Monday, June 6, 2016

Big Sky!!!

So....I am marking one more thing off of my "bucket list"

As many places as I've been lucky enough to visit in the United States, I have never been to Yellowstone!
Well, that will change today.

Our sweet, sweet friends Larry and Sissy invited us to head out west a couple of months ago and we couldn't help but say YES!!!

We are staying at Big Sky which is the capital of beauty. No really.

Snow capped mountains in the heat of (almost) summer, with so many things to do and explore.

Now, getting here was quite the trek....
3 different flights.  We left at 11:45 Birmingham time and arrived here oh around 1 a.m. with a whole lotta layovers.  We were kinda exhausted and me? Well, I took a two hour nap yesterday.

But, before that, we took about an hour and half hike, up and down hills!  We hiked And y'all, Honestly I don't know that I've ever seen a waterfall (or water) as beautiful as the one we saw yesterday.
So, forgive me for the photo overload, but....
here we go!!!
First up?
Ousel Trails Falls
Let me tell ya, not sure I've ever seen anything like this before in my life. Well, especially the end of the trail where the falls are.  If you go to Big Sky, don't miss it.
It's about a 2 mile hike there and back but with up the hills and down the hills, you will definitely get a work out.
If you have knee problems, bring a cane.
And, even though we had bear spray, we didn't see any.  dang....(kidding), (kinda/sorta)

one of the sweetest people I know!!!!

(this was THE MOST powerful waterfall I've ever seen)

pups everywhere but this one stole my heart

not sure what they were talking about but I do know that they are "goofballs"

Guess this is why they call it "Big Sky"?
The bluest sky you will ever see.

I just SO admire these two.  They just are so very sweet to each other.  Love being around them!

Up and at em!!!!  Driving down to Yellowstone, Old Faithful, and Jackson Hole!!!

See ya tomorrow!!!

have a fabulous day y'all!!!

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  1. Beautiful pics!
    My aunt and uncle had a house in Big Sky for years and the bears are no joke!! He was in the shower once while the grandkids (littles) watched a movie and he heard some grumbling. There was a bear in his house-- BETWEEN him and the kids!!!!!! Nightmare! He finally got the bear out, but it's always our go to story when we get together :)