Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Road to Roundtop!

Well, we arrived here in Roundtop on Sunday!
Walls were up (professionally installed this time - thank goodness)
and we realized just how "green" we were last Fall on our first trip.

I'll remind you.
We had someone build particle board which looked horrible, and ended up painting them in about 105 degree heat.  We used paper towels wrapped around our heads to get the sweat off our brow.
Quite attractive I might add. ;)

This was how we rolled last show....
Painting our walls.....

This year, a professional out of New York came down and built them for us....saving us a HUGE amount of time and headache.  An then we covered them. SO much better!

and took a break for the most "mega" margaritas in Texas (and strongest)

some of my watercolors floating in acrylic frames.  

back at the ranch.
Oh, you just can't believe how peaceful it is here.
just heavenly!

And the quaint little church in downtown Roundtop.
This will be painted.  However, I was a little shocked at the similarity of one of my new churches!
I had never seen this church before this week!

and our obligatory trip to Royers (a must go to restaurant when you visit RT)
if you can get in.

(my "Staycation")

Have a terrific day y'all!!!

I predict this will be a wonderful show!
Even though we are expecting 35 mile an hour winds. yikes!!!


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