Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Buckhead Trading Group....just simply amazing.

Hey guys!

I want to tell you an amazing story.  I mean, really, I am just blown away and need to type, or do wash, or clean the house, or something...because I have so much excitement this morning that I just don't know what to do with myself.  and it's 4:30 a.m.

I run a Facebook group called Buckhead Trading Group.
I started this group about 3 years ago with the intention of it being simply a "re-sale" group.  
It took a while to get it on it's feet but it has now grown to almost 17,000 people.

This is a hobby of mine.  I do not get paid to do this, but I love this hobby.

Last night, my efforts of being the administrator of this wonderful group paid off.
In a big way.

I did something that I rarely do.

You see.  A young mom reached out to me needing help.  She was facing eviction from her apartment.
She works delivering groceries and work had slowed.  She had extenquished all of her sources.  Family, friends, getting a loan, everything.  She was behind on her car payment and was facing that being taken away.  Obviously she needs her car to deliver groceries so that was the first thing on her list.
no job. no money. and the list goes on.

Now, before you go "Kendall, you're so gullible" let me tell you that I reached out to a friend of mine named Christie Betz.

Christie, along with another friend India Wilkerson runs a group called "Giving Grace".

Many are homeless, some are just in need of a "hand up" as opposed to a "hand out".
Giving Grace never hands out money.  They pay the individual's needed bills directly to where they are supposed to go.

So. I sent Christie a message about the young mom who contacted me.  At this time, they were not really able to help as they were over run with other needs.  Christie vetted this mom just to make sure that this was a legitimate and dire need.
My insticts were right.
It was a desperate situation.

So...what to do?  This was seriously pulling at my heartstrings and this mom needed 1,900.00 by today.  Honestly, I didn't think this could happen.

So...I went to my trading group and explained the situation.
And asked for donations....
y'all. I woke up at 4 a.m. and looked at my paypal acct where folks donated.

Here is what I saw.

This does not include the amount that was donated directly to Giving Grace.
We will now work with this mom to help her completely get back on her feet so that she can move forward and avoid this situation from happening again. 

I am just simply blown away at the generosity of the folks in my Facebook Group.
People (including my hubs) ask why I admin this group.

This is why.

Have a wonderful, blessed day y'all!

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