson

  41. Great painting and great idea to remind us to be grateful. Have I said how great this is? :)

    Of course, like most others, I'm so grateful for my friends and family. But what's popping up in my head right now is that I'm grateful to be living in the United States (Georgia, in particular).

    I've been either IN the Army or an Army Wife for nearly 20 years. I spent a majority of that overseas (Germany and Belgium). I moved back to the US this past April and nearly EVERY DAY I think how GREAT this country is.

    I am grateful for lots of things, but today I'm grateful to be an American living IN America!

    Dana O'Riley

  42. Hi,

    I am grateful for finding your posting. I need more blessings in my life right now. I am going through a divorce, unemployed, and healing from severe back pain. I am hoping that your blessings and karma will make it's way to my life.

    I am grateful that I am starting to rehabilitate. I am grateful for my sisters and friends who are helping me transition through my divorce and I am grateful for people like you who reach out to strangers with kindness. Your artwork is beautiful!


    Where do I start ?? I'm a 36 year old ex heroin addict and gang member who know lives a sober life in relationship with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ... !!! I am a step-father to one of the sweetest little girls in the world and just had a little boy last July and another on the way in april of 2010..Praise God for making me one of the happiest and most greatful men alive..I will be re marrying my beautiful wife on August 23rd and have a life time with her and my children to be thankful for...

  44. Your painting is incredibly beautiful! I am blessed to have my best friend as my husband and four happy and healthy children. I am also very thankful to God for allowing me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom.

    I am also very thankful to have the chance to pursue one of my other passions - photography!
    my blog:

    Thank you for this opportunity to say thank you for my many blessings!

  45. Your painting is beautiful, and I'm sure you are already aware of what a blessing your talent is.

    My blessings are many, but I will try to narrow them down to my top favorites. I am blessed for being the person I have grown to become today, and consider the long hard road I had to take to get here a blessing as well. I am blessed for having known my best friend David who passed away at age 18 from cancer. David was the first person in my life to show me unconditional love outside my family. While his time on Earth was shortened by his illness, his spirit was endless. He was the person who taught me to accept myself and others as they are, to love them, and to forgive them. His death was the beginning of a very serious bought of depression that lasted at least 9 years (being an organic and naturally occurring type, it could have been diagnosed earlier.) My third blessing is the support and unending love I have received from my family throughout those years, even when I was certain they'd turn me away, that allowed me to work through that depression with the help of my doctors. And now, I am blessed to wake up everyday, confident in God's plans for me, and live my life as fully as I can, be it at my day job in customer service or though my photography.

    Thank you for the opportunity to not only share my blessings with you, but to remind myself of mine.

    Quite Sincerely,
    Jordan Lee

  46. Kendall: I am blessed with friendships old and new. I am touched by all the comments. You're going to have trouble picking a winner :)

    bill perkins

  47. Ok, I admit that I want you to “PICK ME”. I’m blessed to have this opportunity to share and I love, love, love this painting: “Blessings, Angels, Daughters”!!!

    I too, celebrated the big “50”. There just seems to be something about turning fifty that inspires reflection. My greatest privilege and BLESSING is that God “Picked Me” to be Colby’s MOM!

    I turned fifty, Colby married, graduated, found a job, and has moved (geographically) closer to me than she has been in 4 years; all of which are” Blessings”. From an early age she has taught me; courage, empathy, compassion, loyalty, dependability, individuality, perseverance, sympathy, acceptance, but most of all “unconditional love”. Not only has she been a huge blessing in my life, but in most everyone’s she’s come in contact with. I believe God uses people here on earth as “angels”. Colby has been and continues to be ours!

    Praise God for this and for your willingness to inspire us to share our “Blessings”!
    Pem M. Helms

  48. As I read over the many comments, I'm amazed and inspired by the strength of the human spirit. We all go through so much pain. Each of us experience it in very individual ways, and with our own coping mechanisms.

    Too, some of us need more assistance than others to get through these situations. But, some how, some way, with God's help, we get what we need to carry on this wonderful journey. As a result, we gain rewards of strength and wisdom not only for ourselves, but to share with the people we meet along the way.

