Saturday, October 8, 2016


At Roundtop the cutest girls come through.
Mostly young, hip, and totally envy worthy.
Lisa will tell you that I've been known to admire something that someone is wearing and before they get out of my booth I'm on my ipad buying it. truth.

So. The booth next to me has the most adorable girl who sells THE BEST Moroccan rugs and stuff you've ever seen.  LUSTLIST.
Her name is Victoria and she dresses so hip.
And I love a hip dresser...

So one day she had on these adorable jeans that I had never seen.
well, I think she got them from Shopbop or something like that (I've never heard of it)

Then....another girl came in later and had a pair very similar.
She was 6 ft. tall and looked like the bomb in them.

So I asked her where she got them because even though I'm only 5'5", I had my ipad ready....

She said that she did them herself.
She saw the ones she wanted for oh 275.00?
Anyway it's a new trend to "shred" the bottoms of your jeans.
Atleast in LA and Texas.
Got home, got the stuff and went to town shredding the bottoms of a pair of my jeans.

Here is the DIY on shredded jeans.

First, you need a good pair of scissors. Which I didn't have, much to my mother's dismay, God rest her soul.
I did however have a good pair of pinking shears. Score.

So, I got a pair of my Levis.
Here we go.

First I cut off the hem

Then I realized I didn't cut the 1/8" strips narrow enough (or long enough)
you really need to cut about 6" up

so cut more

I was pretty satisfied at this point

However, I had to run out and get clorox (who doesn't have clorox in their house?)

I also got a steel brush and scraped the shreads after pouring clorox on them

and there ya have it.  Probably not the best boots to wear with them but oh well.
It's the look!

Have a great day y'all!!!

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  1. Omgosh!!! Those are too Cute!! I love You Share!!!! I'm doing this too!❤️😘😘