Monday, November 11, 2019

Beaching It! And The Blue Angels

I absolutely LOVE November at the beach.
The Florida handpandle that is.

So, we usually don't rent out our beach home for the months of November and December.
Plus that is a pretty slow time in the art world.

I've been down here for a week and then some of my kids/grandkids joined me!
The weather has been AMAZing! Except for Friday when we went to see THE MOST awe inspiring show.
The Blue Angels.
but first, I need to show you guys some beach sunset pics!

Just spectacular!

I mean can you even?

So some of my kids got here on Thursday night.
We literally had to convince them to go see The Blue Angels who were flying in Pensacola 1 1/2 hours away.
"they didn't quite understand what it was".
"W" and I saw them years ago in San Fransisco and I couldn't wait to watch this amazing show again. was pretty chilly and a cloudy, spitting rain kinda day but we headed out to Pensacola.

I cannot begin to explain how much everyone loved this.

Bennett started dancing to the music and we were standing right beside the media.
This was so funny. One of the writers for the Pensacola newspaper saw him dancing and wanted to interview him (and all of us)

In Ever's defense, she's only 11....although she looks 14.

I think I was sporting a Donald Trump combover.
*don't judge*😂

 We were all just in awe.  Really in awe.

But then we headed back home to Sandestin.
I've never seen the beach so beautiful!
And that night my newest lil g-baby came with his mom! (my youngest)

We call him little George Bush.
Her? We just call her beautiful.

He's got two little teeth and growing up SO fast!

missing my other two g-kids SO BAD! but they'll be here next week!

Honestly have you ever seen the water this beautiful?
 Evers showing one of her ballet moves!

Today we head home. Sadly.

But.....SO SO very thankful for all the Veterans who have unselfishly served our country.
Personally from our family, we genuinely cannot thank you enough.

Today? Thank a Veteran.

Have a terrific day y'all!

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