    How beautiful God has made us, mind, body and soul! And how beautiful are all the scars that are left behind.

    I have a friend in Nashville - in the recording industry - who says, "The thing that makes harmony beautiful, is the flaws found in the human voice."

    I suppose then, I'm thankful for the mistakes and the imperfections that remind me that I'm human, and for the God who has created us all and gave us the beautiful gift of life and all of it's experiences - negative and positive.

    Thank you Kendall, for allowing us all to share our thoughts, and thanks to all of you who have posted your "hearts" here. You've been such an inspiration.

    Regina Rose

  49. Blessings come in all shapes form and fashions. When I look at this painting I see the past, present, and future. To me these have all been blessings.
    The figure of the past is important to me because it is the past that teaches us where we want and need to go in life. Even though I I am only 24 I have been through many rocky and curvy roads that have taken me to new paths. My past has given me my daughter which is the best blessing I could have ever asked for. Shelby is the light of my life and blesses me with the strength I needed for my present.
    The second figure reminds me of the present which we all face daily. The present is a constant that fades into the past in an instatnt. The present is a blessing to me because I am proud of the woman I am becoming for me and my daughter. In 15 short weeks I am graduating college finally. Which is something I though was unobtainable for so long. This present goal is the capstone of many years of hard work and dermination. I feel blessed that I have a family, friends, and finally a faith in myself that has helped my reach a dream that will help my provided a better life for the future for me and Shelby.
    The last figure represents the future to me. The future is the biggest bleesing of all. No matter where we have been in life or where we are it is the future that allows us to change it and go anywhere. I am a huge testimony to what God's almighty grace and power can to for a person. Through all the dark in my life it was my future that always remained bright. On days when I believed the sun would not rise it always did and for that I feel blessed. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.
    Blessings are everywhere and God grants them daily. So I would have to say my biggest blessing is his forgiveness and unfailing faith. Also for my faimly and friends for seeing in me what I couldnot see until now. For the first time I am finally seeing that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.
    - Whitney Parris

  50. On any given day, if I were asked to share my blessings with others, I would easily make a list containing a plethora of things in my life that are worthy of praise. My friends, my health, a roof over my head, food on the table, and the list could go on and on. But on this particular day, my blessings lie in much different, much more specific, place. Although the aforementioned items still warrant gratitude, my mind and heart wanders today on my mother. Recently, my mother was given the dreaded news that she has breast cancer. Standing alone, that sentence may not seem like a blessing; the details surrounding that statement, make it the blessing that I am most thankful for.
    I received the devastating news on Monday morning. My mother, through tears, relayed the doctor’s words. As I listened, trying to maintain composure for her sake, my mind began to race. There were so many questions, so many worries and concerns. Alone, I can not handle any of this, I thought to myself. After offering the most comforting words I could muster, I hung up the phone and immediately closed my eyes to pray, not only for her, but for me as well.
    The blessings contained in this story may seem very minute to outsiders, but to me, they are the anchors that have held me upright and allowed me to resist the urge to crawl under the largest rock and never return. It then occurred to me, I do not need to be under the rock, I need to stand on the rock, Jesus Christ.
    After this revelation, it was easy for me to find some positives in this tornado of negatives. The first blessing is that my mother gets her mammograms regularly; because of this, the cancer was caught at Stage 0. Another blessing is that this particular cancer is contained, meaning it has not plagued the rest of her body. Also, living in close proximity to my mother means that I can be by her side for all of her doctor’s appointments or whenever she may need me. My father is one of the biggest blessings of all. He is supportive and encouraging, and most importantly, he adores my mother, and would stop at nothing to help her through this time. My two nephews who live within miles of my mother have proven to be the best distraction of all. As twelve year old twin boys, they are energetic and innocently positive, which offers my mother a relief from the constant worry that hangs over her.
    Besides my father, the largest blessing has been the wonderful doctors who have been with my mother since the diagnosis was made. One of the doctors, in particular, made a great impression by being very optimistic and helpful. His positive attitude and willingness to help her take it step-by-step has given my mother hope and peace of mind. To have someone who is knowledgeable and genuinely interested in my mother’s situation is what I’m most thankful for. As her doctor, he is only required to try to fix the physical problem. He is not expected to hold her hand along the way and ease her mental and emotional pain. Because he is stepping outside of his requirements, my mother not only feels comforted and protected, but our family feels blessed to have him on our side.
    Although these may seem like unusual blessings, they are my reality as this time. To share this with whomever may read it, has proven therapeutic for me, and has also allowed me to realize, even more, the blessings my family has been given during this time. With the understanding of the blessings we have during this situation, I have become hopeful that we will fight, and conquer, the cancer that has beset my mother’s body.
    -Gem Butterfield

