Saturday, March 21, 2020

Homemade Mac and Cheese

I have had a special request from my youngest to start blogging my recipes again.
since we are all stuck at home I figured this is the perfect time to gear this back up.

Last nights dinner was:

Bean's Chicken Lickin Chicken
Homemade Mac n Cheese
Charred Brussels sprouts

Here we go.
First find some large chicken drumsticks

Drench with olive oil
Season with garlic salt, salt, pepper, and 
throw some lemon juice on that too.
Then put on a hot grill
finished product.
Next up......Grandson's favorite Mac-n-cheese.
I will have to admit, I kinda stole this from Chick-fila but I did change it up a bit.

16 oz macaroni
1 T salt
3 T parmesan cheese
2 cups of milk
Wondra powder
1 1/2 lbs of velvetta cheese
4 oz Colby cheese
bread crumbs

heat milk in large pan (being very careful not to scorch

add velvetta cheese and stir at med. heat
add parmesan

and 1/2 Colby jack cheese
melt it all in together stirring constantly.  Again do not scorch!

add wondra to thicken

about 2 tablespoons should do it.

this is how thick it should be.

Boil and drain macaroni 
It should look like this

add the noodles to the cheese mixture

pour in a pan, add the remaining Colby cheese and a little shredded cheddar

add bread crumbs

I did half and half, because, well, I was trying to make everyone happy.

bake at 350 for about 20 min.
Brussels sprouts (OMG yummy!)
First get microwaveable Brussels sprouts.

Tear of the top of the bag. add oil and seasonings

Microwave for 4 minutes.

pour bag on to a baking dish and cut in half.
Add garlic, seasoned salt, and a little more olive oil
Bake for about 30 min. at 350.00
They should turn crunchy.

Everyone gobbled this up!

Stay safe everyone!
Cook comfort food for your fam!

Have a terrific day y'all!

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