Thursday, August 29, 2019

Counting Down the Days (To Roundtop), Texas That Is!

Hello y'all!
Whew, boy has this been a busy summer!
3 weeks ago I celebrated my 60th birthday!
Kicking and screaming all the way in to the 2nd sixty years of my life.
joking obviously....who wants to live til they're 120 yrs. old?
not me.

Anyway, my hubs pulled off two WONDERFUL surprises!
1st, a huge dinner with 18 of my favorite in town friends and family!
Then, we headed to the Bahamas where he and my sister had concocted this secret plan for her and George to just "show up" at dinner at The Dunes (the restaurant at the former Ocean Club now turned Four Seasons)
Now.  While this "was" my favorite restaurant, I have to sadly say it is no more. It was BLAZING hot inside, the service was sub par and the food? meh. SO disappointing and I just could not recommend it to anyone.
I told George, the next time I let him buy me an expensive meal I promise to take him somewhere worth it. 😂
Luckily the night was saved by wonderful company and conversation!
It truly made my birthday complete!
the view off The Dunes Restaurant

My sister Kim and her boyfriend George!

He is so goofy.

But, my lucky sister won 1,200.00 on a 15.00 bet at 3 card poker.
Dang her.

Anyway, back to normal life and digging in for my 4th year (and 8th) season at Roundtop!

I have been a working maniac.

This season I will be bringing back my acrylic inks in acrylic standoff frames as well as new large abstracts and seascapes!

this particular one is not available but I will have more of these!
my acrylic standoff frames feature my signature hanging system (to keep you from having to drill four holes in your wall).
They are all 18 x 24 and are 425.00 each (with artwork)

36 x 36

I absolutely LOVE this triptych!
approx. 48 x 72

40 x 40

I will also have a new selection of angel paintings!
this one is SOLD but I will have others!

40 x 40

36 x 36

and a large selection of my framed acrylic ink abstracts!
They will all be 24 x 24

as well as a huge selection of Emerald green work!

36 x 48

SO....if you haven't started planning your trip to Roundtop it's not too late!!!

Lisa Moore and I will be showing once again at the best place in Roundtop!
The Arbors!
Tent D
September 25 - October 5

Won't you join us for the time of your life?

Have a wonderful day y'all!

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