  51. Kendall, this painting instantly brought so many images to my mind and made me think back over my last year as well and all the blessings I have received. Like you, just celebrating a birthday I thought back to this time last year, when I was pregnant, just recently finding out that I was having the girl I always dreamed about having. Who would have thought in just a few short weeks our lives would be drastically and forever changed when sweet Lily was born at 23 weeks, as early as you can be born and survive. I learned more in those long 4 months that Lily spent in the hospital about God's power, His faithfullness, His goodness, His church body, and how with great friends and a loving family we can survive life's trials. I was blessed the moment Lily was born knowing that she was indeed a miracle of our Heavenly father and that He had a purpose for her precious life. But I never imagined the impact she would have only weeks after being born. I was blessed by the prayers from strangers,some even calling me and sending gifts. I was blessed by peoples response to our blog and daily postings of how they found hope and peace in life maybe for the first time. I was blessed hearing that churches all over the country were praying for Lily and how she was used in several sermons on Sunday mornings. I have been blessed each and every time I have the privledge to look into her big beautiful eyes seeing God's handiwork and realizing all that she has overcome, all the difficult trials she could have/should have had to face, and how so many born as small as she was don't have such a happy ending. I have indeed been blessed!
    When I look at the painting I see several images. The first that came to mind was of course Greg and I watching intently and praying for our sweet baby girl. The next was of God looking over Greg and I, making His presence known even in the most difficult of moments. But the last image is of Lily's three primary nurses who took car of her during her hospital stay. These 3 women have forever changed my life and I will forever be thankful, blessed, and gratefull for the amazing care and compassion they gave my precious Lily. I could go on and on... thanks for the opportunity to share...Love your paintings! Holley

  52. I just turned 50 myself on Aug 2 and I was blessed to be able to spend my birthday at the Chicago Art Institute. Each and everyday is a blessing because God has given us his breath for that day. I have a husband of 26 yrs 2 sons and now 2 wonderful Grandsons Noah 2 and Caleb 5 months. I am thrilled to be their Grammy and that I am able to watch them while my son Nick is in the Army and their Mommy Erin is a teacher.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to remind me that I am a truly blessed person.
    Pam Russell

  53. I just want to say how totally overwhelmed and humbled by the comments that have been posted on my blog. I don't know who my family will choose, but one thing I do know is that I will hold each of these comments dear to my heart. To add to that, I have heard from many people how inspired all of you have made them! Awesome! My goal is to get 100 comments by Saturday so please pass this blog on to your friends! Big or small, short or long, all posts will be considered! Contests ends at 6 p.m. on Saturday. Please pass this on to your friends! Blessings for a happy Friday!
    Kendall Boggs

  54. My response is simple. The 3 figures remind me of my 2 sons that passed away as babies. My oldest, Wesley & my 3rd baby, Christian. The third person is my grandfather that raised me. They are all together now in heaven looking after me. They were my "blessings" from the good Lord, even if it was for a short time. I know in my heart that I saw this for a reason. My sons are reaching out to me. It would represent them in my home. I live with a broken heart every single day, thinking of my boys. With this paiting, I can stare at it and remember them. Not just think of them. Happy 50th! BTW, you are very Blessed...your paintings are wonderful! You touched me. That's all from the Good Lord. Give thanks and stand in faith! God Bless you always. You should win the painting! Seriously, your work is wonderful!

