Monday, April 6, 2015

It Was SUCH a Happy Easter!!!!

I LOVE Easter!
And in perfect fashion, sister opened up her beautiful home to about 20 of us.
She seems to be the one lately doing EVERYTHING at her home as far as entertaining family.
Thanks sis.

So, here is my photo overload!!!

just google Kendall Boggs That Potato Salad for the recipe

my Pinterest "fail"

this one got a surprise in a plastic egg.

a new car!

Little Henry will be here next month!!!! yippeeeeee!!!!

This one has my heart.  He tells me all the time "Gigi, you are so bodaful".  Just a piece of advice for those men out there...
and I'm as serious as I can be
"you look good" = NO
"you look fine"= NO
"you look pretty"= OK
"you look"ok= NONONO
"you look beautiful?" = you will get WHAT EVER you want...I'm SO serious.
extra points if you follow that up with "no really", "you look stunning"

Come on Baby Henry Harper Boggs!!!! We cannot wait!!!
Hope your Easter was wonderful!

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