Thursday, July 16, 2015

Who Wants to Go to Camp?

I do!!

No really, I do!

Yesterday I went with J to pick up E from her 3 days at Camp Winnataska.

SO fun FO real.

And it really, really made me want to find an adult camp.
(Preferably one that would make me lose weight before our television debut) (wink)

So, camera in tow, I think I got some great, sweet shots!

she can't wait to go.


um...Evers kinda takes after her grandmother.....She said "those beds are really, really small.....I'm used to a queen size bed and really soft sheets"....(her mom is going to KILL me for printing that..0

But, really, if I go to an adult camp, the beds will have to be big and soft sheets..

Have a wonderful day y'all!


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  1. These pictures are gorgeous, Kendall. Thinking I could do a camp too (big bed and soft sheets required). Any news on the Family Feud date? Happy weekend!!