    Cristina (707)652-2651

  55. Kendall... I'm so glad I'm not too late! It's really early in the morning and I've not had ANY coffee yet so I'm not sure my brain is up to par... but I'll give it a shot anyway! The painting is BEAUTIFUL and thanks for the opportunity to win. I am thankful for so much. Just the other night Justin and I were talking about how thankful we have been to have our health and the health of our children. That in comparison to the world we have, thus far, escaped major tragedies in our life. For all of that we are so grateful. From an eternal perspective I am most grateful that Jesus Christ died on a cross and adopted me to be his daughter... it gives me reason to breathe in and out each day, reason to press on, and reason for joy that can only come from him. Thank you Kendall and happy Friday!!

  56. Hi Kendall, this is Elizabeth Weaver.  What a beautiful painting! And how wonderful for everyone to share their blessings, these days we often don’t stop long enough to realize how blessed we are everyday.

    I don’t remember how much I shared with you and your family when I worked for Lynn, but my husband and I had tried for years and years to get pregnant. While I still worked for him, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had to have a surgery and a series of hormone treatments (I’m sure Lynn has tried to block that out of his memory!) Well, that didn’t work pregnancy-wise, and after weighing our options of adoption and fertility treatments, we went down the path of fertility treatments. It was a long road, both physically and emotionally, and after three rounds of IUI, we were no closer to having a baby. We were told that, short of going through IVF (which we weren’t sure we could even afford) we’d likely never have a baby on our own.

    I remember one night in church in December 2006, just finally giving it up completely to God…letting go of the pain, the anxiety, the need for me to fix it, and allowing Him to truly be all I needed. And being OK with the idea that we may never have a baby, but I was still a full and complete child of God whom He loved as much as a mother of four. (I am in tears as I type this, remembering the place where I was…) A week later, my husband and I took a trip to NYC for his birthday, a week before Christmas, knowing that the next month we’d start IVF. We desperately needed a vacation and some time to heal. Long story short, a few weeks later, I finally took a pregnancy test (which I had completely sworn off, they were evil!) But you cannot imagine the state of shock I was in when it was positive! I walked around like a zombie for probably a good month, just not believing that I could be pregnant.

    Fast forward to today—we have an absolutely lovable yet crazy almost 2 yr old, and are expecting her little sister in five weeks. Our due date is actually three days after her birthday! I am so blessed everyday to have a husband who loves me so unconditionally, a little girl who is my joy, and the little one in my tummy who is apparently very anxious to come out! But most of all, I am blessed to know how much God loves me, and to know that He listens to and answers prayers.

  57. My blessings are many. But, this week, I have been blessed with good friends, strangers, and neighbors that I never met until this past Wednesday. Tuesday night, there was a thunderstorm that blew my gate open and my older Schnauzer got out. I got up early and discovered her gone. I raced out of the house, cruised the neighborhood, crying and with a new puppy crying that had adopted her as a Mother. I, finally, came home, dressed in more acceptable garb and started praying. I know some may think that this is just a dog but to me, she IS my family. I thought put it on Facebook and see what happens. Immediately, friends started giving me ideas, some physically came and rode my neighborhood .. not once but twice. Neighbors that I had never met until this day came out and started riding. One friend suggested a website that people in Dothan view frequently. I did this. Another friend who had had a surgical procedure drove to my house and said he would stay on the phone. A young friend papered the neighborhood with signs. And, after having been gone for 141/2 hours, a call came, and she had been caught near a major highway a good distance from my house. I feel that God had a plan that day to show me how many friends that I have and then to make me meet my neighbors. I have lived in this neighborhood for 16 years and knew few people. But, I do now.. and what a blessing it was to know that good people still exist in this world. And, come to find out, it was a former student of mine who found her. He could not believe it was my dog and I could not believe it was him who had found her. Another blessing had come from teaching school for so many years in this town. Blessings were flowing like wine on Wednesday. I am so thankful to share this with you and this has been a blessing being able to actually write this experience.

