Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's BOOT Time!!!

oh, be still my boot lovin heart

Bear with me friends as I scoured the internet looking for some of my favorites for the year!!!
(only found on Zappos)


I'm a sucker for a red sole.  Sorel again...

and a must have token umbrella.
I love the umbrellas that completely cover up your perfectly coiffed hair....



Christian Louboutin....like I said, I love a red sole....



Eileen Fisher

So...here's the deal....I bought these Tory Burch boots about 4 years ago. Love them.  Like love them so much that if my house caught on fire I would probably grab them first....well after my husband...The problem?  The lining has completely ripped out of them and they are just worn completely out.
Ebay has them for 199.00.  I've made an offer.....

My new favorite boot company....BedStu
Not your ordinary boot company...

yum. Bed Stu

yes, made this purchase...Bed Stu

Bed Stu

I should be a spokesperson for BedStu...again

and yes, again....BedStu.

Have a great boot loving day y'all!!!

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  1. Kendall, I've walked all over NYC with many boots, but I always return to Uggs. The newer models with fur inside and raised heels, and buckles. Oh, la la! You can not beat them. They now have style plus comfort. Like I said I can walk all day and my feet don't get tired in them. My favorite oxford lace up shoes are Cole Hahn. They have some great colors this year.