    Sara Andrews

  58. I am blessed, thankful and grateful for the simple things in life, imma firm believer in stop and smell the roses. I am recovering from a divorce in which i gave so much of myself, that i lost myself and now like i said im thankful, grateful for that inner fire in me that keeps saying ching up look forward DONT GIVE UP EVER!

  59. I am Blessed because after many years, I have been given the Understanding that GOD is EVERYTHING.

    I have been given the understanding that everything happens for a reason and that as humans, we should live as we were meant to live, as individual entities with a common bond...GOD.

    Just as individual cells come together to form organs, organs to form the bodies, bodies must also come together to create the eternal peace and harmony that is GOD.

    We will never take our next evolutionary step towards GOD if we cannot see humanity in a different light.


  60. i am thankful that i am able to get up every morning and put my two feet on the floor and go about my routine-- getting coffee, the paper, and then doing my bible study. i have learned that all the little things in life are the most beautiful-- i love looking at God's canvess every morning and seeing what HE painted today-- the blue sky, green grass, the wind blowing the flags, the rain that waters our gardens. thank you kendall, for getting people involved in declaring what is important to them-- as i have read these blogs-- no one is thinking about themeselves-- they give Our FATHER all the glory!! God Bless Every one

  61. My sister Tricia was very sick with cancer 10 years ago. Day after day I would go to the hospital to be with her, and night after night I would leave walking to the parking garage in tears.

    At the time of her illness, I was involved in bible studies and trying to grow my relationship with the Lord. A very good friend would listen to my worries. I was doubtful of my sister's relationship with God. To my knowledge she never prayed. Since I didn't grow up in a very "touch-feely" family, Tricia was not very accustomed to lots of hugs and touches. During this time, my good friend advised to do two things:

    1. Read some scripture to her each day.

    2. Make sure everyday to touch her and give her hugs.

    So, from then on, I took my Bible with me to the hospital. At first she would look the other way. Sometimes she would sleep through it. And, I always made a point to hold her hand, rub her feet, or just massage her legs. Never once did she pull away from any of my hugs or touches.

    As her cancer worsened, I felt myself getting further and further depressed that nothing was changing.

    One afternoon as I was at school teaching, I got a phone call from my mom that I needed to get to the hospital immediately. My heart sank as I obviously thought that my sister had passed away. When I arrived on her floor, I noticed the hospital chaplain outside the door to my sisters room. My nerves tightened up and I just fell to the floor. The chaplain came running to me and sat with me. She told me that my sister had not died, but that her team of doctors were in her room with my parents and that I had to wait until the door opened to enter. I cried to the chaplain and explained to her that I was so worried about my sister's relationship with God. I wondered if she knew God as her Father and if she would be welcomed into Heaven.

    Within minutes the door to her room opened and as I walked in I made eye contact with my mom and dad, who were each holding my sister's hands, and I knew instantly that my sister was dying. My mom mouthed the words, "Don't cry". Eventually all of my brothers and sisters arrived at the hospital and we were all surrounding my sister's bedside. During the first few hours, we took turns telling stories.

    At this point, Tricia was not speaking (had many tubes, etc. in her body), but she was VERY alert and coherent. She would nod her head yes or no to respond to any of our questions. Suddenly, she started making a choking noise. One of my sisters thought that she was trying to speak. She gave her a pad and pencil to write what she wanted to say down on the paper. I remember thinking that there was no way that she would write. She hadn't been able to hold a straw to drink for a few days or basically grip anything.

    She slowly took the pen and paper and attempted to write something. The room was really quiet and I felt anxious that she would write something like, "I'm scared", or "Help me". She turned the scrap of paper around and written on the paper was one single word:


    I immediately burst into tears, despite the fact that my mom told me not to. It was like the BEST blessing I could have received. When I saw the word "pray" I knew that Tricia knew the Lord. It's like she was telling us, okay enough of these funny stories about my life, please just pray. And so we did........for the remaining hours of her life. How ironic and humbling that I was worried about HER relationship with the Lord when in fact she was teaching ME a valuable lesson.

    When she passed away, as sad as it was, I have never felt quite the same sense of peace. I knew that by her writing the word "pray" that it was God assuring me that he was opening his arms for her. God had obviously been working on Tricia for some time.

    I can't think of a bigger blessing to receive as we faced her final hours. I would never have to wonder if she knew the Lord.

    Thanks, Kendall.
    debbie meyerhoff

  62. Faith, Perseverance, Patience and Joy

    I have been deeply blessed in so many ways. I have four of the most intelligent, compassionate, faithful, Christian children whom any parent would be proud to call their own. My family, both immediate and extended, are dear, loving and supportive. I am thankful I have had the opportunity to live long enough to see my children's faith deepen and grow, become educated, marry, are successful in their own right and have begun to start families of their own.

    Raising four children was certainly not always easy, but the memories and good times far outweighed the tough ones. I learned to be patient, tolerant, and resourceful. My deep faith has been what has carried me through both the good times and the bad.

    I have learned what it is to appreciate good health, and God has given me the patience and grace to be a 24/7 caregiver to my husband who was stricken with a devastating illness that has neither a treatment nor a cure. He deserves to be cared for, as best as, and for as long as I possibly can. I thank God I am able. Having learned over the years to be patient and to have faith, prepared me for what I face today. I am blessed that I have the strength to do what I need to do.

    I have learned to appreciate every stage of my life, as each one has it's own abundance of great joy. I also think that as time passes, I find that where I am is where I am supposed to be...there is somehow great comfort in knowing that.

    And the best of all???!!!

    The joys and blessings of having grandchildren.... they make getting older something to be happy about! Somehow the wrinkles that come just don't matter (that much) anymore : ) !

  63. What blesses me? Kindnesses like yours, artists who share, all who share with nothing asked in return.......

  64. I am thankful for my son, who I wanted so bad to be a daughter before he was born but who I wouldn't traid for all the world.

    I am thankful for my husband: it's a wonder when any human being can find another human being willing to put up with them (I think he's grateful back for this one).

    I am thankful for my mother, who didn't live to see me grow up but whose memories still give me wisdom and strengh when I need them.

    I am grateful for Wonder; it's everywhere I look, provided I take the time to find it.

  65. Happy Birthday!!!
    I am an artist living and teaching in Chicago. I am truly blessed to know that I am a spiritual being. I am blessed to know that God created me to express my artistic gifts. I am a spiritual pracitioner (counselor) and I help others to remember that they are here on this Earth to express their God given talents. What a blessing it is to help others see their own magnificience.
    This Fall I will be starting an artist support group. We will be meeting once a month to talk about creating art and how God is showing up in our lives. How the creative spirit of God is expressing always in all ways. I am so blessed to know this, experience it, and help others to know it too.
    In that still place we can listen to the muse, to the divine intuition of our lives. It can guide us and lead us to our own magnificience. I tell my clients "Life is like a blank canvas. What are you going to create today? Know that you are the Rembrandt of your life! Believe it, create it, recieve it."
    It would be my pleasure to recieve your beautiful painting. It is spirit expressing through you. It would be great to hang in the spiritual counseling office where all our practitioners do their sessions. What an inspiration it would be for all our clients!

    Thank you for offering up this gift. You are truly using your God-given gifts and talents to bless the world. Thank you.

    You are a blessing.

    Gina Alicea
    Spiritual Practitioner
    Chicago Center for Spiritual Living
    2540 N. Lincoln Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60614

  66. I have accepted your blessings, and I am sending them abundantly back to you; my angelic friend.
    Grateful for your kind sharing of your loving and gifted spirit. May God Bless you and your family and friends, always, and continue to share your loving spirit, and may you forever walk in and with His peace. Thank-you. You will be remembered and shared in my prayers.

  67. Happy belated birthday! Let me first say that this is one of my favorite paintings of yours not only because I love anything with angels, but because it reminds me of the angels in heaven who are bestowing their blessings upon us. When I look at this painting I see my mother and father and other loved ones that I have lost over the years looking down on me. I am truly blessed to have found my soul mate David, my husband of 26 years. We fell in love in high school,got married 2 years after we graduated and have raised 2 beautiful daughters. I am blessed that we are both in good health. I am blessed that both my daughters are healthy. I am blessed that we both have good jobs when so many people have lost theirs. I am blessed that we have a beautiful house and have nice things when so many do not. I am blessed to live in a free world where we are free to love and worship our God.

  68. Teresa Wadley Wilson
    i'm sorry my post is not very long, but only detailed. my blessings are clearly this , i have worked 3 jobs most of my life, until i met my husband who provided a material and spiritual life that i had forgotton. as a child i was taught that all good thing among other came to those who wait, after serving many over the yrs, i have come to realize that with all my heart the difference you make in others is the cross you bear.The blessing that God has given us to love one another.

  69. I am very blessed to have such a LOVING and Careing God that he can forgive me for all that I have done wrong in my lifetime I am 59 years old and have been through a lot but MY GOD has seen me through it all and I have come out the winner so far and the devil hasn't won and he never will In 1989 I had a very large fiborous tumer in my female organs and it covered everything so I had to have surgury to get it removed That time there was no cancer In 1994 I had a slight heart attack and when the dr. did and arterygram it showed no blockages at all She said she didn't know why I was sent to the hospital to begin with In 2007 I was told that I had Kidney cancer I had 21 treatments of radiation that didn't do anything for the cancer to get it gone but it burned my intestines so I have trouble there I went to the cancer clinic at Vanderbilt and the dr. told me to get my things into order because I was going to die I looked at him and said you don't know me and MY GOD I am a survivor and I will survive this too.In May of 2007 I had my right kidney taken out and in June of the same year I gad a large tumor taken out of my spinal canal and I still have more there but MY GOD is going to take care of them as he has the rest of my life I had a cluster of tumors on my pancarous but MY GOD has shrunk them Because of the lat twwo surgurys my blood count is very low and I have to have shots but MY GOD is taking care of that also I need more surgurys but I am trusting MY GOD THE GREAT PHYSICIAN is going to take care of them also Oh yes I got spinal meningitus while I was in the hospital but MY GOD saw me through that also The dr. said that I had cancer in my kidney and back but the path reports came back NO CANCER and that is why I count my blessings everyday and thank GOD For all that I have and all that be has done for me I am glad that I could witness to ya'll about this and may MY GOD bless you richly My email is Thank you for listening to what I had to say

  70. Looking into your 'Blessings' painting, I'm reminded of an encounter I had with a very nice gentleman years ago. We met while shopping at Walmart of all places! A request for assistance in finding a particular product on his part became a fascinating conversation that lasted more than an hour in the middle of an aisle right there in the store. As we went to part ways, somehow knowing we would never cross paths again, we shook hands.
    In a flash, as soon as our hands touched, his head jerked up to look past me as I felt something when we touched...not quite a static electricity shock, but that's as close as I can describe it. He was looking past me with his eyes so wide open I thought perhaps someone was standing behind me in a threatening manner...or something to that effect. As we let go of each others hand, he made some sort of remark about my two children. I remember looking at him in astonishment. I rather defensively stated to him I only had ONE child. He replied that I had two little angels sitting on my shoulder, that he could see them as soon as our hands touched and that they were always with me. He then asked if I ever felt a slight tug on my shirt from time to time. I replied "yes", and he said that was them, letting me know they were with me.

    There was no way he could have known that!

    I had had two previous pregnancies years before the birth of my son that never came to term. The amount of time spent crying and greiving over those two babies, even now has never quite left. For many years, I never thought I'd have a child of my own.

    When I look at your painting, in it I see what has been in my minds eye ever since meeting that wonderful man on that fateful day so long ago: The vision of myself with my three children surrounding me. And the thought of how truly grateful I am for having my son and meeting someone who let me know the other two are with me will always be my blessing.
    Nancy Clark

  71. The year I turned 50 I was hit by an elderly diriver who died at the scene. I distintly remember the moment of my own near death experience, floating as I left my body, moving toward the light until I paused and called my son's name out loud. I knew I needed to stay for him. In a moment, I was again in my body, listening to them discuss life lining me by helicopter or transporting me by ambulance.

    Later as I lay in the trauma unit recovering from multiple injuries, I watched the news footage of the Tsunami that claimed so many lives. The incredible losses that those individual and families faced seemed almost incomprehensible. How do you survive and feel safe again when a giant wave has washed your whole village away? The loss seemed mythic, epic and my auto accident a small thing by compairson. I decided to not hold my experience as tragic but as a way to "wake up" and rediscover how I could continue to be of service. I was still alive. So w With casts on both hands, I filled out my admission paperwork to return to graduate school in Counseling Psyhology as a way to make a difference.

    As I struggled with recovery, I realized that something was wrong. Although I was doing well physically, I continued to feel dazed, had blurring vision and dizziness. I mentally tired easily. After making the rounds of many specialists they discovered that I had sustained a mild traumatic brain injury as well.

    I have had to take the long road through grad school and have been challenged in ways I did not expect. Much has improved over time, but the world still appears like one of your paintings, impressionistic, a little hazy and some days still overwhelming.

    But on a daily basis I am moved by the stories of individuals stepping forward and asking, "What can I do to make a difference?" We are all a witness to such an expansion of spirit, of philanthropy, of neighbors helping one another. So I do not hold this as an accident, but an experience that has broken me open and reminded me of the importance of living well. It has been a gift, and in its own way a blessing, even in the moments when I would have called it by other names.

    Your painting appears to me like spirit, like the light in the tunnel, like the host of angels around us all of the time, often veiled or coming through the mist in our dreams or as a quiet whisper when we most need to hear words of support.

    Your painting reminds me that we can all feel washed out to sea by experiences in life. How we respond and choose to live reveals so much about who we truly are. And in those twighlight moments, when you think all is lost, if you are very still you are held by that loving presence.

    Blessings on your work. Your images have such a shimmering, luminous almost archetypal beauty. They also speak wonders about who you are.


  72. Oh! Happy Birthaday to You!
    Nancy Clark

  73. A great girlfriend of mine told me about what you were doing to celebrate your 50th birthday, and I think it is simply fabulous. Birthdays are a great time to reflect on what we all have to be thankful for and to count our many blessings. Ever since my friend told me about this, I have been really thinking about all the experiences that I have had in my life and the people I have been blessed to know and love in my life. It is amazing to reflect on how many times in 46 years I have been blessed and surrounded by a steady group of loved ones as well as a number of people who have passed through my life like a gentle breeze. In fact, it would be impossible to list all I have to be thankful for and not forget something or someone. What a wonderful feeling that is! I am so thankful for my family, living and deceased, who with each generation worked and passed blessings down until they have reached me. Now it is may turn to see that the blessings of being a part of our family are passed on to my child. What an awsome joy and responsibility. I am thankful for my friends who are always ready to celebrate my joys with me and share my sorrows. I am thankful for those random people who I cross paths with in daily living who show me kindness and courtesy and sometimes a glimpse of the love they carry in their hearts. What a blessing,and once again what an awsome joy and responsibility for me. For now it is my responsibility to keep the blessings rolling and be a blessing to someone else who I happen to cross paths with. I am thankful for a Saviour who loved me enough to die for me. Yet again what an awsome joy and responsibility. A joy to be loved and called a child of God, yet as a child of God given the responsibility of sharing the Good News. In the end, I believe we all are blessed. I hope that I never lose sight of that, and that I accept the joys of blessings as well as the responsibilities that come with receiving them. A blessing should never stop with the person who receives it. It should be passed on from person to person, generation to generation. I hope you have a great birthday and may all the blessings you receive on that day be passed on to others and come back to you at some point to be enjoyed all over again.